The British Men of Letters help hunt down Kelly Kline, but when things go south, death ensues

By Samantha Highfill
April 06, 2017 at 09:47 PM EDT
Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW
S12 E17

If you, like me, have found yourself wondering just how ruthless Mr. Ketch really is, tonight should’ve cleared everything up. Needless to say, Mary is probably going to regret sleeping with the guy. Oh yeah, did I mention that Mary SLEPT WITH KETCH?! We’ll get to that later.

We start with a flashback. Mick is dreaming about his days at Kendricks Academy, which, as it turns out, is Hogwarts meets The Hunger Games, because as we learn, the headmistress calls Mick — whose full name is Michael, fun fact — and his best friend Timothy into her office. They’re just young boys when she leaves them alone with nothing but a knife and a floor covered in plastic. And as she tells them, only one of them is to leave the room alive because “the code” demands it. So yeah, she’s a female President Snow.

Obviously, Mick was the one who walked out alive, but it’s a decision that haunts him to this day. Speaking of this day, Mick is currently waiting for the Winchesters back at the bunker while they get an update from Eileen Leahy. It seems Eileen is helping with the Kelly Kline search. She promises to keep them updated.

As for Mick, he’s just learned that there’s a Nephilim out there, and of course, that’s now top priority for the BMOL. Sam and Dean catch him up on the situation, from Lucifer being POTUS to Dagon’s role in protecting Kelly. When Mick finds out that the Winchesters passed up a chance to put a bullet in Kelly’s head, he can’t believe their stupidity, once again bringing up that stupid code.

It seems Mick is under more pressure than usual because he later gets a call from President Snow Dr. Hess, who informs him that time is almost up. They need to get the situation in America settled NOW, and if the Winchesters can’t learn to obey, Mick is going to be forced to hand them over to Mr. Ketch.

As for Sam and Dean, they’re currently recovering from what was apparently a very impressive night of drinking with Mick. But somehow, Mick seems less hungover and more, just, distraught when he tells them his backstory: He didn’t really know his parents and was on the streets until the BMOL found him when he tried to pickpocket a member. When he showed promise, they brought him aboard. And now, he seems to be questioning that upbringing.

Elsewhere, Kelly is having stomach pains and demands that Dagon take her to the doctor. However, what Kelly doesn’t know is that Dagon has mind control powers and gets the doctor to tell her that her baby is perfectly fine so that she’ll shut up.

As for covering their trail, Dagon has another demon following behind them to get rid of any evidence. The bad part of that plan? Said demon isn’t great at covering his own tracks, and Eileen tracks him down and kills him… but not before she gets Kelly’s number. And that, friends, is how Sam and Dean lure Kelly into a trap.

While Dagon is on a vitamin run, Sam and Dean get Kelly. Together with Eileen, Mick, and some annoying show-off from London, they try to talk to Kelly. But they don’t get far before Dagon shows up. Eileen is able to fire off a shot from the Colt, but it seems to go through Dagon — Princes of Hell are cool, y’all — and instead lands in the chest of the latest BMOL jerk. Suffice it to say that no one is sad to see him go.

However, Mick might not be sad, but he does have to follow the code, which tells him he now has to kill Eileen. Sam is able to talk him down and get Eileen back to the bunker to comfort her, but Mick won’t get the same sort of comfort when Dr. Hess herself arrives to handle the issue. But we’ll get to that in a second.

As for Kelly, Dagon takes her back to the hotel room and chains her to the bed. She can no longer be trusted. Dagon assures her that the baby is fine before dropping this bomb on her: She won’t survive childbirth. (But honestly, did she think all she’d need to bring Lucifer’s child into the world would be an epidural?)

After all the drama, Eileen returns to Iowa, and there’s still no word from Cas. But one good thing? The Winchesters are now back in possession of the Colt. And they’re going to need it…

When Dr. Hess shows up at the BMOL headquarters in America, she informs Mick that Eileen Leahy will be found and killed in accordance with the code. As for the Winchesters, they will be investigated, and if they’re found guilty — which they undoubtedly will be — they, too, will be killed. It’s in that moment that Mick finally stands up for what he believes in. The code isn’t what separates them from the monsters. Instead, it’s the thing that made a young boy kill his best friend. And now that that boy is a man, he can make his own decisions and choose to do the right thing.

But Mick’s moment is cut short when Ketch EXECUTES HIM. The same Ketch who recently slept with Mary — and maybe seemed to feel something for her? — and told her that he and Mick went to school together did not even hesitate to pull the trigger. And according to Dr. Hess, he’s to do the same to every single American hunter. “Exterminate them. Every last one,” she orders him as she sets Dean’s file down on the table.

Yeah, good luck with that Ketch. You might be a heartless, trained hunter, but these guys know God.

As for the other big story line this week, we head to Hell, where Lucifer appears to submit to Crowley. As he puts it, a life where he’s chained up as Crowley’s dog is still better than being in the cage with his “drooling, insane” brother. (Poor Michael.) Lucifer promises to do whatever Crowley wants.

And because ego is the name of the game, Crowley wants to parade Lucifer out in front of his subjects and have him admit that Crowley is the one true leader. But instead, Lucifer sends a very clear message to everyone listening: He is the true leader of Hell, even if Crowley doesn’t realize it, and anyone who doesn’t help him will suffer endless agony.

Not surprisingly, Lucifer’s speech convinces at least one demon to help. The only problem is that he’s unsure how to disarm Crowley’s security system, otherwise known as whatever he did to that vessel so that he can keep Lucifer on a tight leash. But they’ll just have to figure it out… and soon. Lucifer is losing his patience.

Translation: We currently have two evils on the rise. Not only have the BMOL unleashed Ketch, but Lucifer himself is close to finding a way off his (quite literal) leash. I have to admit: I wasn’t loving the BMOL stories as much lately, but killing Mick so suddenly makes them feel like a real threat. They’re still not my favorite “villains” for this show, but I’m at least interested to see what comes next/excited to watch Mary take down Ketch.

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