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March 31, 2015 at 04:12 PM EDT

Like the best mythology-heavy episodes of Supernatural, last night left us with questions disguised as answers, conflicting feelings of comfort from resolution and unease from new revelations, and a bunch of new inside-fandom jokes.

What struck me most about this shockingly quick hour, which found Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas on the search for the Mother of All, was how it kept me guessing. I never knew which direction it was heading. It started off like a case-of-the-week, then it turned into a hunt for the Mother, then it wasn’t a hunt because she wasn’t hiding, then there were these little boys whom we all knew we shouldn’t trust completely, and then…that twist. I’m obviously getting ahead of myself. We’ll get to Castiel’s possible huge betrayal in a little bit. Let’s recap.

This week, as I mentioned earlier, it almost felt like we were going into a normal case-of-the-week episode since it began with the Mother walking up to a pair of 20-something horn dogs who were too blinded by their lust to notice the girl approaching them outside of a bar had a big blood stain on her dress. Obviously it wasn’t going to end well — and it didn’t. (More on them later.) The havoc she caused inside the bar (in which people were essentially feeding on each other) also had a bigger purpose than a simple case of misbehavior.

Back at Camp Bobby, the trio were prepping for a fight with Eve but were having no luck tracking her. So Dean (the designated dialer) called upon Cas for help. As always, Cas came through, producing friendly vamp Lenore (Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Amber Benson), whom the boys met waaaaaay back in season 2, when Sam’s arms were human size and Dean’s growly voice was but a subtle vocal rumble. Lenore had obviously been through a lot since we saw her last (preaching to the choir, sister), and despite initial reservations, she finally gave up Mother’s location but asked a favor in return: She wanted to die. The boys were hesitant to grant her wish, but Cas killed her. (Note: It’s worth asking post-revelation what his motives were here. Was it an act of mercy or was it more ruthless than that? This is just one of the many things that is going to be looked at a little differently now that we know what we know about Castiel.)

When they arrived in town, they followed the only lead they had, which was a mysterious call to the Center for Disease Control from a local doctor (Dr. Silver) that had been made the day prior. His patient was the man we’d seen have an encounter with Eve outside the bar. Upon investigating, the guys were led to believe that the man had died from whatever mysterious ailment he contracted. And while that was true, there was more to the story. He’d also infected everyone who came in contact with him, who subsequently turned into clones of patient X.

Of course, this was all the work of Eve, who we later found out was experimenting with virus strains that created hybrid monsters. Dean, the one who discovered said hybrid at the bar massacre, had the honor of naming it. “Jefferson Starships…because they’re horrible and hard to kill,” Dean said, quite pleased with himself.

Before he had too long to celebrate his victory of wit, the police busted in and arrested everyone except Dean, who managed to slink away, in connection with the apparent mass killing. At the station, Sam noticed the officers had glowy eyes (it happened so fast, I didn’t even notice) and immediately staged his escape. And what it lacked in stealth and grace, his plan made up for in kickassery.

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