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October 29, 2015 at 03:12 AM EDT

Supernatural fans know the importance of Dean’s Impala, and they also know the show’s history of taking unorthodox ideas and somehow making them work within the show’s universe, whether it be “Changing Channels,” “The French Mistake,” “Fan Fiction,” or any number of episodes. But what we didn’t know until tonight was how well those two things would go together.

There are very few shows on television that can have as much fun with format as Supernatural, and tonight was another example — one of the best, in my opinion — of the great storytelling that can come out of such rule-bending. I mean, seriously, how good was this episode?

With the entire hour operating from the perspective of the Impala, we begin with a mini flashforward. There’s blood on the window, there’s a knife on the floorboards, and Dean is passed out and handcuffed in the back seat (and not in the way he likes).

Jumping back 48 hours, Dean is keeping himself busy by washing Baby while Sam gives him the world’s least-helpful update: There’s no news on Metatron or the Darkness. And that’s the last straw for Dean. He’s got a serious case of cabin fever and needs to get out and chase a case, no matter how thin the lead might be. So it looks like the boys are headed to Oregon to investigate the mauling — werewolf? — of a local sheriff.

And cue amazing road trip interaction No. 1:

[Sam pulls a smoothie out of the cooler in the back seat.]

Dean: “What’s that?”

Sam: “It’s a smoothie.”

Dean: “Where’s the beer?”

Sam: “Under the smoothies.”

Dean: “Where’s the rest of the beer?”

Thankfully, Sam is saved by the bell when Castiel calls hoping to help on the case. But Sam and Dean agree that Cas needs to be focused on one thing and one thing only, and that’s healing. So they tell him to read a book or watch some Netflix. Cas, of course, offers up this gem: “What’s a Netflix?” Surely, they have Netflix in heaven. Right?! (Spoiler: They will in my corner.)

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Stopping at a road house, Sam and Dean once again prove that they have very different ideas of fun. This gives us amazing road trip interaction No. 2:

Sam: “Even Swayze wouldn’t come to this road house.”

Dean: “First of all, never use Swayze’s name in vain. Ever.”

With that, Dean heads into the road house, Sam heads off to find a nearby diner, and we stay with Baby until the morning. The next day, as Dean climbs back into the car announcing that “mistakes were made,” he’s greeted by a naked blonde in the back seat. Looks like Sam made good use of the Impala last night. SAM. Who even knew he could fit back there?

Naturally, Dean is a proud, proud big brother and decides he knows what Sam needs next: To listen to Bob Seger’s “Night Moves.” Okay, real talk, guys: Watching them sing “Night Moves” together made me giddy. I literally giggled out loud to myself on my couch. HOW GOOD WAS THIS?!

NEXT: The return of John Winchester (sort of)

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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