Everyone comes together to take down Lucifer, who has inhabited the president

By Samantha Highfill
December 09, 2016 at 03:56 AM EST
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Well, if you thought this show had done every possible story with Lucifer, you could not have been more wrong. Not only did the mid-season finale feature Lucifer as POTUS, but it also featured … the spawn of Lucifer? Let’s get into it.

On his never-ending quest to find power and adoration, Lucifer continues his search for the perfect vessel, making stops in powerful CEOs, and archbishops, before eventually, he finds himself a new temporary home in the president. It seems President Jeff over here thinks that he and Lucifer are going to be “partners” in this journey to better humanity or whatever nonsense Lucifer promised him to get him to say yes. But none of that really matters because at the end of the day, Jeff says yes, and the madness begins.

While C-squared and the Winchesters work to track Lucifer’s whereabouts, the devil himself is busy leading the White House staff in morning prayer. Thankfully, none of them notice the fact that the Bible is literally burning the president’s hand. Instead, they take his awkward prayer — and his nuclear warfare jokes —in stride considering that he just became the most popular sitting president in modern history. So, what does Jeff do that’s so lovable? He’s a widower who’s currently sleeping with Kelly, a member of his staff!

And for Lucifer, that means he gets to have sex for the first time … ever. The moment Kelly mentions wanting kids with him and he grins, you know something bad is going to happen.

Back at the bunker Dean powers down the wardings so that Crowley can enter with an update (and this amazing interaction):

Sam: Crowley, could we just get the damn news without the drama?

Crowley: Can I get you without the flannel? No. Still, I endure.

Crowley then delivers the news that Lucifer is, in fact, LOTUS, a revelation that leads Sam to call Mick Davies from the British Men of Letters, but the youngest Winchester hangs up before he says anything. For now, the team is headed to Indianapolis, where the president is doing a bit of fundraising. Crowley agrees to meet them there once he picks up Rowena. And by picking up Rowena I mean showing up just as her “latest fiancé” is leaving her for a woman with more money and literally exploding him. As Rowena tells her son (with blood all over her face): “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.” Talk about a twisted family dynamic.

Before they head out for Indianapolis, Castiel’s vision starts to blur as angel radio becomes overwhelmed with voices. They’re experiencing a massive surge in celestial energy. Instantly, Castiel knows: Someone has created the offspring of an angel and a human — an act that takes such immense power it has to be Lucifer. Dean’s perfect reaction to this devastating, larger-than-life news? “I didn’t know he was dating.”

So, with that, they have a new mission: As Dean puts it, “Impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary’s baby.” The only problem? Rick and his secret service team easily locate the boys and their Impala and cut their road trip short. At least until Mr. Ketch finally makes his introduction — and unlike Dean, he actually gets to use a grenade launcher.

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The impeccably dressed Arthur Ketch explains that Sam’s call to Mick is the reason for his timely arrival. His role in all of this, according to Ketch, is to “strongly encourage” the Winchesters to accept Mick’s offer to join efforts with the British Men of Letters as they try to expand internationally. And to show the boys just what they’re missing, Mr. Ketch brings out a few of his toys: By blending sorcery and technology, he no longer has to decapitate vampires. Instead, he simply injects them with their own blood, which is lethal to them. Then there’s a super cool egg-shaped thing that he claims can expel a demon from its vessel.

Seeing an opportunity, Sam and Dean ask to borrow said egg. You know, in the name of “trusting one another.” Mr. Ketch agrees.

So, now that they have a way to expel Lucifer from his vessel — hopefully — Crowley makes a quick trip to the estate where the president is staying and borrows Kelly so that they can update her on the fact that she’s growing an abomination inside of her. NBD.

Kelly, naturally, is reluctant to believe them, but the moment her hand is burned by a Bible, she gets the picture and agrees to help. So, just as Lucifer is contemplating granting a full pardon to Charles Manson, Kelly calls and asks him to meet her at a motel.

Thanks to Castiel’s mind control — why doesn’t he use this more often?! — he convinces the secret service agents that the motel room is safe for the president, but of course, it’s not. The moment he enters, Sam uses their new toy to expel Lucifer and Rowena then sends him back to the cage. At least we think/hope that’s what happened. To be completely honest, there’s no way to know for sure right now. Although Sam yelling “go to hell” was a nice touch.

With the president somehow still alive, Crowley grabs Rowena and leaves the scene of the crime, and here’s where things get confusing: Dean tells Castiel to get Kelly out of there. In what’s one of their dumbest moves to date, they send away the angel who’s capable of manipulating minds so that they, Sam and Dean, are left alone in a motel room with an incapacitated PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Come on, boys. You’re better than this.

So yeah, the episode ends with Sam and Dean on their way to prison for the attempted assassination of the president. And to top things off, Kelly ditches Castiel because she doesn’t want to kill her baby. After all, she’s its mother. Again, I reiterate that Castiel is awful at dealing with people — for example, he has no idea when he’s obviously being ditched — but he’s great at disappearing from situations with the snap of a finger in case, I don’t know, the secret service enters the room and you need to leave in a hurry. That really was an epic fail for everyone involved.

And yet, it sets up a lot of potential drama for when we return next year. As much as I didn’t believe how it happened, there’s a certain element to Sam and Dean in jail that I can appreciate. After getting through hell and purgatory, it’s human jail that they can’t escape. (Then again, do we believe that someone couldn’t get them out?)

Altogether, I almost wish the president story line spanned more than one episode because I feel like there was more fun to be had there. But I suppose we’ll take what we can get.

Episode grade: B

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