Claire's return leads to the discovery of a new type of angel—the Grigori.

By Samantha Highfill
April 30, 2015 at 03:27 AM EDT
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There are only two Winchesters capable of spending all day every day saving people and hunting things, but it’s always fun when they pass along their knowledge to a potential up-and-comer. And you know what’s equally as fun? Watching Dean’s disgust at the lifestyle of a modern-day teens.

So, even though this hour might not have had a ton to do with the Mark of Cain story line, it still managed to touch on it while also introducing us to a whole new type of angel: a Grigori. The biggest takeaway? They don’t use angel blades. They use angel swords. Let’s get to it…

We kick things off in the mind of Amelia Novak, Claire’s mother. In her mind, Amelia is reuniting with Jimmy, who has said goodbye to Castiel. But when Amelia wakes up, she’s far away from the arms of her husband and instead, she’s in the arms of a man who’s cutting her arm and feeding on her soul. In other words, her first husband was way better.

I’m kidding, of course. This isn’t Amelia’s new husband. It’s her captor … but we’ll get to that.

First, let’s catch up with Claire, who’s currently spending her nights in sleazy bars trying to find some guy named Ronnie Cartwright. Apparently Ronnie was the last person to speak to her mother before she went missing two years ago. But when Claire makes her first rookie mistake of the night, she tries to follow Ronnie into an alley—and scare him into talking with a shove? Instead, he knocks her out.

By the time she wakes up, Sam, Dean, and Castiel are in her hospital room. (And suddenly, I really want a spin-off of Three Men and a Lady.) Now for Claire’s second rookie mistake: trying to lie to an angel and two hunters. It doesn’t take them long to get the truth out of her—that she’s looking for her mother so that she can yell at her for abandoning her. She tells them that her mother went missing because she was looking for Castiel. So, of course, Cas feels incredibly guilty.

Thankfully for Claire, Dean is looking to punch something, so he’s down to take on her case. But by the time they get back to her hospital room to tell her the good news, she’s gone. Her third rookie mistake? Telling them where she’s staying. By the time she makes it back to her motel, Sam is waiting for her. And that brings us to the fourth rookie mistake: checking in under her own name. As Sam tells her—launching what can only be described as a How to be a Hunter for Dummies guide—use an alias.

And now, Sam will will teach her how to hack into credit card records. (Maybe in exchange she’ll teach him fun new ways to style his gorgeous locks?)

Meanwhile, Dean and Cas go to the bar to find Ronnie. After Dean lets his Mark of Cain-inspired temper get the best of him—he slams Ronnie’s head on the table a bit—they get some answers: Ronnie was working for Peter Holloway, a faith healer, when Amelia came to them. But here’s the thing: Peter healed some of his clients … and he tied up and cut others. You know, six of one, half a dozen of the other.

After Dean and Cas leave, Ronnie calls Peter to give him a heads up, but Peter’s way ahead of him. He re-blinds Ronnie, which becomes a moot point once he kills him. Yep, this is definitely the world’s worst “faith healer.”

At the motel, Sam has moved on from a hacking lesson to one on how to create fake credit cards when Cas and Dean return, and Cas has a birthday present from “Hot Topical” in hand. He got Claire a stuffed animal Grumpy Cat … because he’s the best.

NEXT: Dean plays mini-golf!

Sam then does some research on Peter while Cas and Dean take a teenager to a crime scene. (Hey, nobody said they were writing How to be a Good Parent for Dummies.)

Looking at Ronnie’s dead body, Cas and Dean realize it wasn’t an angel blade that killed him, but they’re not sure what could’ve created those particular markings.

By the time they return, Sam has an address for Peter, and Dean and Claire are both benched for age/temper-related issues. So while Cas and Sam go off to find Peter and Amelia, Claire and Dean don’t share beers, do make fun of each other, and do play mini-golf. It’s pretty great actually: Dean teaches Claire about Caddyshack. She solidifies the fact that Dean hates her entire generation. And then, in a moment of sincerity, he tells her that her father’s sacrifice was not meaningless. Because of her dad, Castiel was literally able to save the world. In other words, he sort of had the best excuse ever.

Alone with Sam, Castiel can’t stop thinking about Dean telling him that some people are better off on their own. (No Dean, that does not mean you.) When Cas asks Sam if he thinks Claire’s better off alone, Sam’s answer perfectly demonstrates the difference between these brothers: Dean thinks people can be stronger alone, and Sam thinks that Claire is only 18. And Cas is family(ish).

Once at Peter’s, Castiel finds and saves Amelia while Sam gets trapped by the Grigori. As Sam learns the truth about the Grigori angel—apparently they went rogue and started feeding on people—Dean does the same. See, at mini-golf, he realized that the red marks on Ronnie could’ve been made by an angel sword, and those were carved by the Grigori. So Dean and Claire join the action. As he hands her a gun, he tells her, “Happy Birthday. Don’t shoot me.” Yep, that’s the Winchester way.

According to the Grigori, human souls are “little slices of heaven.” They’re delicious meals that can sustain an angel for years. But hold that thought because Sam just broke free.

Sadly, Castiel doesn’t have the same luck. For some reason, Cas can’t heal Amelia’s wounds, and when the guys leave Amelia and Claire in the barn to reunite, the angel gets to them. As Castiel explains, the Grigori were some of the first angels on earth. They were an elite unit gone bad that was thought to be extinct. But spoiler: They’re not.

And when Claire make her fifth rookie mistake—trying to shoot an angel with a gun—the Grigori goes to stab her. But her mom steps in front of the blade; she sacrifices herself for her daughter.

After a complicated fight scene with the bad angel, Castiel, Sam, and Dean, Claire puts an end to things by stabbing the Grigori with his own sword. She then holds her mother as she dies. The good news? Amelia finally gets to the real heaven, where she’s able to reunite with her husband.

As for Claire, well, she’ll be staying with Jodi Mills for now and thinking about whether she wants to live life as a hunter. So far, she’s learned that goodbyes aren’t always forever, but she still has some more research to do before changing her life. With that in mind, Dean gives her a real birthday present. (He took his gun back.) He hands her a copy of Caddyshack and a book titled The Enochian Myth. He warns her that the path of a hunter doesn’t lead to a long life, but she thinks he looks pretty old. (Oh how wrong she is.)

She and Dean put everything behind them when she asks him to keep an eye on Cas. Then she hugs her fake father and rides away in a cab as Sam assures Cas that they’ll both be fine. Dean, on the other hand? That’s still TBD.

So yes, tonight was a bit of a detour from the Mark story line, but it tied in just enough. Plus, watching Misha Collins cry was just devastating (in a good way). 

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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