Sam and Dean reconnect with Mary, who gets to meet Jody Mills
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Devil's Bargain

If I’m being completely honest, I was less than enthused when I saw the title of tonight’s episode, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.” I thought: I don’t know Asa Fox, so why do I want an entire episode about him? But an hour later, I’m happy to say I was proven wrong. This episode wasn’t actually about Asa Fox at all, and I really enjoyed it.

We start in Canada in 1980, where a young(er) Mary Winchester saves a young boy, named Asa Fox, from a werewolf. And from that moment on, Asa is hooked. A montage shows us Asa’s life through the years, as he grows up writing letters to Mary and learning how to be a hunter. That beautiful montage comes to an abrupt end, however, when Asa ends up hanged. And that’s where the episode kicks off.

From there, we check in on the wonderful Jody Mills, who is teenager-less and getting ready to enjoy her night full of Netflix, pizza, and wine. (Because Jody knows how it’s done.) The good/bad news is the (unshowered) Winchesters decide to crash her party. I have to say, I loved this interaction:

Dean, beaming with pride: “Since the last time I saw you, I killed Hitler.”

Jody: “Thank you?”

Dean: “You’re welcome.”

At this point, I’m just waiting for Dean to get it tattooed on him. (Just kidding, because we know these guys hate tattoos considering they really could’ve used some anti-possession tattoos in this hour. Seriously, shouldn’t that be the FIRST thing you do as a hunter?)

After Dean learns Jody is a badass sheriff with a thing for rom-coms, Jody finds out Dean’s into animated Japanese erotica. Thankfully for Dean, that conversation ends when Jody gets a phone call with the news her good friend Asa Fox is dead. Just like that, Sam and Dean are accompanying Jody on a drive to Canada to attend a wake. After all, it’s about time the Winchesters attended a hunter gathering.


Meanwhile, Sam’s in the next room meeting a couple of hunters who were raised by a witch when he gets accosted by Elvis, a fellow hunter and Sam’s biggest fan. It seems Sam is best known for living through Lucifer’s possession (and shockingly, not for his great head of hair).

When Sam and Dean finally meet up, we get yet another chat about the life they’re in. As per usual, Dean seems content with the fact he will die on the job someday. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no better way to go. As he puts it, “It’s not like we’re in the live-till-you’re-90-die-in-your-sleep business.” This life only ends one way, and that’s a fact Sam isn’t as willing to accept just yet.

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Back in the living room, things get awkward when it’s revealed Jody was “casually” dating Asa, which is followed by Mary’s entrance. Naturally, Jody is extremely excited to meet Mary Winchester, but Dean’s not exactly thrilled his mother can barely text him once a week and yet she drove all the way to Canada for a dead guy. (But in Mary’s defense, Asa was one of the last living people she knew before she died. Also, he wrote her letters for years.)

Jody comforts Dean while Sam catches up with Mary, who still feels like something is “wrong” no matter where she goes or what she does. She says she’ll get used to it, and Sam believes her. Because the fact she saved Asa in 1980 means she was still hunting after Dean was born. This life, “it’s in our blood,” Sam tells her.

And it’s a good thing, because they’re about to need those Winchester hunting instincts when a crossroads demon shows up at the wake and decides to start possessing and killing people.

Once Dean manages to find a way back inside the warded house — he was taking an emotional timeout outside when reaper Billie offered to send him back in — we get a quick update on the status of hell: According to the demon, it’s a train wreck without both Lucifer and Crowley. Also a train wreck? This wake…particularly after the demon jumps into Jody’s body and stars spilling everyone’s secrets.

Those twin hunters who were raised by a witch? Yep, they’re Asa’s kids. Poor Jody? She fantasized about a life with Asa. And then there’s Bucky, Asa’s closest friend. Well, he killed Asa, and then blamed it on the crossroads demon.

According to Bucky, he and Asa were fighting over whether to track down said demon when Asa shoved him. And when Bucky retaliated, Asa fell and landed headfirst on a rock. So now, Bucky’s life as a hunter is over, because everyone in the room vows to tarnish his reputation. As for Asa’s mom, she gets to meet her grandkids.

After a brief heart-to-heart with Jody, who tells Mary her boys are the best men she’s ever met — a fact Mary knows when she admits they’re not the problem — Mary gets an offer from Billie. Because Billie helped Dean back into the house the night before, she wants to reap Mary in return. According to Billie, Mary has the “dead man’s look,” that look of feeling like this world just doesn’t fit anymore.

For a moment, it seems like Mary’s about to say yes, before she informs Billie that if she’s not going to kill her, she’ll have to wait. If those Winchesters are anything, they’re stubborn, particularly when it comes to death.

At this point in time, Mary might not quite be ready to return to the bunker, but she does agree to have breakfast with her boys. Baby steps, right? And bacon seems like a pretty good first step, if you ask me. Lots and lots of bacon.

Episode grade: B+

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