Apocalypse World poses multiple threats as Sam and Dean work to get back home

By Samantha Highfill
May 11, 2018 at 12:44 AM EDT
Robert Falconer/The CW

It’s safe to say that things are ramping up as Supernatural nears the end of season 13. This episode featured the showdown with Michael: Part 1, the death of a beloved character, and the return of some other beloved characters to the real world. (It also featured Lucifer as a bus driver!) Let’s get into it!

We start right where we left off last week, with Sam’s arrival at camp. He hugs his mom before explaining that Lucifer brought him back. Lucy, desperate to impress his son, simply says, “It’s what I do.” And now, Lucy claims that he wants to join the team, and considering that Gabriel is a “hot mess,” they’re going to need another archangel.

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He’s not wrong, but Dean and Cas are quick to step between Lucy and Jack. They don’t want Lucifer anywhere near his son. In fact, Dean tries to get Gabriel to use the archangel blade on Lucy. In the end, Jack teleports away, overcome by all of the emotion. So while Jack tries to figure out what he wants in the woods, Castiel slaps some handcuffs on Lucifer, who informs them that based on the amount of grace he left Rowena, they should have about 31 hours before the rift closes.

After setting a timer, Dean and Sam hug. “I thought I lost you, man,” an emotional Dean tells his brother. But the moment is short-lived. There’s not a lot of time for emotion when the stakes are so high. Dean wants to know what they’re going to do about Lucifer, but Sam promises his big bro that he will handle it. And for once, Dean just says okay.

The boys then head to talk to Mary, and that’s when they realize that getting her home safely might not be as simple as they’d hoped. It seems Mary doesn’t want to abandon the people she’s met here. She respects them and their cause, and they need her. Dean tries to explain that they need her more, but Sam seems to understand where his mom is coming from. So instead of trying to change her mind, Sam offers up another plan: They bring everyone she cares about back through the rift. In total, that’s about 25 people. If they can do that, they’ll then take some time to regroup in their world before returning to the fight and killing Michael together. At least that’s the plan.

But before they get to the rift, they have other issues to deal with, such as Jack showing up and deciding that he wants to hear his father out. Lucy tells Jack to ask him anything. “Don’t let my status as a legend hold you back,” Lucifer says. And Jack doesn’t. Jack’s first question: “Why does everyone hate you?” Lucifer understands that Jack has probably heard all the stories about how all the evil in the world is his fault, but he assures him it’s “fake news.” Lucifer explains that humans aren’t perfect. They’re hard-wired to fall, and when they do, they need a fall guy, he says. Plus, if Lucy was locked away in a cage for “almost, like, ever” how is all this evil his fault? Lucy explains that his father locked him up because he told the truth about the humans and the flaws. God couldn’t stand him “dumping on his masterpiece.” And yes, he’s done some bad things. But now, he just wants a chance to do better.

With that, Castiel runs to get Sam and Dean to help him out, which is when we get this amazing line from Lucy about their family: “Forget the Tudors, Trumps, Jackson Five, we’re numero uno.” And despite Dean’s efforts, it seems Jack still wants to hear more.

While everyone heads to base camp, Mary tells Dean to take it easy on Jack. She’s confident he’ll see through Lucifer in no time. Just then, Gabriel shows up with a group of angels hot on his tail. But then suddenly, all the angels are killed in an instant. Turns out, those handcuffs are no match for Lucy. He dissolves them just to prove his point. But at least this time he killed the bad guys, right?

Base camp, as it turns out, is at Singer Auto Salvage, where Bobby gets to say hello to the boys again. He’s the one who tells the guys that Ketch and Charlie are out on a mission to save a human from an angel kill squad. Only, it turns out to be a trap and Charlie and Ketch end up in the hands of some angel soldiers who torture them for information … including one named Castiel!! For the second time this year, Misha Collins has gotten to try out a different character, and this one’s got a new wardrobe! (He also has zero respect for personal space!) It seems he’s the Alastair of this world in that he’s a torture expert. Although he doesn’t get far before the rescue team shows up. (Next: The return of Michael)

But before we get to that, Lucy is running Jack through his family tree, which leads him to introduce Jack to his uncle Gabe. But Gabe isn’t buying into it. “You were not a victim,” Gabriel tells Lucifer as they talk about God. “That was just your excuse.” But that’s only the beginning of the conversation. When Gabe and Lucy get some alone time later on, Gabriel calls his brother out on the fact that he hasn’t changed. “I’ve known you since the stars were made,” Gabriel says. Humans are innocent and Lucy couldn’t stand that God loved them more than he loved his son. So Lucy corrupted the humans to prove how flawed they were, and God had to cut the evil out, like a cancer. Only, it was too late. The cancer had already spread. And now, Gabriel tells his brother that it is once again too late for him.

At base camp, the Winchesters make their pitch for taking everyone back into their world, and the leaders agree to put the decision to a vote with their people. In the meantime, Sam and Dean have to go help Ketch and Charlie.

Along with Mary, Jack, and Castiel, the rescue is a success, including Castiel coming face-to-face with the other version of himself, which gives us this great interaction:

Apocalypse World Castiel: “There’s more than one of us? Fascinating.”
Real World Castiel: “I’ve gotten used to it.”

Our Castiel kills the other, at which point they all return to base camp and discover that the vote was unanimous: Everyone’s going back to the real world. With just under two hours until the rift closes, they all board a bus and drive to the woods. Ketch is the first one through the rift — which Rowena is keeping open — followed by Jack, Mary, Bobby, Charlie, Castiel, and many others.

In Apocalypse World, Michael shows up and takes down Lucy, at which point Gabriel tells the boys to go. “All I did on earth was run,” he says. “I’m not running anymore.” Both Michael and Gabriel are armed with archangel blades, and sadly, it’s Michael who ends up using his on Gabriel. With Gabe’s death, Dean goes back through the rift. Sam stays behind for an extra moment solely to keep Lucifer from making it through. “How did you think this was gonna end?” Sam asks Lucifer as he finally gets his revenge.

Sam then steps through the rift just as it closes, leaving Lucifer and Michael to make a deal: Lucifer knows the spell needed to open the rift. And when they do, Lucifer will have his son and Michael will have everything else.

But for now, the real world is filled with a celebration as everyone drinks at the bunker. (Well, everyone except a very bummed Jack.) Bobby gets up to give a speech about how they will regroup and return to take down Michael. He also welcomes Sam and Dean to the family. And that’s what will lead us into the finale.

I’m actually a little bummed we left Apocalypse World. I loved the overall vibe, but I’m not going to complain about having Bobby and Charlie back in the real world. At this point, there’s only one hour left in this season, and everything they’ve done thus far has me very excited to see the conclusion.