Dean and Jody Mills team up to help Missouri Moseley, while Sam stays behind with Jack

By Samantha Highfill
October 26, 2017 at 10:27 PM EDT
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Missouri’s back! Jody’s back! Castiel’s back! Hi, Patience! (Translation: We have a lot to talk about with this episode, so let’s jump right in…)

When a wraith murders a physic in Omaha, Nebraska, there’s really only one thing to do: call a Winchester. And that’s precisely what Missouri Moseley (!!!) does at the start of the hour. It seems it was Missouri’s protégé who was killed, so she calls Sam, who’s busy giving Jack the video message that his mother left for him. In the video, Kelly tells her son not to let anyone “tell you who you’re supposed to be…. You are who you choose to be.” It’s a beautiful message that ends on a slightly awkward note when she raves about the fact that Jack has an angel watching over him. (Oof, so close.)

While Dean drinks alone in his room, Sam talks to Missouri and decides to get Jody involved. If the boys need to stay at the bunker to help Jack, Jody can help Missouri. Only, Dean hates that plan. The only thing Dean wants to do more than drink alone in his room? Hit the road and get away from Jack. So while Sam babysits, Dean catches up with Jody and Missouri as they walk him through what happened.

Missouri uses her ability to read objects to see what happened to her friend…as well as what’s going to happen next. And when Missouri gets a vision of her son, James, dead, she calls him to warn him. But it turns out he’s not super keen on listening to his mother, so without missing a beat, Missouri sends Dean and Jody to Georgia to protect her son and her granddaughter, Patience. (Yes, THAT Patience.)

Dean is hesitant to leave her, but Missouri isn’t someone you can argue with. “You save my family, you hear me, Dean Winchester?” she tells him. And so he does. But it turns out there was more to Missouri’s vision. Before the wraith killed her son in her vision, it killed her, which is why she’s not at all surprised when it shows up at her shop. As Missouri tells her soon-to-be killer, she’s seen every version of this story, and in each one, she ends up dead. So he might as well get to it because she will not give him the satisfaction of screaming. (Hey, if she had to go out, that’s the way to do it.)

Cut to Georgia, where Patience (Clark Backo) is getting ready to go home after a late night of studying in the school’s library. According to her friend, she’s a “secretly athletic bookworm,” but with 5 AP classes, Patience doesn’t have time for sports (or boys who fail chemistry). But when her friend hits the showers, the lights flicker and Patience follows a trail of blood that leads her to…Missouri, who’s sitting on the floor, clearly dying. And then Patience wakes up.

Yep, it was all a dream. Or a vision. After Patience goes to school, Dean and Jody show up to talk to James and inform him that his mother is dead, and the thing that killed her? Yeah, it’s coming after you and your daughter. Cut to the school, where Patience is living out her dream. Only this time, it ends with a wraith attacking her.

Pulling out some of that secret athleticism, Patience proves she’s taken a self-defense class or two as she gets a couple punches in and is able to break off the wraith’s spike (which unfortunately grows back). The wraith catches up to her, but by that point, Jody and Dean have arrived. Ultimately, the wraith gets away, leaving Patience to get hit with a lot of #truths.

Thanks to Dean and Jody, Patience learns that her grandmother really was a psychic. Also, she didn’t ditch her and her father after Patience’s mother died! Patience’s dad admits he lied — apparently, when Patience’s mom got sick, Missouri promised her son that his wife would be okay. And when his wife died, James never forgave his mother. So he decided to take his daughter far away from the hunting life, and now, he wants to ignore her very obvious psychic powers and run. Only, when Patience goes upstairs to pack, there’s a literal monster in her closet…and he kidnaps her. (Next: Castiel wakes up!)

Suddenly very eager to embrace the small bit of magic his mother taught him, James uses some gems to locate his daughter, who’s currently having a vision of a rescue mission that gets her dad, Jody, and Dean all killed (and gave me a minor heart attack). Thankfully, the vision allows Patience to warn each of them about the wraith’s impending attacks when they do come for her, and altogether, it’s a successful rescue mission — in more ways than one. By the end of it, as Patience puts it, “Guess I’m psychic.”

And yet Patience’s father still isn’t a fan of the supernatural world, so he tells Patience to ignore her gift and live a normal life, something Dean is actually encouraging. You know, the man who tried doing the normal life thing once and was absolutely miserable. But considering what he’s lost, it’s not surprising that he tells her, “This life, hunting, monsters — there’s no joy in it. There’s nothing but pain, horror, and death. So if you get a chance at normal, you take it.”

But Jody is there to counteract super-broody Dean. She explains that if Patience’s gift doesn’t go away and she wants someone to talk to, well, Jody’s door is always open. And she hands her her card, thereby giving us the first real move in the direction of Wayward Sisters.

Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Sam’s Training Bootcamp is an epic fail when Jack can’t even move a pencil with his mind and starts to believe the hype that he’s evil. If he’s only been alive for a few days and has already done bad things and yet can’t do the one good thing Sam asks of him, he must be evil, right? That’s Jack’s logic, but Sam’s not buying it. Sam figures Jack is probably scared to use his power after everything he’s been through. But considering that Dean recently told Jack that he’d kill him, why is this Winchester being so nice? Because Sam knows what it is to feel like you don’t belong, to feel that darkness inside and be scared of it. Reflecting back on his demon-blood days, Sam tells Jack that his family got him through those times, and now, he wants to help get Jack through this.

But it’s kind of hard to do that with Dean around. When Dean gets back to the bunker, Sam confronts him about what he said to Jack about killing him. “I know how this ends, and it ends bad,” Dean tells his brother. “I didn’t end bad…. when I was the freak,” Sam says, shattering my heart into a million pieces. “Dad told you to put a bullet in me, but you didn’t. You saved me. So help me save him,” Sam pleads. But as Dean tells Sam — and Jack listens in — “You deserved to be saved. He doesn’t.”

Dean admits that all he sees when he looks at Jack is everyone they’ve lost. As far as Dean sees it, Jack manipulated Cas, and now Cas is dead. Dean can’t forget that…and neither can Jack. As he gets emotional listening to Dean, Jack’s eyes light up, and when he whispers Castiel’s name, Cas hears it!

Getting our first glimpse at Cas, he wakes up to Jack’s call. He’s in a place that is literally one huge black void. There’s nothing around but blackness, and surely this is the Big Empty, right? But we’ll have to wait to find out for sure, because that’s where the episode ends.

Needless to say, a lot just happened. We met one of the key players of Wayward, and fun fact: I love her. As someone who was not a big fan of Supernatural‘s first spin-off try, this episode just makes me more excited for what they have planned this time around, because not only are they taking their time and introducing these characters, but so far, they’re really interesting, dynamic, strong women.

Wayward aside, I also really enjoy what’s going on emotionally with the brothers. Sam relating to Jack because of his past makes sense. Dean resenting Jack because of what’s happened? It rings true to me. And yes, it sucks when the brothers argue, but when it feels authentic, it makes for some powerful drama. So all in all, this hour gave me a new character I enjoy, an emotional brother confrontation, and one big question mark surrounding Castiel. Sure, it all came in the package of a fairly standard episode of Supernatural, but when you put it all together, it’s got me excited. But what did you think? Hit the comments below or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.