Sam and Castiel turn to Bobby for help with Metatron, while Dean gets a visit from Rowena.

By Samantha Highfill
April 02, 2015 at 05:02 AM EDT
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S10 E17
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Sometimes, a show grown man just needs a father figure (and a single man tear). And tonight, Sam got just that when he and Castiel used a psychic to contact Bobby in heaven. Long story short, I can’t fault an hour that teams up Castiel and Sam, nor can I dislike an hour that involves Bobby reading Tori Spelling’s book in front of a fire. Let’s get to it, shall we?

After Sam wakes up to Dean screaming out his name mid-nightmare, the youngest Winchester decides it’s time to take action on the Mark of Cain. So Sam lies about wanting to see some French film that’s only playing in Wichita–you know, where French films always play—and hits the road, leaving Dean, who claims to have slept like a “drunk baby”–that should tell you everything you need to know about Dean—stays behind.

From here, let’s break things up by Winchester.

Dean Winchester

With Sam away, Dean tries calling Rudy to see if he can help on a case, but Rudy’s got things covered. Telling Rudy that he’s “fan-damn-tastic,” Dean is so bored that he brushes his armpit with a toothbrush. (How does that even make sense?) Needless to say, the only fan-damn-tastic thing about Dean right now is that red shirt he’s wearing.

But because one can only do so much with a tootbrush—don’t get too imaginative—Dean heads to his local bar for some beer and nachos when he overhears a group of annoying college guys playing pool for money. So naturally, Dean heads over, pretends to be drunk, and hustles the guys out of $300 and a watch. All in all, it’s a win for Dean. That is until his eyes turn black in the bathroom—only briefly—and Rowena finds her way to the bar.

Yep, after painting herself with a number of symbols—and accidentally exposing herself to her now-scarred son—Rowena manages to locate Dean. Sitting at the bar, the “evil skank” casts a spell on the college guys, which forces Dean to knock them all out. However, he stops himself before killing them because, as Rowena puts it, Dean’s “the good guy.” He’s the hero, which is why she wants him dead—so that he’ll stop being a good influence on her son. (Welcome to “Parenting a Demon: 101.”)

But when Rowena’s big spell has no effect on Dean, she goes to Plan B: She beats herself up and tells Crowley that Dean did it. However, her son isn’t as upset as she expected. The way he sees it, she went there to kill Dean, so anything he did to her would be considered fair.

The one interesting thing Rowena says? That the Mark of Cain is merely a curse, which means that it can be removed. The whole “how” of the equation is still up for debate, but Rowena promises to look into it.

Meanwhile, Crowley pays a visit to Dean, where Dean takes on the role he was born to play—Dr. Phil to Crowley. As Dean so thoughtfully explains to the King of Hell, blood and family are not the same thing. Family is there for you. In other words, Rowena is not his family.

And because no witch will ever cast a spell greater than the love of the Winchesters, Crowley returns home and tells Rowena to get out. Having an Olivia Pope moment all his own, Crowley chooses himself over both his mother and the Winchesters. Why? “I’m bloody Crowley. I’m the King of Hell. I do what I want when I want. And I don’t take orders from you.” Any questions?

NEXT: The return of Bobby

Sam Winchester

After sneaking off to “see a movie,” Sam meets up with Castiel to inform him that the time has come: They have to turn to Metatron for answers about the Mark. However, when Hannah tells Castiel that they can’t let Metatron out of his prison cell, they too go to Plan B, which involves breaking Metatron out of jail. Or as I like to say, Plan B = Plan Bobby.

The first step of Plan B involves Sam and Cas finding a psychic to help, and thankfully, Oliver Price isn’t far away. Also, he’s an atheist who can’t handle Castiel, and he calls Metatron a “creep ass hobbit-looking fella.” Yeah, I love this guy.

Contacting Bobby—whose heaven consists of him sitting around and drinking—Sam explains that they need to remove the Mark from Dean’s arm. And in order to do that, they need his help getting Cas into heaven so that they can kidnap Metatron.

Once Bobby figures out how to escape his own personal heaven, he knocks on a few of the other surrounding dorm rooms until there are enough peopel for an impromptu hall party, also known as “what heaven looks like for introverts.”

With all of his new friends keeping the angel RAs busy, Bobby finds door 42, opens the portal, and allows Cas to get to heaven. But as soon as Cas arrives, Bobby starts in on his many Dean-related questions. It doesn’t take long until Bobby realizes that Sam and Cas are working behind Dean’s back … because these idjits haven’t given up. (Was that Castiel’s first “idjit”?)

Once they find Metatron—or as Bobby calls him, a “fraggle”—Castiel brings the scribe back down to earth, where Cas removes Metatron’s grace, and Sam shoots him in the leg. Efficient, right?

Now a mortal, Metatron is forced to provide answers. Unfortunately, all he’ll say is that removing the Mark requires old, God-level magic. Well, that, or Lucifer-level magic. And to be honest, I’ll take either, because the appeareance of God and/or the return of Lucifer is always welcome in my book.

But when Metatron claims that some of Cas’ grace is still out there, Cas agrees to let Metatron lead him to it. Meanwhile, Sam returns home to lie to his brother some more and then read a letter that Bobby wrote to him.

In the letter, Bobby tells Sam that he’s not sure that going behind Dean’s back is the best idea. Yes, Dean is stubborn, and yes, the life of a hunter is complicated, but Bobby’s never a fan of the brothers working separately. “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown Sam Winchester,” Bobby says. “One of the best. And I’m damn proud of you, son.” As Sam sheds a glorious tear, Bobby tells him that he was content before, but hearing from him made him the happiest he’s been in a while. No matter what happens, Bobby tells Sam to keep fighting, and to “kick it in the ass.”

But as we watch, we see three angels enter Bobby’s heaven, and surely that can only mean bad things, right? Is Bobby being punished? How are we supposed to go on without knowing what’s happening to Bobby?!

So, in an odd turn of events, an episode that separated the brothers ended up being one of the strongest episodes in weeks. It’s easy to forget just how entertaining some of the other pairings on the show are, such as Sam and Cas or Dean and Crowley. Sure, they’re not Sam and Dean, but nobody is. And let’s not forget: There’s only one Bobby Singer. I only wish that we got to see more of him this hour.

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