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The sins of Castiel’s past catch up with him when a mysterious woman starts killing angels


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February 02, 2017 at 11:48 PM EST

How much do you love a Supernatural episode that features a standalone bad guy, while also connecting to the overall plot of the season, and nodding to the show’s history, and giving us a heaping helping of Dean/Cas angst, and reminding us just how much our favorite angel has evolved over the course of his long life?

In other words, “Lily Sunders Has Some Regrets” left the audience with very few.

We open on the angel Benjamin playing Rampage in an old-school arcade. Suddenly, a redhead with an eye patch and two angel blades appears. Whammies from Benjamin roll off her back, and their fight ends with Benjamin up against a wall, weaponless and psychically reaching out to the other angels, including Castiel.

“That’s right. Call your friends,” the redhead whispers before driving the blade home. “I’ve waited so long.”

In the bunker, Mary’s out on a solo shapeshifter hunt while Sam and Dean lament their inability to track down Kelly Kline and her unborn, fathered-by-Lucifer baby. Specifically, Dean’s frustrated that Castiel has been no help, and Sam is frustrated that Dean’s giving Cas the cold shoulder for killing Billie the reaper. Dean clarifies: “I’m not pissed that he cares about us. I’m grateful.” But he’s worried that Billie warned about the “cosmic consequences” of breaking their deal.

At this point, Cas arrives to insist that he did the right thing, and also, he’s taking off on a personal errand that he heard about via angel radio. Sam immediately offers to come with them.

“Both of you?” Castiel asks hopefully. Dean reluctantly agrees, if only to keep Cas “from doing anything else stupid.” Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, Dean.

Oh, but that car ride. That awkward car ride. Dean and Cas aren’t speaking, and Sam’s attempts to play peacemaker fall on sullen silence.

Cas finally explains that this mission is urgent because Benjamin wouldn’t call for help lightly. This is too much for Dean, who snarks that Benjamin probably also wouldn’t make half-cocked, knee-jerk choices. Castiel snaps that what he likes about Benjamin is that “he’s sarcastic, but he’s thoughtful and appreciative, too.” Sam looks supremely uncomfortable to be caught in what clearly in no way resembles a lovers’ spat.

When they arrive at the arcade, angel wings are burned on the wall, and Castiel’s baffled at how a warrior like Benjamin was defeated. When Dean finds a discarded angel blade (sloppy!), Cas touches it and realizes it’s not Benjamin’s.

Across town, the redhead, Lily Sunder (Alicia Witt), bolts up from where she’s been meditating and murmurs, “Castiel.” She presses a kiss to an old-timey photo of a child before leaving her hotel.

Cas tells the Winchesters that he needs to meet his former commander, Ishim, and he needs to go alone. He snipes at Dean, “If I plan to do anything else stupid, I’ll let you know.” These two are killing me. I’m just saying, a little partners’ counseling would give them more productive strategies for disagreements.

Inside, Ishim and Mirabel, the only angels left from Castiel’s original squadron, give him grief for being the angel who caused them all to fall and lose their wings. Castiel responds that sometimes sacrifice is required, but Ishim points out most of the sacrifices seem to come from other angels.

Outside, Sam correctly predicts that Dean’s ready to storm in. Once they’re inside, they hilariously cram into the booth next to Cas, while Ishim dispatches Mirabel to make sure they weren’t followed.

“Who wants some pie?” asks Dean, that beautiful broken record. Ishim tosses dessert money onto the table and leaves, telling Cas to find him at the safe house. The Winchesters don’t understand why Cas let the angel speak to him like that, but Cas says he’s willing to take it if Ishim will help stop the killing.

He’s a little late, though. Lily’s already killed Mirabel in the alley, and she’s able to take a slice out of Ishim before Cas joins the fight.

“I know you,” Cas marvels, and we see a flash of Lily in Gibson Girl garb. The Winchesters join the fray, but Lily declines to harm any humans, blinding them with angelic light before peeling away in her car.

NEXT: Ishim sits on a throne of lies

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