In 'Two and a Half Men,' Dean and Sam reunite with a wee companion in tow; plus, the Impala returns!

By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 31, 2015 at 04:50 PM EDT
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I’ve been worried about Dean and Sam all week; that, I’ll admit. Last week’s premiere was simply too much change, too quickly. Dean was domesticated, and, like watching a wild tiger use a litter box, it was weird to see. Sam’s attitude had changed, too, as a result of his trip to hell and so much more. It was not how I had imagined our story would continue — not that it was bad or good. Just different.

Tonight’s episode was a step — or ten — back to a place more familiar to us: Sam and Dean in a car (though, still not the right one) chasing baddies. Yet, why am I still feeling uneasy? Is that the point? Are we supposed to embrace the new aspects of Dean and Sam as we start new adventures? Let’s discuss:

After our traditional cold open that introduced us to the case — shapeshifters! — we found ourselves at Dean’s house. (Woah, did anyone ever think seasons ago that we’d be using that phrase?) He and Lisa were unpacking their lives at a new house, and Ben wasn’t happy. They had moved after last week’s djinn incident because Dean was worried about a repeat event. But it was clear that Dean’s worries were becoming Lisa and Ben’s burden. Ben couldn’t go ride his bike, salt was back to being more than something you sprinkle on eggs, and Dean was ordering in food to avoid family outings. Lisa and Ben’s once regular lives were being Winchestered. Dean wouldn’t admit that at first, though, attempting to conceal his motives for the sudden reclusiveness, so as not to worry them or suck them into the reality of his anxieties.

Take for example Dean’s reaction when he caught Ben going through the Impala’s trunk and playing with the gun. Sure, Dean’s heart was probably in the right place in telling Ben he would “never ever shoot a gun, ever,” but as Ben pointed out, Dean had his own rifle at his age. Plus, if Dean had been in full protection mode, he would have taught Ben how to defend himself. He was clearly caught between wanting to protect his new family from monsters and wanting to protect them from the hunter lifestyle. It was sad to see Dean in this position again. (Remember all those flashbacks we’ve seen of young Dean lying to little Sam about their lives and John’s job?) It would be a rude awakening for Dean later in the episode when Sam would tell him he couldn’t protect Lisa and Ben from both things; he’d have to choose. If anyone would know that to be true, Sam would.

Speaking of Sam, he was working a case of a missing baby, taken from the scene of a gruesome double murder (which we saw in the opening sequence). The baby was one of several that had gone missing recently. Using his powers of Sammy perception, Sam figured out that all the cases were related: They had the same security company and all the babies were six months old, which seems to be the danger age in the Supernatural-verse. The pattern led Sam to a house that technologically challenged Grandpa Campbell thought would be the next target. He was right.

NEXT: Lisa makes the call.

Sam walked in on another double murder, but he made it just in time to save the baby from the hands of a shifter. Uhm…but then he was stuck with a baby. So — as per usual when Sam finds himself in a noodlescratcher — he called Dean, the baby whisperer. Okay, so that’s not really an accurate description, but Dean did have newfound baby experience as a result of his one year as a normal human being. He even knew about baby butt jelly!

While shopping for said diaper crème, the baby (or “Bobby John,” as they pegged it) started crying in the middle of the store, making them “look like child abusers,” according to Sam. Cue sweet old lady who volunteered to hold the baby. At least, she appeared to be sweet until Dean spotted her glowy eyes in a security camera monitor. When he tried to retrieve the baby, the old woman made a mad dash for the door. She didn’t get far before Dean tackled her to the ground while Sam handled baby retrieval. Teamwork! And in a way, it was a return to a dynamic I hadn’t realized I missed so much.

Little did they know there was more to Bobby John than met the eye. Dean discovered that fact in the middle of some quality time with his beloved Magic Fingers: The baby was a shapeshifter. Shapeshifters had been using the security company disguise as a way to get into couple’s homes. After the husband would leave, they’d go back into the home looking like him and impregnate the women.

