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We gave it a B+

But Sam, Dean, and Cas are hot on Lucy’s trail. After Sam runs into Lucy’s homeless buddy, they show up at the church where Jo was healing people. Only, all they find there is Ketch. The former British Man of Letters tries to convince them all to work together and pool resources, but Castiel’s heard enough. He knocks Ketch out with a simple touch to the forehead, and they throw him in the trunk. Their plan is simple: Take Ketch to the bunker, question him, and then kill him. But when Sam gets an alert on Sister Jo’s credit card, they head in a new direction.

At a nearby motel, Jo continues to share her grace with Lucifer in what’s seemingly a very sexual moment that ends with them both collapsing on the bed and talking about the wonder of being human. Lucy hated it, and whenever Jo gets close to losing all her grace, she loves it. “Sometimes I envy humans,” she says. “They can be anything.” Meanwhile, in Heaven, all Jo did was push a button every time a new soul arrived. Up there, no one would listen to her. But down here, she’s somebody.

When she lost her wings, she says she felt liberated. She was finally free. As for Lucy, he admits that he’s worried he’s going to screw up being a father just like his dad before him. But the second Lucifer utters those words, he sits up. Emotions aren’t his thing, and as soon as he’s back to full power, he will be back to his old, non-caring self. And he’d like Jo to remember that.

With the guys on the road, Donatello is left to make his own food runs, and that becomes a problem when Asmodeus appears to him as Castiel and Donatello essentially tells him everything. He tells him about Jack and Mary being trapped and about his work on the demon tablet. Asmodeus then seems to do some kind of mind control to make sure Donatello keeps him up to date on all of his findings. If only the Donatello had Seamless, this wouldn’t have been a problem!

Back at the motel, Lucifer is enjoying himself by reading the Bible: “It’s wrong. Has anybody fact-checked this stuff?!” But when the front desk calls and asks for Jo’s card, she heads downstairs. Only it wasn’t the front desk calling; it was Sam. The guys talk to Jo, and she asks for their help. She then leads them to her room (where Lucifer is complaining that “Dad’s always stealing my best lines”). I LOVE THIS.

When Lucy opens the door, Sam, Dean, and Castiel are there to greet him. Lucifer tries to distract them all with compliments — “Is that a leave-in conditioner?” he asks Sam — but it’s Jo who has a plan. She makes sure Lucifer knows that the guys think he’s WEAK, and then, when the moment presents itself, she takes out Sam while Lucifer handles Castiel and Dean. Lucy then takes a moment to enjoy hurting them all before Ketch shows up and throws down a demon bomb. Lucy and Jo get out in time, but Ketch would like to revisit his plan of everyone working together.

Ketch comes clean and admits that he’s working for Asmodeus, but he tells the guys that he can pass information along to them. It turns out even Ketch has to draw the line somewhere, and apparently that somewhere is at Lucifer roaming free. And then there’s the Michael of it all. As Ketch tells them, “I’m the lesser of, well, at least three evils.” All he asks is the the boys wait to kill him until he’s proven that he’s useful. And they agree…for now.

As for Lucy and Jo, they head to the Sandbox to Heaven so Lucy can plead his case with his brothers and sisters. He knows that Heaven is in need of some angels, and he proposes that he can make them. After all, he watched his dad do it. In exchange, he wants to be named the “undisputed and unquestioned ruler of Heaven.” At first, they laugh in his face, but when he asks how they’d like their wings back, suddenly, Lucifer finds himself sitting on the throne…in Heaven.

And that brings us to Hell, where Asmodeus shows Ketch the item he went to retrieve: the archangel blade. It’s the only weapon capable of destroying an archangel, but it has to be wielded by another archangel. And that’s when Asmodeus leads Ketch to one of his cells, and sitting there is none other than Gabriel!!! Sure, his mouth is sewn shut and he looks terrible, but it’s Gabriel! Now, we don’t know if he’s been in Hell since Lucifer killed him in season 5 or if this is somehow a Gabriel from a different universe, but whatever it is, I’m SO into it.

Let’s all take a moment and appreciate that Gabriel died eight season ago. Eight! This was one return I genuinely wasn’t sure if we’d ever get, and I love that this show can still surprise me. And then there’s the idea of what this could mean: Lucifer’s ruling Heaven, and now we’ve got Gabriel back. So it’s safe to say this season is headed in a great direction.

Overall, I thought this episode was a lot of fun. I loved the Lucy stuff, and so far, I really like Sister Jo. But that final reveal is what took it to another level.

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