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S13 E8
November 30, 2017 at 09:59 PM EST

The good news is that the spell works and Grab shows up, but the bad news is that the vault room is hidden under a cloaking spell. Thankfully, Grab has been working on a spell that will use Dean’s demon blood — translation: his arm — as a compass. Just like that, Dean unwillingly leads them to the vault room. Now, all Dean has to do is put his hand inside a truly terrifying gargoyle head thing in order to open the door. No big deal, right? Well, unless you’re Dean and you’re scared of spiders, snakes, or spiders.

But in the end, all it takes it Dean getting his finger pricked, which he handles about as well as any 5-year-old would. And once the door opens, they discover that the floor is essentially one big, deadly maze. Fun, right?

Meanwhile, inside, Sam is risking his life by trying some of Luther’s homemade gin. (The guy really never leaves his house. Do they even have grocery delivery services where he is?!) Sam shows Luther the demon knife, but Luther quickly gets down to business: He knows that Bart sent Sam, and after a fight, Luther hits Sam over the head with a rock and knocks him out. He then proceeds outside and kills poor Grab.

Smash manages to run away, leaving Dean to shoot Luther a lot before realizing it’s not working. Sam wakes up and arrives just in time to tell Dean that the guy’s immortal. According to Luther, so long as he’s on his property, he can’t die.

So, instead of killing him, Dean knocks him out and ties him up. Now, they just need to get him to tell them the code to his vault floor, because if they take one wrong step, 1,000 darts filled with everything from holy oil to arsenic are coming their way…or are they?

Sam gets an idea. If this guy can’t die on his property, then they decide to use him as a human dart board. They wheel him through the room and let him take all the hits so that they can get to the safe. And by the time they do, Smash is back. Turns out her real name is Alice and she works for Bart because she made a deal with him, and now, so long as she works for him, he doesn’t collect.

Alice quickly cracks the safe, and the guys grab the trunk and hit the road. But Luther isn’t giving up so easily. Leaving his property for the first time in years, he stops them on the road to share his story. Years ago, his son was sick, so Luther sold his soul to Bart in exchange for his son’s life. But when his son died in an drowning accident, Bart claimed he wasn’t responsible for accidents. So when the Hellhounds came and dragged Luther to Hell, he bartered a new deal using his leverage. That leverage? Bart’s bones, which are in the trunk. (This strategy sound familiar? Remember that time the boys stole Crowley’s bones?)

Luther tells Sam and Dean that they’re on the wrong side of this, and then Bart shows up and proves it by decapitating Luther. Bart then pays Alice and offers the boys the other half of the spell…but they turn it down. So, Bart decides to threaten Alice’s life if they don’t hand over the bones. But when they hand them over, they leave a lighter in the trunk, which gives Alice the chance to light them up. Sadly, Bart’s burning body takes the other half of the spell with him when he goes. (Although, didn’t he mention something about copies earlier?)

Dean and Sam then drop Alice off at a bus station, where Dean tells her to “stay weird,” and I’m suddenly having Charlie flashbacks. They then head home, where they experience a bit of a role reversal: Sam’s feeling a bit hopeless with the search for Jack, but Dean’s confident they’ll keep working until they figure something out. And Sam, for one, is glad to hear Dean talk like that again. They both are.

As far as I’m concerned, this hour was a whole lot of fun and yet another success to add to this season’s impressive roster. But what did you think? Hit the comments below or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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