In '...And Then There Were None," Sam, Dean, and Bobby say goodbye to a beloved friend -- and two others who weren't so beloved

By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 31, 2015 at 04:14 PM EDT
Jack Rowand/The CW

Talk about a change in tone from last week’s hilarious meta episode! I mean, based on last week’s ultra-dark preview, we knew this week’s would be quite a shift, but even I didn’t expect three deaths, electrocution, and ear monsters.

But even though it was a much different episode than what we got last week (no alternate universes, Days of Our Lives references, or Shakespearean hand movements) plenty happened in this episode. So let’s recap.

We started off with the Mother, who was still rocking her meatsuit’s white nightgown even though it had been a while since she rose from her pit (eeew). She met a Jesus-loving trucker at a truck stop, where, in exchange for the ear-full of scripture he gave her, she gave him an ear-full of evil worm that caused him to go crazy and bludgeon his family to death. Oh, Supernatural irony.

Upon checking out the surveillance video from the truck stop (and seeing Mother’s butt ugly mug), Brains, Brawn, and Beauty determined that Mother had been involved somehow, theorizing that she had also been responsible for a string of strange happenings that all occurred along a stretch of highway. “Maybe they’re coming in for Mother’s Day,” Bobby quipped…while also being sort of serious.

Meanwhile, at a cannery, another man went crazy and shot up the building, leaving six people dead. Bobby went to investigate and soon realized the case had also attracted the attention of Rufus Turner, who was last seen in “Weekend at Bobby’s” (<3) and was among last night's aforementioned casualties. Watching those two work together and banter was like tuning in to a Grumpier Old Men-meets-The Odd Couple hybrid…with guns. (A.k.a. – The best show that no one ever made.) In fact, I’d always hoped for something similar with these two. They kept eachother on their toes and were well versed in the art of button pushing. Moreover, when I saw Rufus interacting with Sam and Dean, part of me wondered why it hadn’t been this way forever. Dean and Sam/Bobby and Rufus. Yes, we knew that Bobby and Rufus had experienced some sort of falling out in Omaha years ago (and we learned this week it had to do with Rufus’s wife…or could be daughter), but in terms of chemistry, the group’s vibe made me feel a little like there was a lost opportunity there. But my dreams of a spin-off were just one among the many casualties last night.

We also bid adieu to Gwen Campbell, who the guys ran into (along with Samuel) at the cannery. We were introduced to Gwen earlier this season as part of the Campbell hunting group, but from what I gather, I was among the minority because I enjoyed her presence. I just always felt like she was the sanest living Campbell and the only one capable of thinking on her own in spite of Samuel. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that independent side of her until near the end of her life on the show.

Speaking of the “end of life,” when Dean saw Samuel at the factory, he was ready to end his. “Welcome to ‘next time,'” Dean growled (sexily), referencing his promise to Samuel that he’d kill him if they ever met again. Sam, who didn’t remember the ghoul-food incident because it was stashed behind his mind wall, took off after Dean, but even he didn’t succeed in getting him to cool off. As Dean took off in anger, back inside, there was a the tense standoff between gramps and Bobby. “You must be the guy pretending to be their father,” Samuel said curtly. Jerk. I wish Bobby had shot him right then and there. Luckily, he eventually got his.

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But it was Gwen’s number who came up first. After Bobby made a comment about the night Samuel used them as ghoul bait, she went to find Dean and get more info. She’s been horrified by the idea and was clearly second guessing her alliance. Too little, too late, Gwenie. When she finally found Dean, the supernatural earwig had already crawled into his walnut and instead of an explanation of about ghoul night, she got a fatal bullet to the chest.

Goodbyes are never easy, but on Supernatural, they’re to be expected. Which is not to say that last night’s three deaths weren’t sad, but we knew Gwen’s time would eventually come. She is a girl, after all. Those don’t last too long in these parts.

The search for Dean eventually culminated to a tense standoff between all five hunters. Dean (or “D,” as Sam has him listed on his phone — very Gossip Girl) claimed he had woken up on the floor with no memory of what happened and saw a “12-inch herpe crawl out of my ear.” So Bobby decided that without a way to guarantee that the worm wasn’t still inside Dean, they should relinquish their weapons and proceed accordingly — but based on their expressions, you would have thought that Bobby asked them to put their man parts inside the bag. It was clear they weren’t happy about the reques, but agreed it was the best way to prevent blowing each other’s heads off.

