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Supernatural’s ninth season started like most Supernatural premieres: with complete chaos surrounding the Winchester brothers. Quick inventory: Sam was on the brink of death. Fallen angels were out for blood. And Dean was on Mission Save Sam At Any Cost.

As you may have guessed: Sam didn’t die. But…

Spoilers ahead!

He’s a little possessed at the moment.

Let me explain: Sam was ready to die. We learned this via a weird trip to the inside of Sam’s mind where he, Brain Bobby and Brain Dean debated the issue at length. Brain Bobby was in favor of Sam giving up and Brain Dean wanted Sam to fight. In the end, Sam decided it was time to go.

Back on Earth, Dean had other ideas. He put out a wide call for help to all angels after he got a busy signal from Cas. (Or, no signal, really.) So all the angels answered his plea — most of them, however, only showed up to beat up Dean for info on Cas. One good angel did show up, though. His name was Ezekiel, and he could help. The problem was that the best he could offer Dean was a possession that would save Sam’s life. As Ezekiel explained it, once Sam healed, Ezekiel would exit stage left. (Do we ACTUALLY think things will go that smoothly? No.)

Dean was all for it, but they needed Sam’s OK. And they got it…by tricking him.

Essentially, Ezekiel posed as Dean and strolled into Sam’s noggin, where the younger brother was having a nice chat by the fire with Death, and talked Sam into saying yes to the possession. He made the typical Dean plea — you know the one. “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.” That sort of thing. Kinda touching, I guess (…she says, wiping the snot from her nose).

Sam agreed because, let’s face it, he’s powerless against Dean’s brother talks, and all was well! Sort of. Sam’s life was saved, but he’s walking around with a dude inside of him. (Pretty naughty, as Dean would say.) And if Sam learns that he is being possessed and rescinds his acceptance, Sam will die. In other words, Dean’s keeping a secret, and he really can’t tell Sam. At least until Sam no longer needs his “Angelic Pacemaker.”

Elsewhere, Cas was acclimating to life as a human, learning, among other things, that when you crash a car on purpose, it hurts. (Castiel’s injury count was three by the end of the episode. Easy there, buddy.) He also had an encounter with an angel named Hael, through whom he learned that trusting fallen angels is not a good plan if he intends on living.

Another Human 101 lesson of note is one that millions of poor 20-somethings already know: Sometimes, you have to choose between washing your clothes and basic human needs. In this case, Cas chose the human needs and stole some new clothes. Yup, Castiel is sans trench coat. I’m weirded out, but it’s also fun to see.

A few more standout scenes: Jensen Ackles in that church (*cries forever*); Bobby (!); Brain Dean vs. Brain Sam (hot); Castiel in the laundromat (screencap please).

So, guys, what did you think of Dean’s decision? Should he have let Sam go? (Obviously, we never expected this because Supernatural without Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles is not an option.) How do you think the next few episodes will unfold? How will Dean be able to tell when Sam is well enough to know the truth? And why does Supernatural seem to enjoy stressing me out like this?


“Inevitable — that’s a fighting word where I come from.” — Dean

Dean: …I’ve got the King of Hell in my trunk

Grief counselor: I’m sorry, is that a metaphor?

“Come on, don’t be a pout-er” — Dean to Crowley

Sam: So what, I just die?

Bobby: ‘Just die’? All the good you’ve done. All the people you’ve saved. You’ve saved the world. How many people can say that?…what you call dying, I call leaving a legacy.

“I stopped, let a few Japanese tourist take some pictures. No one got too handsy.” — Dean to Sam

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