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S13 E5
November 09, 2017 at 09:59 PM EST

Before we get into the details of this week’s episode, I want to take a second to appreciate the season thus far. Not only has there not been a bad episode of Supernatural, but there hasn’t even been a fine episode of Supernatural. Week after week, season 13 has been delivering a wonderful balance of twists, humor, monster fighting, and devastating emotion. Somehow, 13 seasons into this show, everything they’re doing still feels fresh and earned, and good Chuck I love this show.

And that brings us to this week’s hour, which features one of the season’s most riveting scenes featuring two people doing nothing but talking. The action starts in Colorado when two kids take video cameras into a Mental Health Center. The entire thing is shot Blair Witch-style as Evan (the bully) and Sean (the smart, scared one) check out the house of Dr. Avery Meadows, a man who lobotomized every patient, and if they survived he would then experiment on them. So yeah, he sucked. And when Evan convinces Sean to steal one of the doctor’s very creepy masks, the doc’s ghost shows up and puts his drill into Evan’s head. Sean narrowly escapes, though by the time the cops find him, he’s so traumatized that all he can say is the word “monster.”

Thankfully, the word “monster” is pretty much the equivalent of sending up the Bat-Signal for the Winchesters. Back at the bunker — where Dean is fixing a PB&J for breakfast and pairing it with a beer at Sam’s suggestion — Sam catches Dean up on the case and suggests they take it on alone. Apparently Jack is working his way through Sam’s old fantasy DVDs, so Sam thinks they can leave him behind in favor of some classic brother bonding. And you know Dean isn’t going to turn that down.

The boys arrive in Colorado, where Dean tries his hand at talking to Sean. He puts forth his best material, telling Sean, “We’re the guys that stop the monsters. We’re the guys that scare them,” but it’s not working. All Sean can do is draw the doctor’s mask over and over…until that night, when the doctor shows up and takes him too.

Across town, Sam and Dean get ready to crash when Sam suggests they hit a strip club. Yes, you read that correctly. And you know Sam’s serious when he read the reviews. By the way, Sam Winchester might be the only man who’d ever read the reviews on a strip club. And that’s when Dean knows something is up, because the last time Sam got a lap dance, it was because Dean bought it for him at Christmas, and apparently, Sam spent the entire song trying to convince the girl she should go to nursing school. (I love this so much.)

Finally, Sam admits he’s being overly nice to Dean to try to help his older brother out of the dark place he’s in, but Dean assures him that he’s got everything under control. Dean has fought his way out of dark places before, and he’ll do it again, the way he always does: with bullets, bacon, and booze.

Speaking of booze, Sam wakes up the next morning to find a passed out Dean on the floor of their room with his tie around his head and a woman’s pink bra around his neck. (I guess that strip club really did deserve those great reviews.)

Sam leaves behind Dean to meet up with Mike, the third friend who was supposed to go exploring with Evan and Sean before backing out. Mike tells Sam all about where they went, and Sam brings the information (and more booze) back to a very hungover Dean, who’s naturally enjoying all the bacon at the hotel’s breakfast buffet.

Once Dean’s able to face the day sans sunglasses, the boys head to the doctor’s house, where they quickly come face to face with Dr. Meadows. Figuring his spirit must be tied to his creepy plague masks, Dean burns them, and the good news is that it works. The doc is gone. The bad news? Sam and Dean are now surrounded by the ghosts of the doctor’s patients, but because none of them are strong enough to pierce the veil, Sam and Dean can’t see them. And you can’t really fight something you can’t see. (Next: The return of Billie)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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