Gavin returns to help Sam and Dean with a new case
Family Feud
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Devil's Bargain
S12 E13
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This episode is what I’d describe as your typical case-of-the-week but filled with lots and lots of family issues (hence the title of the episode being “Family Feud”). No matter which family we’re talking about — the Winchesters, Lucifer’s growing family, or Crowley’s bunch — there’s plenty of dysfunction to go around.

As for the actual case, it seems we’re looking for a ghost that enjoys crushing the internal organs of teachers, which brings us to family issue No. 1: When Sam and Dean call Mary to see if she’d like to help with the case, she lies. Mary tells Dean that she’s “resting up” after everything that happened with Ramiel, when in reality, she’s using the British Men of Letters’ toys to melt rougarou brains. Dean senses that something’s up, but Sam talks him down. For now.

So, with Kelly Kline still in the wind — more on her later — the boys head to Iowa, where a boy scout leader is killed after taking his scouts on a tour of a museum. Once in the museum, it doesn’t take Sam and Dean long to locate a piece from a sunken ship named The Star. Dean recognizes the name as the ship that Gavin was supposed to be on (before Crowley allowed him to mess with history and continue living).

Naturally, Dean then calls Crowley, but considering that Crowley just found out that the boys didn’t take care of the whole “Lucifer’s baby” problem, he’s not exactly in the mood to help. How’d he find out? Well, there’s the little fact that he’s currently holding Lucifer hostage using chains made from a material that replicates the cage.

Taking us back to the moment when they exorcised Lucifer from the president’s body, we see now that Crowley perverted the spell in order to force Lucifer back into his old vessel, which they found a few years ago and repaired, making it a “fitting final home.” All I know is if that means Mark Pellegrino is now the permanent Lucifer, I’m more than okay with it.

As for Lucy, he thanks Crowley. After all, Crowley could’ve put him back in the cage, but instead he decided he wanted revenge. And now, thanks to his baby — see, here’s how Crowley found out — odds are Crowley will live to regret that day.

So when Crowley refuses to help, the Winchesters call in Rowena. Their offer is simple: If she helps them locate Gavin, she’ll get to meet her grandson. Rowena agrees, and a matter of hours later, Gavin gets off a bus in Iowa. The boys take him to the museum, where he recognizes a locket from the ship that he was supposed to be on. He says it was a gift he bought for his then-girlfriend, Fiona. He was supposed to meet her the night he was to board the ship, but Abaddon got to him before Fiona did. If Fiona thought he’d left, there’s a good chance she smuggled herself aboard the ship and then died when it sank.

And considering that locket made its way into a teacher’s pocket yesterday, Sam and Dean better get moving.

NEXT: Another week, another Prince of Hell

They arrive at the Pembroke Day School for Girls too late to save one teacher but in enough time to save another. Gavin then summons Fiona and finds out that when she was discovered on the ship, she was abused by the crew, and all the while the teacher from their village told her that she “deserved it.” And that’s why Fiona now targets teachers, because, according to her, “They claim to love children and then they betray them.”

So now the question is: How do they stop Fiona considering her bones are at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Well, they could try destroying the locket, but Gavin and Dean both come to a different conclusion: They could go back in time and have Gavin board the ship like he was supposed to. That way, he can protect Fiona from the crew, and the two of them will die together. She’ll have no need for revenge.

This brings us to family issue No. 2: Crowley shows up in just enough time to stop his son. It seems Gavin called his father, but it was only to say goodbye. And when Crowley tries to use his powers to stop Gavin, Rowena shuts him down. According to her, Gavin should get to do what he believes is right. So, with Crowley unable to do anything, the Winchesters take Gavin back to the bunker where they perform the spell that sends him back in time. Spoiler: It works.

However, what appeared to be a lovely grandmother moment when Rowena stood up for Gavin’s wishes turns out to be payback. Crowley later asks his mother why she sent Gavin to his death, and she reminds Crowley that in order to remove the Mark of Cain, she was forced to kill Oscar, the boy she loved more than Crowley. So now, she wanted to watch Crowley suffer the loss of a child. After all, “I’m your mother, dear. Who better to crush your shriveled heart?”

And that brings us to the next point of family drama: Mary finally makes her way back to the bunker, and with her she brings burgers, beer, and betrayal. She tells her sons that she’s been working with the British Men of Letters. Clearly, Mr. Ketch’s speech about how Mary’s the best version of herself when she’s a hunter and not a mother got to her. (Also, if the BMOL can afford fancy cars, why don’t they put her up in better motel rooms?)

Sam reminds Mary of a few reasons why they don’t trust the BMOL — mainly broken ribs and burnt feet — but she, in turn, reminds the boys that they’re family and asks them to hear her out.

And that brings us to our final family issue: Dagon, the Prince of Hell, manages to find Kelly Kline and save her from a couple of angels. Kelly then accepts Dagon’s protection so that she doesn’t have to run anymore. And in the episode’s final moments, we zoom in on Lucifer, still chained up, as he whispers, “Dagon.” So this should be interesting.

As a whole, this was a solid case-of-the-week episode, and I enjoyed the added family drama. But after coming off three weeks of really strong episodes, I’m not sure this one will stick out to me in the grand scheme of things.

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