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It’s been a minute since we paid a visit to Apocalypse World, and this week is quick to catch us up. It seems Michael has chained up Lucifer and has been using his powers to take trips inside Lucy’s head in order to get a glimpse of his world. Apparently, the idea of alternate universes is not a new concept for Michael…or Kevin. That’s right! Kevin Tran is back! Well, sort of.

It’s not the Kevin Tran we know and love, but rather it’s Apocalypse World’s version of Kevin. Yes, he’s still a prophet, which is why he’s been annotating the angel tablets to help Michael. Kevin has been trying to find a way to create a rift between universes, and he thinks he’s found something. The key ingredient? An archangel’s grace. So naturally, Michael steals some from Lucifer. Not all of it, but let’s just say that Lucifer’s wings aren’t nearly as full as they were when he put Crowley in his place last season.

But if there’s one thing Lucifer will never lose, it’s his survival instincts and his ability to make any situation work for him. Example A: When Apocalypse World Kevin does manage to create a rift, Lucy takes the opportunity to jump through it, after which it closes back up. It seems Kevin’s spell only admits one person/being through the rift at a time (which complicates Michael’s promise to bring Kevin with him to “paradise world”).

Speaking of “paradise world” — a.k.a. the real world — Castiel is determined to do everything he can to find Jack, including going off on his own to talk to angels he doesn’t know very well. And because angels aren’t big on strangers, he convinces Sam and Dean to stay behind. But because the Winchesters suck at doing nothing, the two of them decide to work a case. It seems someone is killing witches in a ritualistic fashion. And that someone just so happens to look a whole lot like Mr. Ketch. But it can’t be Ketch…right? Because Mary put a bullet in his head…right?

Long story short, the boys aren’t sure if it’s Ketch. After a witch approaches them asking for help, they use her as bait to catch Ketch, only he claims he’s Alexander Ketch, twin brother of Arthur Ketch. “Alexander” then spins a very elaborate backstory, and according to Sam, he’s got the paperwork to back it up. But Dean’s not buying it. And there’s still the question of why this guy was killing witches in search of Rowena.

When Dean gets a call about a kidnapped front desk clerk from the motel they stayed at in Dodge City, he and Sam hit the road, leaving “Alexander” chained up in the bunker. As for that front desk clerk, well, Asmodeus has him in Hell. After learning that the Winchesters no longer have Jack, Asmodeus ups his game, tracking down anyone who might’ve seen Jack recently. But when the front desk clerk proves to be a dead end, he kills the poor guy. (Or rather, one of his demons does.)

Asmodeus then senses something…or rather someone. And that someone is Lucifer, back in the real world and currently saving Castiel. Let me explain: Castiel meets his angel friend at the playground to ask if heaven has Jack. She assures him that they don’t, because if they did, they’d put him to work. It seems that no one has made a new angel since the dawn of creation and ever since the fall, they’re going extinct. If they had Jack, maybe he could create more angels. In fact, they’d like Castiel to help them get their hands on Jack, you know, for the good of angelkind. But Castiel isn’t interested, and when a fight breaks out, it’s Lucy who shows up and scares the other angels off with his red eyes. He might not have all his grace, but he manages to fool these guys. (Recap continues on page 2)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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