The return of the Styne family leads to a shocking reveal and the death of a beloved character.
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Devil's Bargain
S10 E21
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Well, the Stynes are officially my least favorite people in the world. I’ll admit, at the start of the hour, I was mostly focused on the fact that they were attractive. Then, when they revealed that they’re really the Frankenstein family—yes, that Frankenstein—I found them to be both hot and fascinating. But when they killed Charlie? Yep, they lost me forever.

Honestly, toward the end of that hour, even as things started to look bad, I didn’t think the show would go so far as to kill Charlie. There’s no way! I kept waiting for Cas to zap his way to the motel. But when I saw the look on Sam’s face, my heart dropped. Charlie is dead. And I’m not even sure I’m emotionally capable of writing this recap. Let’s see how it goes.

We start things in Nebraska, where Eldon Styne scoops out the eyeballs of some innocent college student. Apparently, it’s called “harvesting,” and it’s a family specialty. Also a family specialty? Jumping out of third-story windows and landing on their feet. So at this point, I’m positive they’re some sort of monster.

And when we follow Eldon back to Louisiana, where we meet his stern father, I start to think they’re monsters with daddy issues. But more than anything, they’re the monsters who have been assigned to find both Charlie and the Winchesters … and more importantly, the Book of the Damned.

Of course, we know that the book is currently hanging out with Rowena, who can’t seem to crack it even with the codex. And with Dean getting worse every day, it’s evident that “Samuel” is going to need to think of something else.

Back at the bunker, Dean suspects Sam of having a woman friend—if only he knew—before he updates Sam on his research into the Stynes. That’s right: Sam’s doing things and Dean’s back at the bunker doing research.

Apparently, the Stynes helped Hitler get started, which is really all you need to know. But when Dean can’t figure out why their family lineage just stopped when he traced it back to the 1800s, Sam sneaks off again. His next great idea? Asking Charlie to work behind Dean’s back to help Rowena in the decoding process.

But that’s not where Sam stops. Nope, he also ropes in Cas to act as the referee for the feisty redheads. As Sam puts it, they need Cas’ “spiritual muscle” to keep them in line. Nobody seems to like Sam’s plan, but there’s no denying those Sam Winchester puppy eyes. When he begs, you just say yes. (Except for Rowena—she says yes because she has no choice.)

Speaking of Rowena, when Crowley finds out that she’s missing, he asks his hamster—otherwise known as the leader of the Grand Coven—for answers. Let’s just say he utters the words “the demon lover” before asking his minion to locate someone. So that should be fun.

NEXT: R.I.P. Charlie

Back at the decoding center, it’s the classic battle of nature vs. nurture technology. Rowena gives Charlie some background on the creator of the book—Agnes, the hermit nun—before she tells Charlie all about their similarities. According to Rowena, they have more in common than just their hair color and pale complexions. Rowena then gives a speech about lonely childhoods and being sexually progressive, but the most important thing she points out is their biggest difference: Charlie is loyal to the Winchesters … and that could be her undoing.

When Dean, who’s becoming more suspicious of Sam and Cas by the moment, goes to pick up a pizza for dinner, he runs into the Stynes. But because you never stand between Dean and his food, he kills one of them and captures the other. Although, to be fair, they only chain this guy up by one wrist, and any prisoner who can stand with one hand in his pocket and maintain his swagger is not a real prisoner.

While Sam takes a call from Cas—who’s stuck between two bickering women—Dean gets the real scoop from Elton: The Stynes aren’t only responsible for Hilter. They were also behind 9/11, the stock market dive, and pretty much everything bad. Why? Because chaos = panic = desperation = profit. When things go bad, they’re in the “fix it” business. So they’re like an evil Olivia Pope and Associates?

And this is where Elton drops the fun fact that their family name was originally Frankenstein until a woman named Mary Shelley stayed with them, discovered their secret, and wrote a book that forced them underground. So now, they might go by Styne, but they still have the scars and extra body parts to prove otherwise. (Despite the fact that they are way too attractive to look like the Frankenstein most people know.)

Final fun fact: Elton tells Dean that the Book of the Damned is incapable of being destroyed. Then he rips off his own forearm to escape and find Charlie. Any questions?

Dean gets about 30 seconds to be mad at Sam before they realize that Charlie returned to her motel room for some quiet to think, which means she’s in danger of being discovered by the Frankensteins.

And that brings us to the dreaded end of the hour: Charlie finally finds something to help decode the Book of the Damned. But just as she does, Elton Frankenstein starts beating down her motel room door with his stump. Risking her life, she uploads her files, sends them to Sam and Dean, and then shatters her tablet before taking on Mr. Frankenstein with nothing but a knife.

By the time the Winchesters arrive, Charlie is laying in the bathtub covered in her own blood. Was it a noble death? Of course. She sacrificed herself for her brother. But now, I just really need to go cry.

However, I will say that as much as I hate losing Charlie, this twist officially makes this feel like the end of a Supernatural season. The stakes are high, tears will be shed, and hopefully Charlie will find a way to reappear in our lives in future seasons.

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