Castiel returns and gets a taste of the Nephilim's powers

By Samantha Highfill
April 27, 2017 at 09:47 PM EDT
Robert Falconer/The CW

Guys, I’m about to do something I’ve never done before and that’s call an unborn child a liar. But to be fair, this is Lucifer’s unborn child, so I’m not going to feel bad about it. THIS BABY IS A LIAR. Right now, I have a very bad feeling that this Nephilim is doing some expert manipulating before it even grows fingernails. (Sorry for that imagery.)

And speaking of horrible imagery, this week’s episode kicks off with Kelly deciding that she can’t unleash her child on the world if it’s really as evil as Dagon claims. So, Kelly decides to slit her wrists and end things before they even get started. The twist? She doesn’t die. Her child won’t let her. (Man, think of how much the Winchesters could’ve avoided if they’d had an angel baby with them all along.)

Back at the bunker, Sam’s beautiful mind is staying up all night, doing everything he can to get some answers. So far, all he’s figured out is that the Nephilim doesn’t need nine months in the womb and should be born around May 18, which gives them less than a month to find Kelly. Just then, Castiel nonchalantly walks into the bunker — as if he hasn’t been missing for weeks — where Dean is eagerly waiting to give him an earful.

Castiel explains that he’s been working with the angels but hasn’t found anything. He also admits to ignoring Dean’s calls. And once Dean gets past his initial rage, he tells Castiel that he can’t just go dark like that. Cas tries to explain that he can’t keep failing, that he wanted to come back with a win. After all, he was the one who lost Kelly in the first place. Dean, able to understand, officially reinstates Team Free Will: Sam, Dean, and Cas will find Kelly together. They’re better together anyway… right?

Well, they are, but Castiel clearly doesn’t think that applies to this particular circumstance. Just as Sam has a realization about their situation — he thinks they can extract the grace from the Nephilim and make it human — Dean realizes that Castiel is gone. And he took the Colt.

Remember Castiel’s whole story about how the angels haven’t been able to find Kelly? Yeah, it was a lie. He knows exactly where Kelly is, and that’s why he and two other angels are about to break into an old house and use the two bullets left in the Colt to kill Dagon and Kelly. (But in his defense, he claims he’s going to kill Kelly so that Sam and Dean won’t have to.)

Once inside the house, the angels quickly realize that Dagon’s kind of a badass. She kills one angel, which gives Castiel enough time to kidnap Kelly. His plan: He’s going to take her to heaven, where both she and her child will die. (No human soul can step through the gate.)

But when Castiel’s truck breaks down — even angels can’t fix faulty transmissions — he has to take Kelly to a motel to figure out his next move. It’s there that Kelly convinces him to feel the baby kick, and when he touches her stomach, her eyes turn yellow and she… sees the future? She sees Castiel defending her, and in that moment, she decides to trust him.

Sam and Dean, however, are not big fans of trusting Castiel right now, and when they show up at the motel — Sam put a tracking app on Castiel’s phone — Dean quickly steals the Colt back. Cas tries to explain that he wanted to keep the Winchesters safe, but Sam is more worried about Kelly. They tell Castiel their idea to extract the baby’s grace, but Kelly is not exactly a fan of them taking away what makes her baby special. (No offense to human babies everywhere.)

But they all agree to talk it over back at the bunker… at least until Kelly decides to take Dean’s keys and drive away in Baby. According to her, she wants to go to heaven. The vision her child showed her confirmed that Castiel will be the one to protect and guide her child after she’s dead. She knows that Castiel will be the one to ensure her child is born. Castiel tries to explain that, “I am not someone that you should put your faith in” — a sentence that’s incredibly ironic coming out of an angel’s mouth — but Kelly doesn’t care. She’s made up her mind.

Only, when they arrive at the Sandbox to Heaven, Dagon’s waiting for them. She kills Joshua and nearly kills Castiel before the Winchesters show up and distract her. It’s then that Kelly’s vision comes true: Castiel steps up to protect her, and when she joins hands with him, the baby lends Castiel his powers so that he can kill Dagon. (Sadly, this happens after Dagon melts the Colt.)

Castiel then heals Dean and tells the Winchesters that he’s no longer lost. He now knows that this child must be born. He has faith. He then asks the boys to trust him before he knocks them both out — Cas is back at full power! — and hits the road with Kelly. As for why he trusts the baby now, Castiel claims that “he showed me the future.”

I repeat myself: This baby is a liar. Do I hope I’m wrong? Of course. But who is this baby’s father? Only Lucifer, THE DECEIVER. Come on, Castiel. You should know better.

Overall, I will say that I was very happy to have Castiel back in the mix, and I do like that things with this baby finally feel like they’re taking big steps forward. Now it’s just a waiting game to find out if this baby is as horrible as I think (or if I’m horrible for talking so much crap about a baby).