A familiar face returns in heaven while Rowena wreaks havoc on earth
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Devil's Bargain
S13 E19
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What do you do when you need to find an archangel? You call for help, that’s what. And that’s precisely where we find Sam, Dean, and Castiel, as they reach out to Rowena in the hopes that she can help them find Gabriel. (Reminder: They need Gabriel’s grace in order to get back to the Apocalypse World.) But it seems Rowena’s newfound power has returned her to the dark side, and this time, she’s burning people alive at art shows after enjoying a jaunty tango. So instead of finding a helpful ally, the Winchesters have a new problem to deal with before they can get to Gabriel.

While they chase down Rowena, Castiel has an idea: Although the angels loathe him, he wants to pay a visit to heaven and see if he can convince them that, given the circumstances, they should help with the Gabriel hunt. But let’s just say that doesn’t go as planned. After Castiel has no trouble getting into heaven — there’s only one, very drunk angel guarding the sandbox and he doesn’t seem to care — he tells the angels about Gabriel. He also throws in a few details about the “other Michael,” but it’s clear they stopped listening at the mention of Gabriel’s name. And you know what? They might be willing to help.

But first, Castiel has to have a conversation with…NAOMI! She’s back (with some awesome short blond hair)! As she tells Castiel, a drill in the head was never going to kill her. She just needed some time to recover and put all of her thoughts back in her skull. She’s still not 100 percent, but at this point, she doesn’t have a choice. Those flickering lights in heaven? That’s because angels are the very thing that powers heaven, and in total, there are 11 angels left. (Alternate title option for this episode: “Heaven’s 11.”)

Naomi explains that that’s why none of the angels can leave heaven to help him find Gabriel. They do, however, want Cas to find Gabriel, because having an archangel (other than Lucifer) in heaven would help. Because at the rate they’re going, heaven is going to crumble, and if it does, all the souls in heaven’s care will fall back to earth, releasing billions of ghosts upon the world. In other words, the Winchesters’ workload would double.

For now, Naomi is closing the gates of heaven, which is why she delivers Castiel back down to the playground. As she tells him, “Everything ends.” (Clearly she doesn’t watch Supernatural.)

Speaking of the happenings on earth, Sam and Dean set off to find Rowena when Jessica, the reaper, pops up in their backseat. It turns out, ever since Dean’s visit to the veil, Death has had Jessica acting as a baby monitor for the boys. So far, she’s most impressed with Sam’s extensive array of hair products and the three-day-old bacon cheeseburger Dean keeps in his room for emergencies. (Next: Rowena meets Death)

Jessica’s only making her presence known now because it seems that Death has an interest in whatever Rowena’s doing. By killing people, Rowena is causing people to die before their assigned times. But wait, it’s actually more than that. When Sam and Dean visit the crime scene of Rowena’s latest victim, they discover that she isn’t just killing people. She’s also killing reapers.

As Jessica explains to Sam and Dean, killing anyone outside of their timeline affects fate, and if Rowena keeps taking people before they’re supposed to die, she could mess with the universe. And if Sam and Dean don’t stop her, Death might have to hit the reset button — AKA institute a “mass kill-off,” such as the Black Plague or a mid-sized war to wipe the board clean. As for why Sam and Dean are the two to stop her, Jessica reveals that in every version of Rowena’s story, her death is always the same: Sam kills her.

Before the boys can catch up with her, Rowena calls them and sets up a meeting at a bar. Bringing her bodyguard/personal Bane with her, she meets the boys and explains that she’s doing all of this to get Death’s attention. Crowley’s death has made Rowena think, and she blames herself for the path that Fergus went down after she left him. She thinks her son deserved better, so she’s going to kill reapers until she gets a face-to-face with Death and convinces Death to bring Crowley back. Only, Billie isn’t one for bargaining…and she HATES blackmail.

When Rowena kidnaps Sam and threatens to kill him, Billie shows up, but she’s only there to tell Rowena no. She’s not interested in bringing Crowley back, and if that means that Rowena kills Sam, then fine. But Rowena doesn’t kill Sam. Instead, she turns her powers on Billie. Spoiler: Billie’s not affected. She simply tells Rowena that no matter how powerful you are, there are some things in life that you have to live with.

After Billie tells Dean that she’ll see him again soon — WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! — she heads out, leaving Sam and Dean to ask Rowena for help finding Gabriel. They warn her that Lucifer’s back, but at this point, she’s more scared of Sam seeing as how he’s the one that apparently kills her. But Sam would like to think that, if they work together, they can change Rowena’s fate. So, is she in? We’ll have to wait and see.

Altogether, I like that they gave us an episode in which we see the impact that Crowley’s death had on Rowena, and I’m very intrigued by the heaven situation. It wasn’t my favorite hour of the season, but it was a solid episode to help us build to the final four episodes.

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