Sam and Dean work to stop the resurrection of Hitler

By Samantha Highfill
November 11, 2016 at 04:29 AM EST
Dean Buscher/The CW

One of the things Supernatural does best is put its own twist on history, whether that history takes us all the way back to the days of creation … or back to Nazi Germany. And in tonight’s episode, it was the latter.

For those of you who need a quick refresher: The Thule Society is a subfaction of the Nazi party known for using dark arts. They were first introduced in season 8, and now it seems they’re back. How else could you explain the people who are spontaneously combusting at an antique store in Ohio? (Spoiler: It has everything to do with the pocket watch they were handling.)

Meanwhile, at the bunker, a distraught Dean is insisting that he isn’t hungry — not even for pie, which is how you know it’s bad — before he finds the story online and convinces Sam to check out the case with him. Yeah, sublimation is kind of his thing. At least he’s aware of it.

After a quick road trip, the Winchesters break into said antique store, where Dean discovers a room full of Nazi items. That is, only after he stops breaking things in the store and Sam has to reminds him, “Maybe let’s not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not.”

Long story short: The store owner was running an underground business that catered to Nazis. And as Dean sums up what everyone’s thinking, “Nazis … I hate these guys.”

Just as Sam and Dean catch the case, another victim is torched by the Thule. But this time, a young woman named Ellie gets away. And thanks to a little update from Aaron Bass, the boys find out that all of the Thule’s high command has gathered for the mission they’re calling “The Blood.” In other words, Sam and Dean could take them all out at once. That is IF they can get their hands on Ellie before the youngest Thule member — whom I shall call Baby Thule — kills her.

Once Sam and Dean catch up to Ellie and Baby Thule, they explain to Ellie that the Thule use blood magic to make them almost immortal. (You can kill them if you shoot them in the head and then burn the body.) As for what they want with this pocket watch, Dean gets Baby Thule to talk. The pocket watch once belonged to Baby Thule’s father, who just so happens to be one of the high-ranking officers who was in the bunker with Hitler in the moments before Hitler killed himself.

Only, in this story, Hilter never pulled the trigger. Instead, his soul was stashed in the pocket watch, and now they want to bring him back. All they need is the watch, a bit of magic, and one of Hitler’s descendants. So yeah, Ellie is related to Hitler. Talk about a rough day: Ellie finds out that she’s adopted AND that she’s related to one of the world’s worst.

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Sam tries to relate to her – remember when he was Lucifer’s vessel? — but Ellie draws the line at Lucifer. And before Dean can convince her to let them use her as bait, the Thule arrive just in time to kidnap her.

But when Baby Thule’s father finds out what he told the Winchesters, he orders his own son’s murder. Thankfully for us, Baby Thule is resourceful and is able to kill his father’s man and get to Sam and Dean in order to lead them back to Ellie. My favorite line from this? “Do you know what it was like to have a Nazi necromancer for a father? It sucked.” #BabyThuleProblems

After Sam convinces Dean to put away the grenade launcher — though there’s no better time for it, really — the boys head in to rescue Ellie. But there’s a twist: They’ve already used Ellie’s blood to bring Hitler back in the body of Baby Thule’s father. Just like that, Hitler himself is among us, and naturally, he acts like an overjoyed, maniacal child.

By the time Sam and Dean enter, the Thule is waiting to introduce them to the big man himself. The first thing Dean says to Hitler: “Nice new meat suit. It come with two testicles this time?” However, it might be Hitler who has the best line after discovering social media: “I sold 10 million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter?”

According to Dean, killing Hitler should guarantee him free drinks for life, even if no one believes him. And you know what? Maybe killing Hitler was just what Dean needed, because by the end of the hour, after they drop Ellie off at med school, Dean’s once again in the mood for pie (a.k.a. feeling better). As he puts it, “I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie.” I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed this episode. This show does such a good job of taking bad guys — Lucifer, Hitler — and having fun with them in a way that feels both eerily truthful and hilarious.

Episode Grade: A-