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November 08, 2018 at 10:09 PM EST

Thanks to Michael, maybe we should be calling monster-of-the-week episodes super-monster-of-the-week episodes? Because we have certainly entered a whole new realm of possibility this season, and that’s saying a lot on Supernatural.

This week, we start in Claremore, Oklahoma, where Maggie is working a case. Right after she turns on her body cam — a thing the hunters are now using — she heads into a crypt to kill what she believes to be a ghoul. But she’s attacked before she can do anything.

Cut to the bunker where Sam is giving a speech about the importance of homework — he gives off a real “camp counselor vibe” as Dean puts it — before explaining to Dean why he has no time to sleep: There are 16 hunters currently out on jobs, and that’s not including Castiel and Jack or Bobby and Mary. These people need lore and weapons and tips, and let’s not forget that Sam is their “chief.” That’s when Sam realizes that Maggie missed her check-in.

Sam goes straight to Maggie’s body cam footage, and when he sees the ghoul attack her, he and Dean head out to Oklahoma to retrace her footsteps and, hopefully, bring her home. In Oklahoma, they arrive at the Rawling private family cemetery, but they don’t get too far into the crypt before a groundskeeper inquires as to what they’re doing on private property. This week, Sam and Dean are posing as members of the Historical Preservation Society, which gets them an invite to the main house to meet with the land’s owner. Only, when they get to the house, they’re quickly greeted by two of their colleagues: It seems Bobby and Mary were worried about Maggie too. (And Bobby’s not big on trusting the “idiots” at the main office to handle things.)

They quickly decide to work together, which is when Neil, the man they met, lets them know that he’s not the owner of the house. Rather, he’s Mr. Rawling’s nurse. Mr. Rawling suffered a stroke recently and resides in a hospital bed upstairs. His daughter Sasha is in town to get his affairs in order.

Mary, Bobby, Dean, and Sam start to work the case, but when Bobby makes it clear that he blames Sam for sending Maggie on a mission before she was ready, Mary suggests they split up: Mary takes Sam and Dean hangs with Bobby.

Mary quickly puts on her mom hat and reassures Sam that leading these people is what he was born to do. She tells him to ignore Bobby because the man has been missing a lot lately. Aaaaand that brings us to Mary and Bobby. Mary admits she thought they were getting close, but recently, things have changed. All he wants to do is hunt. There’s something he doesn’t want to talk about and his walls are up. “Bobby’s not open like your dad,” Mary says, a sentence that throws Sam for a loop. John Winchester certainly wasn’t known as being “open,” at least not to his boys. But when Mary knew him, he was exactly that.

Sam tells Mary the story of our world’s Bobby and how he had to kill his wife. It’s all to prove a point: Walls are up for a reason, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try to figure out why. Just then, they come across a fire where a hunter’s wallet has been burned.

Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby find a shed. But when Bobby sees a man in the woods, he takes off on his own, leaving Dean to discover a dead body. (It’s the owner of the wallet.) Furthermore, Dean turns around and is attacked by the same old man who attacked Maggie. And when he stabs the ghoul, it turns to … dust? Ash? Either way, it’s strange. (Next: Dean learns more about Michael’s plan)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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