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Well, this is a side of Castiel we haven’t seen in a while. The celestial soldier’s back, and he’s through with waiting.

But first, to Apocalypse World, where Zachariah’s torturing Jack with visions of his powers failing as Sam and Dean beg for their lives and burn to death. As upsetting as this is, it’s not enough to break Jack. This frustrates Michael, who wants the “half-breed” to open a rift big enough to let his army pass through.

Zachariah then tries a kinder approach, summoning a version of Castiel to convince Jack that humans are dangerous and the Winchesters brainwashed him to fear his powers. But this approach fails, too, so Michael tosses Jack into a cell with Mary Winchester.

Gotta say, Mary looks pretty good, all torture considered. She recognizes Jack, although she’s confused that he’s not six months old, then wilts when he tells her that Sam and Dean aren’t there with him. Because Michael’s been in her head, she knows about his plans to march his angels to her Earth and warns Jack that Michael wants the two of them to bond so he can torture her to secure Jack’s compliance.

When they both complain about perpetual headaches, Mary suggests that the prison is so well warded even humans can feel it. She ushers Jack to the one spot in her cell where her migraines recede, suggesting that he might be able to use his powers in a weak spot in the ward.

Conveniently, it’s right in front of a barred window. Jack taps into his powers, and they escape with Zachariah hot on their tails. As they creep across the lightning-blasted hellscape, a familiar voice calls out to ask if they’re angel, demon, or human. It’s Apocalypse World Bobby!

At first, he thinks he’s looking at Mary Campbell’s ghost, then declares it even weirder that she’s the alt-world version of his long-dead friend. He says he met her sons briefly, and when Mary introduces Jack as a friend of the family, Apoca-Bobby escorts them to the safety of the human settlement.

There, the hunted humans recover from the recent angel attacks, which include the extermination of a 400-person San Antonio colony. Mary’s worried their presence will bring the angels down on the encampment, but Bobby says they’ve got wards and lookouts. Plus, his Mary saved his life more than once, so he feels like he owes this version.

That night, Jack makes truly excellent shadow puppets to entertain the camp kiddos while Mary and Bobby chat over whiskey. Bobby describes his Mary as complicated, brave, and sad, and Mary guesses it’s because her Apocalypse World counterpart made a bad demon deal. But Bobby says she actually passed on the deal, lost the love of her life, and never moved on.

Mary realizes that means this world’s Dean and Sam were never born, helping create the awful existence for humans there. Her own demon deal may have caused her sons pain, but in the end, “I’d say you made the right choice,” Bobby says, and you can almost see a weight lift from her shoulders.

Bobby then praises the brave men her sons became, saying that he didn’t return to their world with them because his own world doesn’t have any Winchester brothers, so he’s essentially it.

However, the glow of this moment disappears when Mary confesses that Jack’s a Nephilim, and honestly, Bobby’s discomfort with this fact is understandable. He warns Mary that Jack will betray her, just like every other angel in this world did, and Jack needs to be gone by morning.

And oh, how sad to watch Mary break the news to Jack that he has to leave this encampment of brave people whom he just ensorcelled with his shadow puppet wizardry. Then their conversation’s cut short when a siren starts wailing to herald the arrival of Zachariah and his soldiers.

Bobby immediately blames Jack for drawing the angels to their safe haven, and Mary orders Jack to hide and save himself while she and Bobby get the innocents to safety.

The angels commence killing, and Zachariah looks ready to expand the body count to include Mary, who remains defiant. Jack suddenly appears and levitates Zachariah before blasting him to smoke. He then pulls the same trick on the angels zooming in overhead, leaving both Mary and Bobby looking a little stunned.

As they tend to the freshly wounded, Bobby thanks Jack (and sounds sincere about it). Jack says he came back because Sam and Dean would never have run from a fight. He also realizes that as long as Michael’s alive, the war will never end. “I have to kill him,” he declares, cool-eyed. (Next page: Farewell to another prophet)

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