Devil's Bargain

There’s something you should probably know about me: I love Lucifer/Nick/Mark Pellegrino, so any Supernatural episode he’s in is already pretty good in my book. But not only did this episode bring back that whole “Is Lucifer still alive?” plot, but it also gave us a major step forward in Jack’s turn to the dark side. (Also, could God come back into the fold?) These are all things I love!

We start at Donatello’s house, where he’s making pasta and a truly ludicrous amount of cookies and I sincerely hope he’s planning to eat them ALL. (If a love of cookies is a sign of soullessness, I could be in trouble.) However, Donatello’s night of deliciousness gets interrupted when someone shows up, ties him to a table, and injects him with…something.

Cutting to the bunker, we continue with the theme of nights getting interrupted. In preparation for Winchester Game Night, Jack makes popcorn, Mary grabs the beers, Sam’s picking up pizza, and Dean is getting Mouse Trap ready when he gets a voicemail from Donatello. In it, Donatello asks for help before breaking into some ancient Hebrew. Dean and Mary immediately hit the road, leaving Jack — and Sam once he gets back from the pizza run — to focus on translating the message. Eventually, Sam realizes it’s a Bible verse, specifically Peter 5:8, which reads: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

So it’s no surprise when Dean and Mary show up at Donatello’s house to find Nick was the one behind the attack. (But before they do, we get our first sign that things might not go well for Mary when, on the drive, she tells Dean, “I need you to know I’m grateful for every day I get to spend with you and Sam.” Uh-oh.)

At Donatello’s house, Nick informs them that he’s poisoned Donatello and gives the prophet roughly 24 hours before his organs shut down. They can save him…if they can find him. So, what does Nick want? To talk, he says.

Dean and Mary bring Nick back to the bunker, where Sam is anything but happy to see him. But Sam does manage to put aside his anger long enough to reveal that they have the antidote to the poison. Now, they just need to find Donatello.

Dean heads into talk to Nick first, while Mary gives Sam a speech about how he’s a good man and she’s proud of him. Like I said, UH-OH. Dean ultimately gets nothing out of Nick except a request to talk to Jack. Jack, eager to save Donatello, heads in there, and when Nick gets him riled up about not having a soul, Jack gets in Nick’s face, at which point Nick headbutts him and gives Jack a serious nose bleed. Next thing we know, Jack heals himself and tells the guys that Nick is suddenly ready to lead them to Donatello.

Nick then directs Sam and Dean to an abandoned warehouse. Dean heads inside and leaves Sam to watch Nick at the car. But back at the bunker, Jack gets his hands on the needle that Nick used to inject Donatello, and Jack can sense that he injected him with grace, not poison. Mary quickly calls Sam, and when Sam confronts Nick about it, he reveals that he used Donatello, the prophet, to communicate with Lucifer in the Empty. Lucifer, who’s awake, told Nick what he needed to bring him back, which just so happened to be Jack’s blood, hence the headbutt. Sam refuses to believe Lucifer’s alive, but as Nick puts it, “Come on Sam, nobody stays dead anymore, you know that.” (It’s almost like Sam’s never watched the show before.)

As for who’s been helping Nick, it seems there are quite a few demons who are desperate to have their leader back. With that, Nick gets out of his cuffs and starts fighting Sam while Dean and Donatello — but really just Dean — are attacked by demons. Dean gets Donatello out fine, but by the time he gets back to Sam, the youngest Winchester is in bad shape. Nick hit him over the head with a rock — twice. And it’s going to take an ambulance 20 minutes to get there.

Dean calls Mary, and she and Jack get ready to head out when Jack can feel that Nick is using his blood to summon Lucifer. And it nearly works, but just as Lucy’s about to reunite with Nick, Jack throws him back into the Empty. Jack, enraged, then burns Nick severely. (According to next week’s promo, Nick isn’t dead, but he also doesn’t look good.)

Jack then rushes to Sam’s side and heals him before returning to Mary, who’s rightfully worried. Jack tries to convince her that he had to kill Nick — again, don’t think he’s dead though — but when Jack starts panicking that Mary will tell Sam and Dean, he freaks out. And we all know bad things happen when Jack loses control. The last thing we see is Jack’s eyes glow before the screen fades to black and Jack whispers, “Mary?”

Did Jack just kill Mary?! And if he did, is there any saving him? BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. This episode also saw Castiel connect with Anael/Jo. It seems that Anael used to be Joshua’s right hand back in heaven, and seeing as how God spoke only to Joshua, Castiel is hoping she knows how he could get in touch with God. Why does Cas need God? Because only God can restore a soul. In other words, only God can save Jack.

Anael informs him that Joshua never spoke to God. God only spoke to him. But she did hear a rumor that, after the fall, Joshua placed a long-distance call and God picked up. She doesn’t know how he did it, but she knows someone who was there.

Anael takes Castiel to meet Joshua’s old roommate, who isn’t exactly helpful. But he does tell them that the thing Joshua used to make the call is in this very messy emporium if they’d like to take a look. And so they do, all the while getting to know each other. It seems that back in heaven, Anael had a problem with God’s lack of meddling. Why wasn’t he helping his creation? She never understood it, and that’s why she performs miracles.

Just as they’re both about ready to give up on their search, Castiel spots a necklace. It’s an amulet!!! Castiel tries to use it to ask for God’s help, but there’s no response. Apparently, it never worked for Joshua either. (Although I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it just takes a second for God to get the call.)

And that’s where we leave this week: Waiting for God to answer the call and wondering if Jack just killed Mary. As painful as it will be to wait until next week for answers, I’m a big fan of the stories they’re setting up as this season comes to an end.

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