With their newly African American shifter baby, Sam and Dean headed to Hunters HQ, against Dean’s better judgment. Dean thought the Campbells would want to kill Bobby John. The baby was, after all, a monster. That wasn’t the case — at least, the Campbells acted like it wasn’t. Grandpa Campbell offered the baby to Christian, who had been trying to conceive with his wife. They claimed they would raise it as a hunter. Dean didn’t buy it all. Neither did I.

The one thing to note about this scene was that Dean wouldn’t hand the baby over to Grandpa Campbell at first, but he did hand it to Sam. Despite Dean’s reservations about how Sam came back and what happened to Sam in the pit, he trusts him, and that little gesture proved it. I don’t need much to hold onto my belief that the brothers’ relationship will recover from all this nonsense. So I’ll take that move as a sign of good things to come. Agree?

The case wrapped up rather unexpectedly: The Alpha (the first shapeshifter, the one from which all other shapeshifters were born) came into the hideaway, killed Mark (the quiet Campbell), and took off with Bobby John. As the Alpha, there was no way for them to kill it.

Back at the house with Lisa, Dean confessed that he was struggling with how to handle his home life. Lisa made it easy: Leave. It wasn’t bitter, just honest. He was “white-knuckling” his life with them, she said, and she wanted him to first and foremost be who is he. And that was “not a construction worker.” With that, welcome back, Dean Winchester. Welcome back, Impala. See you in hell, “normal life.”

NEXT: Best quotes from the episode!

I anticipate this to be an unnatural adjustment for Dean and Sam, but that’s a good thing. Seeing Domesticated Dean on the road with Sam was fun. There were new aspects to his personality. Normal life might not be the right fit for Dean, but I think it added depth to his character, humanized him. After all the brothers had been through, he needed some grounding in reality. (Plus, there’s something ultra sexy about a guy who can change a diaper and change a gun clip, no?) Sam, meanwhile, has gone so far off the reservation, I think he’s going to need a grounded Dean more than ever.

Now, before we get to this week’s burning questions, let’s recount the episode’s best quotes!


“Okay, so, either we’ve got monsters grabbing babies to make baby stew, or we’ve got a bunch of psychotic yokels grabbing babies to make baby stew. Either way, it’s baby stew.” — Grandpa Campbell.

Between this and Cougar Town‘s dead baby tacos, it’s a rough week to be a TV infant.

Grandpa Campbell: Sometimes I wonder about you, Sam.

Sam: Sometimes I wonder about me, too.

I wonder about you, too, Sam…naked. Sorry. That aside, I think it’s a good thing Sam feels off. Like Dean, I had been worried that no one seemed concerned with finding out the truth about how Gramps and Sam came back. That little comment means Sam is genuinely worried, which can only be a good sign. Right? Well, a good sign of bad things to come. Still, it’s better than complacency.

Welcome to the party, Guettenberg. — Sam

If you watch Gossip Girl, this is the second Three Men and a Baby reference on TV this week. Before this week, I didn’t hear two Three Men and a Baby references per year. That was fine by me. P.S – Sam, Dean would totally be Danson.

“Okay, if I put you down, are you gonna be a man about it?” — Dean to crying baby after he hums Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” to put it to sleep

…as my ovaries wept.

“We can’t exactly drop it off at an orphanage. They might get upset when it turns Asian.” — Dean on what they should do with the shapeshifter baby

One liners. I missed the one-liners.

“You can’t Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter” — Dean on the Campbell’s desire to raise Bobby John as a hunter

See above.

“…you come when you can.”– Lisa to Dean

A.K.A. – “I just want you for sex.” I can’t say I blame the woman.

Now, your turn, readers. I forgot to ask this last week, but isn’t the new broken-glass opening awesome? Are you mad we have to wait yet another week until we see shirtless Sam doing pull ups? Did you giggle when Dean was mocking the baby’s cries at the store? Why did Sam choose the name John for the baby while Dean chose Bobby? I would have guessed the other way around, but I supposed things have changed.

More seriously: Do you think Sam used the baby as bait? Who do you think Grandpa Campbell was talking to on the phone? How long until we get a full-out Dean/Christian showdown? And are you glad Lisa and Ben are gone? Sound off, below!

More Supernatural ponderings: @EWSandraG

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