In ''Like a Virgin,'' Sam and Dean protect the pure, slay a dragon, and learn there's a new foe on the way

By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 31, 2015 at 04:16 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW

Like Dean digging into a warm piece of pie after eating a big bacon cheeseburger, I feel great satisfaction right now. In fact, I couldn’t be happier about last night’s post-hiatus episode of Supernatural, even if it had contained a shirtless scene. Yes, Supernatural fans, the show returned from its break better, scarier, and more full of heart than we’ve seen all season. Tickled? You bet I am.

Sure, there was also a healthy amount of angst, but asking these boys to not beat themselves up over something is like saying you’re only going to spend an hour at Target — it ain’t gonna happen.

But more than anything, tonight reminded me of everything I love about Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Supernatural. It reminded me of the actors’ amazing range, the show’s ability to make me laugh one minute and tug my heartstrings the other, and reminded me why the world just doesn’t seem right when I don’t get to see the show every week. Well, the world is more than all right now, readers. It’s great. So let’s recap!

This week, it was all about virgins, the most bitchin’ version of dragons I’ve ever seen, and the introduction of the MOTHER of all villains.

We began with the typical, mystery-starting cold open featuring a couple of soap opera-style actors in a sticky situation. This time it was a young couple flying through a torrential downpour in what sounded (because I’m such an aviation expert) like a tiny little Cessna-type plane. The plane (which reminded me a lot of Airplane!) bumped along in the rough storm, until the boyfriend half of the equation was snatched from his pilot seat through the windshield and the girl was seen screaming for dear life. We later learned this was the first case of the magically vanishing virgins.

Yes, virgins. Give me a minute, and I’ll get into that. (That’s what he said.)

We cut to Sam’s room — the panic room — where Castiel walked out folding down his sleeve like he’d just inspected a herd of impregnated cattle. He’d actually been checking up on Sam’s newly returned soul, and the news wasn’t good. “It felt like it had been skinned alive, Dean,” Castiel scolded. “It you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it right.” Ouch.

Dean’s face portrayed no regret, though. He was confident that he made the correct decision. And you know what? So was I; T1000 had to go.

That’s probably not something I would have said at the end of the first half of the season. Yes, I missed regular Sam as most did, but I also hate when people act like they know what’s best for my life or think they can make my decisions for me. I sympathized with Sam on that level. And Dean… as a big sister myself, I knew his motives were honorable, but I still thought Sam had a right to decide.

Then Sam — disproving Castiel’s bleak prediction — woke up. And my former reservations went out the window.

“Dean,” he called out as Dean and Bobby bonded over liquid comfort.

“Sam?” Dean said, rising from his chair to meet his NORMAL brother for a hug. A real hug. A big, let my freakishly veiny forearms wrap themselves around you in total unashamed brotherly affection type of hug. The best hug ever.

NEXT: “Virgins, Sam. Virgins”

That’s when it hit me. That’s when my heart clenched a little, and I suddenly remembered what I’d been missing. Seeing the two embrace made my soul feel like it had just put on a big Snuggie. A warmth ran over me. Dean and Sam’s faces said they felt the same way. Bobby’s not so much. He was more like, ‘Wow, the kid who went all Menendez on me a few days ago, is now hugging me. I don’t know how to feel.”

Get with the program, Bobby. Sam’s back. Our Sam. Yes, he did bad things, and sorry about that snapping your neck thing a while ago. But he’s back — and hungry.

Over a meal, Dean left out all the details. Sam only remembered being in the field (I still can’t watch that scene without weeping) and then leaping into the abyss. Dean couldn’t have been happier that the rest was a blank spot in Sam’s mind. Dean simply told him that he’d leveraged Death into bringing him back and that was it. Clean slate. Bing, bang, boom, and Bobby you better keep your trap shut. (Dean says so incredibly much in a single look.)

Outside and away from Sam’s ears, the story was different. “Why the poop face?” Dean said as Bobby stared him down. Bobby wanted Dean to tell Sam the truth about what had gone on — how he’d had no soul and done some not-so-admirable things. Bobby thought Sam had to hear it from them, but Dean wanted a little more time. Just a little more time to revel in the face that (finally) he’d won one. Even if it was a temporary win. He’d gotten Sam back and that was good enough for now. I can’t say I blame him for feeling that way.

In further celebration of the return to normal, Bobby and Dean even planned to go investigate the potential hunt, but when Sam appeared ready to go with, Bobby made up a B.S. excuse so he could back out.

In the inevitable awkward car ride moment (with some Jethro Tull playing in the background!), Sam confronted Dean about keeping his promise to live a normal life, and Dean confessed that he tried to live with Lisa and Ben for a year. But “it didn’t work out,” Dean said. And he left it at that — for now anyway.

Their first stop on the trail to working the case was the home of airplane girl, where they really didn’t learn much. Although, we later learned that Dean had pocketed the girl’s diary while there. My first thought: I’m sorry, WHO over the age of 12 keeps an honest-to-god diary? Then Dean answered my question: Girls who are honest with God — virgins.

“I’ve decided I’m going to give Stan my most precious gift,” Dean quoted from the diary.

“Wow. That sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth,” Sam replied.

Feigning hurt, Dean retorted: “I thought I delivered it.”

Sorry, Dean. Gotta go with Sam on this one. (But that didn’t stop me from rewinding the scene three times.)

NEXT: The sword in the stone.

