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November 30, 2017 at 09:59 PM EST

You know you have a strong season of Supernatural when every type of episode delivers. From the monster-of-the-week hours to the larger mythology stories, this season is firing on all cylinders. Not only has it delivered great stuff for our main characters, but the guest stars have been equally as engaging. And that’s particularly true of tonight’s episode, which was nothing if not a showcase for the comedic talents of Jensen Ackles. After Dean had more of a serious start to the season, the writers aren’t holding anything back when it comes to his one-liners, and when put in Ackles’ capable hands, the result is just flat-out funny.

This week, we start in England, where a demon steals a spell from a museum in order to give it to Asmodeus. However, before they can deliver it to the Prince of Hell, Bart, the crossroads demon, takes it. His first move? To call Dean Winchester.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean are discussing the fact that they have zero leads on Ketch and even fewer on Jack, so when Dean gets a phone call from Bart asking to meet, they head to the diner to see what he has to say.

As the “famous Winchesters” sit down with “some random demon,” Sam and Dean get to know Bart, who’s the equivalent of a fangirl demon in that he’s been watching Sam and Dean and actually knows them pretty well. How well? He ordered Dean a slice of cherry pie, so he has at least done a little research (though admittedly, pie is probably the first thing that pops up when you Google Dean).

Bart tells them that after Crowley (R.I.P.) was promoted to King of Hell, Bart became THE crossroads demon, and now, he needs the boys to help him. To incentivize them, he hands over half of the spell from the museum. According to him, the spell — once they have both halves – will help them track down Jack. Dean, of course, isn’t into working with a demon, but Bart, once again showing off his Winchester knowledge, tells Sam to verify the spell. After all, Sam’s “the smart one.”

After Bart leaves, Dean wastes no time in digging into the pie, while Sam gets to work studying the spell. At the bunker, he tells Dean that the spell seems to check out. But now they need the other half. And that means they need to talk to Bart.

At their second meeting, Bart introduces them to his two associates: Smash and Grab. (Get it?) Smash is his safe expert, and Grab is a demon who’s super good at “bypassing supernatural security.” With that, Dean gets a little too excited that this could be a heist. (Spoiler: It is.)

It seems a hoarder named Luther Shrike connects supernatural objects and has something that belongs to Bart. The problem? It’s in a trunk in a safe in a vault room that’s hidden on Luther’s farm, which is warded inside and out. (Say that three times fast.) Grab can find the vault room, and Smash can crack the safe, but there’s one problem: In order to open the vault room, they need the blood of someone who’s been to Hell and back. And I don’t think any of us need to remember the devastating season 3 finale to know Dean fits the bill. Plus, as Bart puts it, there will inevitably be “curveballs” on this job, and Sam and Dean are great at hitting those out of the park.

As for this Luther guy, it seems he’s been to Hell himself. No, he’s not a demon, but Bart says he’s a sadist and a murderer, the kind of guy who will do anything to add to his collection. So what exactly does he have that belongs to Bart? He won’t say. But either Sam and Dean help him recover it, or he hands over the Nephilim-finding spell to Asmodeus. That gives Sam an idea: They help this guy get his trunk, and then they kill him. Dean’s response? “Okay.” Well, that was easy.

Speaking of Asmodeus, he sends one of his demons to warn Shrike about Bart’s attack, but apparently, Shrike is incredibly confident in his security, because he exorcises the demon without a second thought. And he’s more than prepared when Sam pulls up in his driveway to offer him a rare item. (Dean and Smash are stashed in the back.)

Once Sam gets through the gate, Dean and Smash jump out. After the brothers tell each other, “Don’t get dead,” Sam enters the house and starts to try to sell Luther the demon knife while Dean summons Grab. (Next: Can Sam and Dean finish the job?)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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