With Amara back at full power and Lucifer in heaven, Sam and Dean have their hands full
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Devil's Bargain
S11 E18
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Just as Supernatural does every year, this season has one overarching story line that is planted firmly in the beginning, sprinkled throughout most episodes, and then will finish things out (usually with a bang). And after taking a few weeks off from the Darkness and Lucifer and of it all, this episode saw a major return to the building battle. And, man, have I missed both Crowley and Cassifer.

We start in Saudi Arabia — because we can — where Crowley is working yet another deal. It seems a man who sold his soul 10 years ago is trying to save his life by providing Crowley with the very thing that could (hopefully) defeat Amara and/or Lucifer. That thing is a the Horn of Joshua, our latest Hand of God.

Crowley, being Crowley, takes the horn, kills the guy anyway, and then kills all his friends. He then heads back to the U.S., where he calls Sam and Dean and schedules a meeting. It seems Crowley’s having to keep a low profile nowadays, what with every demon alive trying to kill him.

Crowley’s proposition is simple: He will give Sam and Dean the Horn of Joshua if they help Crowley exorcise Lucifer from Cas and put him back in the cage. The problem? Opening the cage. Oh, and did Crowley mention that Rowena can’t help because she’s dead?

But spoiler: She’s not totally dead. Not only did some sort of spell that she had inside her revive her after Lucifer snapped her neck, but she’s been working to slowly heal Amara after the failed angel smiting. But Amara isn’t back at full power yet, and it’s a good thing because Lucifer is just starting his campaign up in heaven.

After snapping his fingers and killing one angel, he holds a meeting with a few others. And once again he makes his pitch as to why the angels should follow him. Lucifer, still unimpressed with God’s invention — you know, humanity — gives us this amazing line: “It’s not like he invented the Prius, which actually works.”

At the end of the day, the angels might not like Lucifer, and they might think he’s evil, but he’s the one who claims he can lock Amara away for good. In fact, if the angels are comfortable with it, he tells them, “You could call me God.” (Who else is having flashbacks to God-Cas?)

Still negotiating with Crowley, Dean says they have to kill Amara before they can put Lucifer back in the cage, mostly because Lucifer has to be the one to kill Amara. And yet, Dean does want to exorcise Cas before the big battle. Sam tries to convince him that this is what Cas wanted, but as Dean puts it, “Yeah, well there’s times I want to get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask. That don’t make it a good idea.” Hey, you can’t argue with that logic.

However, you also can’t argue with Crowley, who refuses to give up the horn until Lucifer is back in the cage.

And yet, everything is put on hold when Amara decides to test out her powers. All she seems to do is say “hear me,” and suddenly the world is shaking and there’s a dark cloud — similar to what happened when she first appeared in the season 10 finale — in heaven, blowing all the angels over.

Oddly, it’s good news for Lucifer, who now has a bunch of scared angels on his hands. As he tells them, his expertise will come in handy considering that’s only a taste of what’s to come. Or as he puts it, “Because God knows what’s next… Ouch.”

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Happy with her powers, Amara then asks Rowena to prove her worth by spying on the Winchesters, who are very clearly making a plan with Crowley. But instead of ratting them out, Rowena tells Amara that they’re paralyzed with fear, which gives her the opportunity to send her son a message: “Back from the dead Fergus!”

Just like that, Rowena is (temporarily) back on Team Winchester. The plan is simple: Lure Lucifer to a church, trap him, and get Cas to expel him from his body. Simple, right?

Eh, not so much. Dean summons Lucifer, and they successfully trap him, but Castiel is only able to fight his way out for about 5 seconds. And you know Lucifer’s back when he makes fun of Dean’s emotional yell — which was both rude and amazing.

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Fed up with waiting, Crowley enters Cassifer’s body to try and find Cas and convince him to expel Lucifer. Fun fact: The inside of Cassifer looks a lot like the bunker! And once there, Crowley finds a very content Castiel, who’s perfectly happy to watch TV and wait for the big battle. Not as content? Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer, who takes the opportunity to throw Crowley around a bit, at least until Sam and Dean exorcise Crowley. (Let the record show that I’m officially requesting a spin-off of Castiel and Lucifer in the mind bunker. Bunker Boys? I’ll work on the title.)

But by the time Crowley’s out, so is the fire holding in Lucifer. And that’s Crowley cue to leave. Finally alone with the Winchesters, Lucifer starts to kill them when Amara shows up. (Remember that she has a serious thing for Dean.) It seems Amara was tracking Rowena — and that’s Rowena’s cue to leave.

Facing his aunt, Lucifer takes the Horn of Joshua and uses its power to light her up. But not only does Amara survive, her hair still looks great. She releases the boys and takes Lucifer off to have a “nice, long chat.”

At the bunker, Sam and Dean realize that a Hand of God has to be used by one of God’s chosen, which probably doesn’t apply to Lucifer (a.k.a. that’s why Lucifer failed to kill Amara). And as for Cas, they agree to get out of the way when someone makes a choice they don’t agree with. Well, sort of. Dean ends the conversation with, “Let’s go find that idiot and bring him home.” So they’re not respecting his wishes? I’m confused.

Meanwhile, Lucifer once again tries to talk his way out of a bad situation by convincing Amara that he can be of use to her. Of course, she’s not dumb enough to trust the one who worked with God to lock her away all those eons ago. Instead, she plans to use Lucifer, God’s first (and favorite) son to lure her brother out of hiding. Lucifer, for one, doesn’t think she should hold her breath, but once she gets to torturing him, she seems pretty confident her brother will show his face soon.

Other lines I just have to call out:

“He who hesitates, disintegrates.” —Lucifer

Crowley: The hand that giveth can so quickly taketh away.

Dean: Yes, we geteth it.

And that’s all folks. Amara’s a badass, Lucifer is as amazing as ever, and surely God is just around the corner. Who’s as excited as I am? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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