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October 25, 2018 at 10:15 PM EDT

Well, it seems I was wrong last week and that Dean really is back, and because he’s Dean, he wastes no time in trying to get his revenge. We start with Dean’s return to the bunker, as he talks about how he can’t eat or sleep because of the nightmare … of Sam’s beard. “Duck Dynasty called and they want it back,” he tells his little brother, a line that makes me realize how much I’ve missed Dean even in two episodes.

According to Dean, he doesn’t remember anything from the time he was possessed, and he assures Sam that he’s okay. The only things bugging Dean right now are Sam’s beard and the fact that there are so many people in the bunker, a few of whom call Sam “chief.” (Yeah, Sam doesn’t like it either.)

Dean says a quick hello to Jack and Castiel before heading to take a shower. Cas naturally has questions, but unfortunately, Sam doesn’t have any answers at this point. They’re not sure why Michael let him go or why Michael was helping monsters. All they know is that Dean’s back, and as Dean notices, he’s got a scar on his right arm. (Sam also gets a quick update on Nick, who still hasn’t returned from dealing with his “personal business.”)

When Dean shows them his scar, the question becomes: What could hurt Michael like that? And Dean wants answers, so he lets Cas read him. When Castiel touches the scar, they both see a flash of a hooded figure stabbing Michael with a spear, and it looks a lot like the thing that killed Kaia in the Bad Place (which of course we know is alternate world Kaia).

With that knowledge, Sam calls Jody, who’s currently fielding texts from Claire, who’s been training with the girls and wants to know what Jody’s working on. But when Sam tells her that they think the thing that killed Kaia is in their world, Jody chooses not to involve Claire. Not yet. Also, when Sam mentions Dean’s scar, Jody knows exactly what he’s talking about: She’s got three decapitated bodies all with that same marking.

The boys immediately suit up to head to Sioux Falls. Well, everyone but Jack who can’t come along because, as Dean puts it, he’s barely 100 pounds soaking wet. But Cas will be staying behind too. Just as they’re about to leave, Jules, one of the Apocalypse World hunters, brings in a young girl that she saved from a witch. It seems the witch hexed her with an aging spell before she died, and now they have to try and stop it. When Cas is unable to heal her easily, he tells the boys to go along without him. He’ll try to catch up.

Just like that, the boys hit the road at 80 mph. Dean’s back in the driver’s seat and he’s not wasting any time. Sam asks his brother to slow down. For Sam, Dean was gone for weeks; he needs a second to catch up. But it’s clear Dean’s not interested in any of that. He drives as fast as he can to get to Jody, and once they arrive, they don’t even wait for daylight to start their search.

(For all you Wayward fans, Jody also gives us a quick update on the girls: Alex is still at the hospital; Patience is in school; Claire’s still … Claire. And speaking of Claire, Jody is avoiding her. She promised to tell Claire about any hunts, but she wants to know what they’re dealing with first.)

And what they’re dealing with is three decapitated vampires and a hooded someone who looks a lot like Kaia. When they find Bad Place Kaia’s campsite, she quickly pays them a visit, beats them all up, and runs off, leaving them with many, many questions. For starters, Sam is under the impression that Michael’s vampires — Jody tested their bodies and they had no reaction to Dead Man’s Blood — were hunting this Kaia, instead of the other way around. Regardless, Dean wants to find her.

(Next: Something’s up with Jack)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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