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From there, Lucifer takes Castiel to a nearby bar to explain the real issue they’re all facing: Michael is determined to come to the real world, and when he does, they’re all screwed. Lucifer believes that if they work together and get Jack on their team, they might be able to defeat Michael. Of course, that plan involves them knowing where Jack is, and Lucifer is quick to realize that Castiel has lost his son. (The best line of this episode? Lucifer’s “oh my dad.”)

Castiel, not sure of what to do next, calls Dean, but Lucifer grabs his phone and hangs up, an interaction that’s nothing if not a red flag for Dean. Sam then tracks Castiel’s phone to the bar, but by the time Sam and Dean get there, Asmodeus has already shown up and taken both Castiel and Lucifer. (It seems Asmodeus isn’t ready to give up his position in Hell just yet.) However, there is a group of demons waiting for Sam and Dean, and when the fight goes south, it’s Ketch who saves the day…and reveals himself.

Between Ketch’s fight moves and the look he got on his face when he mentioned Mary earlier, Dean knows there’s no Alexander. It’s been Arthur all along.

Finally giving up the twin act, Ketch admits that everything he said — aside from the twin of it all — was true. He’s separated from the British Men of Letters and will be killed if they find him. Because of that, he’s going by Alexander. And he’s looking for Rowena because back when the BMOL kidnapped her, he had her sew a charm into his body that could bring him back to life if he were ever killed, thereby explaining how he survived a bullet to the head. However, once the device is used, it needs to be recharged, which is why he needs Rowena. But she’s dead…or is she?

Once Ketch is done with his story, Dean prepares to end him, but Ketch gets away with only a gunshot wound…and he’s quick to find a new business partner. By episode’s end, Ketch is in Hell — where Asmodeus has Castiel and Lucifer — and he’s now working with Asmodeus and seemingly helping him find Jack. After all, if Michael is coming to their world, they’re going to need Jack.

All in all, there was a lot happening in this episode as the stories of Apocalypse World, the real world, and Hell started to come together. Plus, you have to mix in the returns of both Kevin and Ketch. It’s a lot to juggle. But I always enjoy a Lucifer-heavy hour, and it has me very excited about what’s to come. What did you think of the hour? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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