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December 07, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Step one of that plan involves getting Kaia back, which could be a little complicated considering she was just kidnapped by angels (the same angels that killed Derek, by the way). Now, they want Jack, so they’re using Kaia as bait. And it works.

The boys hit the road to try and find Kaia, at which point Jack clears the air about his feelings toward Lucifer. Dean tells him that they thought he might’ve been trying to use Derek to get to Lucifer, but Jack tells them: “He’s no one to me. You, Castiel — you’re my family.” Dean’s response? “Yes we are.” Awww. Don’t you love how the holidays bring people together?! (I realize this isn’t a holiday episode but go with me here!) Jack then overhears on angel radio that they’ve got Kaia, and the rescue mission begins.

Elsewhere, Patience has a vision. Sam and Dean are there, and Jody dies. So, Patience packs a bag and tells her dad that she has to warn her friends that they’re in danger. “If I don’t go, people will die,” she tells her father, but he’s not hearing it. He tells her that if she walks away and chooses that life, she can’t come back. And she leaves anyway. By episode’s end, she’s on Jody’s doorstep. (And the Wayward Sisters pieces start falling into place.)

Back to the rescue mission: Jack wins MVP when he knocks out one angel out and kills the other. He then tells an understandably shocked Kaia that he needs her help getting Sam and Dean’s mom out of another world. Jack wants to take her someplace called the wind caves — he says it’s a sacred site, a place where the walls between worlds are thin and it’s easy to cross over. But Kaia tries to explain that she isn’t a dreamwalker in the way that Derek was. Derek was able to walk freely between worlds, but Kaia only ever goes to “The Bad Place,” which she says is “just blood and death and monsters.” That’s how she got the scar on her arm.

She tells them she’s sorry but she can’t help them. But Dean’s not having it. Turns out, Dean meant what he said when he told Sam they’d get mom back no matter what, so Dean proceeds to pull a gun on Kaia and force her into the Impala.

On the road to South Dakota, Jack apologizes to Kaia and offers to show her what he saw when he was inside Derek’s head. And whatever it is, it gets a smile out of her, so there’s at least one good thing happening here. Just as Jack tells her that they can use their powers for good, they’re nearly run off the road. The angel from earlier is back, and she’s brought backup.

Dean turns down a dirt road that leads to a shipyard. There, Sam takes Kaia and Jack into a ship and starts warding it while Dean stays behind. But when he realizes he’s outnumbered, he joins everyone on the ship.

Things then go from bad to worse when the angels work together to start melting Sam’s wardings. So Kaia suggests she and Jack try to take them all to Apocalypse World. But considering she’s never done this before, it’s not simple. At first, she can only see The Bad Place. Jack tries to redirect her mind to the Apocalypse World, but it’s still questionable when she lets out a scream that gets rid of all the angels and sends all four of them…somewhere.

So where did they end up? Well, Kaia appears to be on the side of the road in our world. And then Jack is the only one who actually made it to Apocalypse World — he wakes up by Mary. As for Sam and Dean, they’re in The Bad Place, where they’re currently standing inside A HUGE FOOTPRINT. Like dinosaur huge. And if that’s not ominous enough for ya, we hear some Jurassic Park-esque footsteps (and roaring) in the background. And now you all know the plot of the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot!

As far as midseason finale cliffhangers go, this one really shocked me, and I’m very intrigued about what comes next. I’m also a big fan of Kaia and the concept of dreamwalking, so what I’m saying is that this midseason finale felt like a strong end to a strong first half of the season. (And also, if King Kong shows up, my head will explode.)

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