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Castiel and Crowley reteam with the Winchesters to take down Lucifer

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December 02, 2016 at 03:55 AM EST

When I first heard Rick Springfield was going to play Lucifer, I was skeptical. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of his work on the season thus far. But I have to say: Tonight’s episode 100 percent worked for me. In fact, it might be my favorite of the season — and not just because Castiel, Crowley, Dean, and Sam all worked together (though that did help). Let’s get into it!

We start with the return of Lucifer. If you’ll remember, the last time we saw him, Rowena severely damaged his vessel before sending him to the bottom of the ocean. So how is he still around? Well, there’s something called the Satan feather, which is a fossilized rock that houses a feather from one of dear old Lucy’s wings. And once Lucy gets ahold of that, he’s able to heal himself and buy just a little bit more time in the body of a rock star.

Meanwhile, at the bunker, Dean is introducing Mary to a generic version of Words With Friends — she’s not quite ready for Snapchat at this point — when Cas gives him a call. (Yes, they clarified the whole spelling situation by showing his name come up as “Cass” on Dean’s phone, but at this point, I feel like the fandom is set in its ways, so I’m sticking with Cas.)

Regardless, Cas and Crowley – the 80’s buddy-cop comedy continues! — update the Winchesters. It seems Ladyheart, Vince’s band, just landed a new record deal, and considering their age and current lack of popularity, there’s no way Vince could’ve gotten that deal if he weren’t, you know, the devil. And with that, they’re headed to LA, or as Crowley calls it, “my city.”

While Crowley meets with his contact at Death Siren records — and explains there’s prestige in owning the soul of “a Swift or a Drake” — Dean is dreading his time in the city of not-so-angels. Among Dean’s least favorite things about Los Angeles are the traffic, the Botox, the smell of desperation, the toxic air, and dudes in skinny jeans wearing sunglasses inside. He does, however, appreciate the yoga pants. (Yes, I loved every bit of the LA humor in this hour.)

As for Sam, he’s sitting silently while his brother complains, mostly because he’s not listening. With his headphones in, Sam claims to be listening to a historical podcast…that ends up sounding a lot like hair rock. But when Dean pushes his brother, he finds himself forced to listen to Vince’s music as “research.” And here Dean thought LA was bad.

At the recording studio, Lucifer realizes something: Rock isn’t about music. It’s just another reason for people to worship, to adore. As he puts it, “Humans have always been desperate to put someone or something above them. Let’s face it, God ain’t cutting it these days. It takes a Kim Kardashian, whatever Justin Bieber is.” And this is the part where I praise the show for finding a commonality between rock, religion, and just generally commenting on the current state of the world. You gotta love this show.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean discuss vegetable water — Sam’s in, Dean’s out — before Castiel shows up looking like what Dean refers to as a “third-tier agent.” (He’s dressed as he always is.) Cas, firing back, tells Dean, “At least I don’t look like a lumberjack.” BOOM.

That being said, Castiel is happy to spend some time with a lumberjack if it means getting a break from weeks upon weeks of Crowley’s relentless talking. Or, as Crowley puts it, “Feathers and I are all but inseparable now.” Together, the four of them check out Vince’s hotel room, where they find a number of rock-star biographies — someone’s been studying – and a human tooth that’s been pulled out by the root. It seems Lucifer is testing his fans, including getting one poor woman to willingly carve his name into her chest. After all, Lucifer wants nothing more than to have loyal followers.

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