The next day, Sam and Dean’s theory was confirmed after a not-so-virginal poor soul who wore a purity ring (OF DECEIT!!) was attacked and left for dead. And Sam’s supreme Googling skills helped them figure out that they were after dragons.

This entire process also gave us a chance to revel in the return of comforting Sam-isms. His brow once again furrowed in genuine sympathy as a victim told her story. He got mad at Dean when he learned that he had stole the diary. He teased Dean about his bad jokes. And he even delivered his signature line with true concern, “Are you okay?”

I missed you, Sam. In fact, I missed you both. Because Dean’s not Dean without Sam. Period.

But Dean’s concern rose when Sam got skinwalker déjà vu. He knew Sam had memories that wanted to poke through to the surface of his mind, but Dean intended to keep him in the dark as long as possible. Then Cas strolled in and turned on the light in Sam’s mind.

After Dean went off to visit Bobby’s former friend and dragon expert Dr. Visyak, Sam summoned Cas to get filled in on what had transpired while he was away — and to awkwardly reject Cas’ desire for a hug. (Awww.) Cas spilled it all, despite my very desperate pleas for him to stop. (Cue: Awkward stares from my roommates.) Sam’s attempt at a nonchalant reaction when Cas dropped the bomb about him having no soul pretty much split my soul in two.

Meanwhile, Dean got the 411 from Ms. Hogwarts (who I actually thought was great) and learned that there was a rare sword that could slay a dragon… and she had one. The kicker was that the thing was stuck in a stone.

The scene that followed ranks right up there with Dean’s fairy fight from earlier this season — Jensen Ackles’ best season 6 comedic moment. Seeing him hunched over on the rock trying to get the sword out while sporting the episode’s second “poop face” was priceless. He may have needed the sword to slay the dragon, but I was done in.

He didn’t get it out of course, and being a boy, decided blowing up the rock was the second best idea. (Forehead slap.) He ruined the sword in the process, leaving him with a glorified dagger to kill this still-unseen dragon. Peachy.

In the sewers (where Sam correctly predicted — with Bobby’s help — the dragons might hiding) Dean and Sam stumbled upon the dragon’s stash of virgin.

Speaking of the dragons, while the living witness spoke of wings and “giant bat”ness, the actual dragons we saw were in human form with glowing hands. Really great interpretations, but just not very good fighters. Well, not good enough to face-off against Sam and Dean, anyway. One was slain, the other vanished, and the virgins were set free presumably to go have sex very soon.

Back at Bobby’s, Sam confronted Dean while he was happily sorting through his newly acquired pile of riches.

Sam: “Dean, I am so, so sorry.”

Dean: “For what?”

Sam: “You know what.”

Dean’s face fell.

Dean: “Did Bobby… “

Sam: “Cas.”

Dean: [Sigh] “Friggin’ child.”

Dean tried to talk Sam out of feeling bad, but as I stated earlier, the brothers’ guilt tango is worthy of a Mirrorball trophy. It’s a dance they’ve done and will do until the end of time — which actually might be sooner than we think, if the Mother of All has anything to say about it.

NEXT: Meet the parent.

Yes, if any word or name could strike fear into the hearts of, well, anyone, of course it would be Mother, Supernatural‘s newest big baddie.

It turned out that Mother could only be summoned with a virgin sacrifice, per the instructions inside the book made of human skin, and the dragons wanted her out.

“We’ve got a lot to do. Let’s get started,” she said once she had risen.*

And we have started, fans. We’ve started a new arc, with a new villain, an old Sam, on what feels like a well-rested Supernatural. Excited? I am.

So much to ponder and chat about, so let’s get to questions!

First the random: Does death really seem like the fruit basket-type? Will Bobby ever eat something that looks mildly appetizing? Did you love how Dean pocketed some of the gold in the sewers when they first found the pile of riches? And will Castiel ever get his hug from Sam?

Now the important: Do you love that Sam and Dean are back? What was your favorite part of the episode? Where would you rank this one on your list of favorites this season? What does Mother’s arrival mean? And does the prospect of Sam’s wall crumbling make you a little queasy with fear, too?


“Like my daddy always said, just because it kills your liver doesn’t mean it ain’t medicine.” — Bobby

“A couple of Buddy Hollys. Doesn’t exactly seem like news of the weird.” — Dean

“Why the poop face?” — Dean

Sam: “What was that?”

Dean: “One part age, three parts liquor?”

Sam: “Who would want virgins?”

Dean: “You got me. I prefer ladies with experience.”

Sam: “So what. Batman tried to rape her?”

Dean: “Well, he does carry a lot of rage.”

“I think it just goes to show that being easy’s pretty much all upside.” — Dean

Sam: “What kind of things like virgins and gold?”

Dean: “P. Diddy?”

Sam: “You know, it’s comforting. I died for a year, came back, and you’re still not funny.”

Dean: “Shut up. I’m hilarious.”

“Hey, how’s ‘Memento’ doing over there?” — Bobby

Dean: “Could you make a few calls?”

Bobby: “To who? Hogwarts? …Fine.”

Dean: “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.”

“Hey, what if dragons like nice hotels?” — Dean

Dragon man: “Where’d you get that?”

Dean: “Comic-Con.”

Dean: “Ask me what time it is.”

Sam: “Why don’t you cut to the chase and just roll in it.”

Dean: “I rarely have wealth.”

*Thanks to all who pointed out that this was, indeed, the virgin who got thrown in. Lucky for Mother they chose a virgin with great hair!

Remember to find me on Twitter for more Supernatural ponderings @EWSandraG.

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