Cas finds a temporary solution to his fading grace, and Sam heals Demon Dean.

By Samantha Highfill
Updated March 31, 2015 at 02:52 PM EDT
Diyah Pera/The CW

The moment Dean became a demon in last season’s finale, my first thought was: What is it going to be like when he comes face-to-face with Sam? That thought was then quickly followed by: How are they going to cure him? Will it be their brotherly love that finally pulls Dean back from the other side? Will Sam’s tear-filled plea be the thing to save his big brother? The answer, as we now know, is no, but the bottom line is that this episode finally gave us the Demon Dean moments we’ve been imagining. There was the confrontation with Sam where harsh words were said and a hurt Sam refused to give up, followed by Dean’s return to the human world. It might not have been as dramatic as it was in my head, but that’s probably for the best.

We start with Sam picking up a cooler full of purified blood, which immediately brings up memories of the season 8 finale, a.k.a. the last time Sam tried to cure a demon, a.k.a. the tear-filled speech that probably most influenced my desire for yet another tear-filled speech. But this time, Sam has a lot less on his mind. His mission is simple: to cure his brother. And despite the fact that Sam’s not sure how the Mark of Cain will play into all of this, he gets started as soon as he’s back at the bunker. The funniest part of this whole thing? Dean’s claim that he hates shots! Oh, he was talking about needles? Just kidding, that’s fine. P.S. Sam hates demons more.

After the first injection, it’s clear that Dean is indeed a “special” demon. In other words, each shot is causing him great physical pain, which causes Sam to fear the worst. Sam calls Castiel scared that he could be killing his brother, but Cas assures him it’s his only option before hanging up and returning to his life of endless road tripping with Hannah (who clearly loves him).

So Sam sticks with it, injecting Dean over and over again while his big brother goes on and on about those pesky Winchesters—the do-gooders. What has become of them after all? That’s right—one is a demon and the other is a monster all his own. Cue the flashback where we learn that Lester, the crossroads client Dean killed last week, was sent to Crowley by Sam. See, Sam met poor Lester at a bar, where he listened to his sob story about a cheating wife and told him about his “options.” Basically, Sam used Lester as bait to get his hands on a crossroads demon and try to torture her until she’d give up Crowley’s location. Long story short, the demon (from the season premiere) knew nothing, and poor Lester lost his soul and his life for nothing. As Dean puts it, the line between the Winchesters and the things they hunt “ain’t so clear” anymore.

And you know what else “ain’t so clear”? Whatever Crowley is doing down in Hell. It seems Crowley’s job as king means he spends his days signing hence-forths and forth-withs and killing every demon who rubs him the wrong way. Well, except for the ones who kill themselves right in front of him to prove a point. However, Crowley’s a bit too preoccupied re-reading the chapters of The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel to care. That is, until he gets notice of Castiel’s fading grace.

Sidenote: To the guy who offered to be Crowley’s new Dean? Yeah, your hair is not up to par, buddy. No offense. Also, Dean would never say he was ready to “debauch by your side.” Have some respect, man.

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Meanwhile, at some random gas station a few hours away from Sam and Dean, Castiel and Hannah are attacked by Adina, who’s still pissed that they killed Daniel and says things like “honeybunch.” Luckily, Crowley leaves his throne long enough to show up and steal Adina’s grace to feed to Cas, who’s now strong enough to deal with Dean. And it’s a good thing, because Demon Dean is quite the handful.

Back at the bunker, Sam continues injecting his brother as Dean talks about his love of the new model. You know, Lean Mean Dean, the insult-spitting machine. Admittedly, I like the new model, too, but not when he starts trying to hurt Sam with his words, and especially not when he pulls the “mom’s death was your fault” card. But Sammy knows better than to listen. After all, Winchesters don’t quit, and this time, Sam is ready to yank his brother’s lame ass out of the fire.

Only, he might’ve yanked too hard. After Sam takes a quick trip to Dean’s room, which is appropriately filled with the three P’s of Dean—pie, porn, and photos (of good times, bad hair, and big smiles)—he realizes that his brother has escaped. Suddenly, we’re playing a very adult version of hide and seek… with a hammer.

See, with every shot, Dean became more human, meaning that the demon cuffs worked a little less on him, until finally, he was able to free himself. Now? Well he’s got just enough demon left in him to still want to kill his baby bro. And he does try. Thankfully, Sammy’s reflexes are cat-like and Castiel’s timing is perfect. Sorry, Dean, but Castiel’s blue eyes top your black ones any day of the week.

With one final shot, Dean is finally back to being a human (and, naturally, is starving). So with Sam running out to buy his brother some cholesterol, Cas finds Dean in his room. Castiel assures him that, because they’re the Winchesters and they lead the strangest lives ever, they will be able to get past the whole “you tried to kill your brother with a hammer” thing. Then, Cas says the four words that no emergency room doctor or supernatural hunter should ever say. After telling Dean to take some time off to rest, he says, “It’s quiet out there.”

Cut to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the definition of quiet apparently means nailing people to ceilings. Ah, the Midwest.

Overall, it was another great hour of Winchester interaction. Could I have enjoyed another episode of Demon Dean? Yes. Do I think it was too soon to get rid of him? No… so long as human Dean doesn’t change his hair. Add in Crowley’s dealings in Hell and Castiel’s budding romance, and this season is just getting started. Carry on my wayward sons. Carry on.