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HOLY CHUCK, GUYS. I LOVE THIS TWIST SO MUCH. Spoiler alert if you decided to read this recap before watching the episode — you might want to rethink that decision, FYI — but this hour ended with a bang…not literally. Well, not unless you heard the sound of my brain exploding. Gabriel is back! Or was he ever gone?! THAT is the question. And as much as I just want to talk about that and everything it means, let’s get through the rest of the episode first. Believe it or not, there are a lot of good things happening in this episode that have nothing to do with seeing Gabriel’s wonderful face again.

We start with Castiel, injured from his fight with Lucifer, roaming the woods. He eventually collapses only to wake to two kids poking him with a stick. Apparently, these children think that poking a “dead” body is a totally okay thing to do. Once he’s back up, Castiel goes looking for Lucifer, but it turns out Lucy is already long gone. Currently, Lucy is in Missouri. He’s on the hunt for grace, which means he’s on the hunt for angels, and right now, he’s found one — Cupid.

Moments after Cupid organizes a meet cute for a baker and a woman on roller skates, Lucifer shows up, steals his grace, and then puts his fist through Cupid’s chest. Hey, Lucifer’s never exactly been a fan of love. He then yells one of my favorite lines of the hour at some strangers on the sidewalk: “What are you gawking at? You’ve never seen the Prince of Darkness before?!” Not only have they never seen the Prince of Darkness before, but they’ve never seen him look so…human.

Without enough grace, Lucy is starting to experience some of the things we humans deal with: He’s cold. He’s hungry. And he’s poor. So he tries his hand at begging, and he’s TERRIBLE at it. (I could not love this plotline more.) Lucy, sitting next to another, much nicer homeless man, is yelling, “Money, please!” as people walk past him, and with each person, he gets angrier. His fellow homeless man then offers him a meal, but it turns out he was just offering to look through some garbage with Lucifer, who’s not interested. However, Lucifer is interested in this guy’s story. It seems he’s got a bum leg and he knows a legitimate faith healer who can help him with it. Consider Lucifer intrigued.

While Lucifer looks for a faith healer, Castiel catches Sam and Dean up on everything — they’ve been talking to Asmodeus while Castiel has been in jail with Lucifer. Oh, also, there’s a Kevin Tran in the Apocalypse World. He’s the one who figured out how to open the rift with the angel tablet. And then there’s a new Michael who wants to invade and conquer our world. But hey, at least mom’s alive!

The boys take it all in — they’re pretty used to bad news at this point — before crafting a plan. They don’t have an angel tablet, but they do have a demon tablet, and they know one person who can read it: Donatello.

Sam brings Donatello to the bunker in the hopes that he can find a similar spell in the demon tablet that will help them save mom and Jack and get back to their world before Michael can invade. As for Lucifer, they’re going to kidnap him while he’s still weak. But there’s a problem: Castiel hears over angel radio that someone is killing angels.

The boys leave Donatello a bucket of chicken wings — his brain food of choice — while they look into the angel killings, but they’re not the only ones tracking Lucy. Asmodeus puts Ketch on the hunt, which leads them all to Sister Jo.

Turns out, Sister Jo is less of a faith healer and more of an angel in disguise. Her name is Anael, and she’s one of very few angels who doesn’t seem scared of Lucifer. She explains that after the angels fell to earth, she found a woman praying for her dying husband. She then offered to save the woman’s husband in exchange for her vessel. Now, she’s established a business and gone from being a so-so angel to an excellent businesswoman. And to prove it, she makes a deal with Lucifer: Instead of him draining her of all her grace, she suggests he sip it and then let her recuperate. That way, he’ll have an unlimited supply until he’s back at full power. And guess what? She has a deal. (Next: Sister Jo meets the boys)

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