That’s sort of what happened anyway, though — at least in Samuel’s case. But even though his death at the hands of Sam is sad because it means no more Mitch Pileggi, I don’t mind seeing that character leave us. He’s given us the heebie jeebs since he miraculously re-appeared this season after dying (and under no uncertain conditions — dude was gone). We knew his ending would come eventually because there was already too much immoral weight on his character. First he was shady, then shadier, then there was a method to his madness, then his madness was sorta-but-still-not-really justified, then he tried to feed Sam and Dean to ghouls, and that was it. He was going to die. You don’t get to put the brothers in danger without paying the price eventually. And, grandpa, you got yours. I wish he’d at least apologized, though, so I could feel a little bad about it all. Right now, I don’t. And I hope Sam doesn’t either.

Plus, Sam didn’t technically deliver the kill (although, he didn’t flinch when he shot Samuel in the head…creepy). If you count the post-death death by way of electrocution, it was Bobby who killed him. (Worm-infected Samuel had risen from the dead before Bobby and Rufus could crack open his head and check for the worm.)

The only bad thing was that with Samuel gone, the worm had a new host. Unfortunately for Rufus, he was the one holding the live wire when they discovered that Bobby was the new host and was fatally stabbed by Bobby.

When Bobby came to, he had one of the freakiest demon voices we’ve ever heard on the show. (I still can’t decide if they altered Jim Beaver’s voice or if he made that one up on his own. Regardless, [insert expletives of fear here].) And demon Bobby had a message from Mother: By the time she’s done, there will be more creatures than humans and that there was nothing but pain ahead. It was a pretty generic message, but the voice made it pay off (and gave me a nightmare).

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They eventually got the worm out of Bobby and buried Rufus. And a graveyard isn’t exactly the Impala, but there was a heart-to-heart nonetheless. Only, it was Bobby, not one of the boys, doing the sharing and caring this time. We learned that he had originally met Rufus while Rufus was working a job…and Bobby’s wife had been the job. After that, Rufus taught Bobby about the world of demons and hunting, and they rode together for years, “like you two knuckleheads,” Bobby told Sam and Dean.

The comparison made my heart ache a little, and even moreso when Dean told Bobby that it didn’t matter what happened in Omaha — he and Rufus had been family.

Dean: “Something’s going to get us eventually. And when my guts get ripped out, just so you all know, we’re good. Blanket apology for everything everyone’s done, all the way around.”

Sam: “Some of us pulled a lot of crap, Dean.”

Dean: “Well, clean slate.”

It was all very touching, even though I giggled a bit at Bobby’s soil-soaking alcohol tribute (one for his homey). But after I thought about it, the whole conversation gave me a chill. The idea that only in death do we get a clean slate is sad for many reasons, particularly because that seems to be what Sam is searching for right now. I don’t like the implications there. Frankly, I may lose sleep over this…and over wondering if I’d still love Dean if he had herpes.

Great episode, readers. I love getting back to the creepy after a week of laughs. So let’s get to questions:

First, the trivial: What the heck is “rocket surgery”? It sounds mildly like something related to sexual performance. Did you notice that Dean always gets the lines about snacks? Why is Sam always the one tied up (not that I’m complaining)? Did you think it was sweet that Bobby told Dean and Sam (obviously out of concern) to leave while they cracked open Samuel’s head? Did you like the ambiguity of the Omaha story? Did you like Mother’s new monster creation? Did the “goo check” scene make you giggle? And which death is hitting you the hardest?

We’re off for a month (NO!!!!!!!!!) but I’ll see you back here then. Also, it’s worth noting that I’ll be out covering Supernatural at PaleyFest next week, so if you’re not lucky enough to make it out there, submit your questions to @EWSandraG! See y’all after hellatus!


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“Sam, take Dean for a walk.” — Bobby

“We’re going to find him alive, Samuel, or I’m going to put a bullet in your head.” — Sam

“It’s the Khan worm on steroids.” — Dean

“Why don’t you buy me a drink first?” — Dean

“I want you and you to watch him and him and — alright, if anything crawls out of anybody, somebody step on it.” — Rufus

Sam: I just cant help but think, what would mom say?

Dean: You know what I think mom would say? She’s say that blood doesn’t make you family. You gotta earn that.

Bobby: You know Rufus, I’ve been thinking

Rufus: Yeah. Well wonders never cease

Dean: Why, hello there you little herpe

Sam: Why do you keep talking about herpes?

Dean: I don’t. Shut up. …Shut up.