By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 05, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

Sam and Dean are still in the midst of their brotherly spat, but the Winchesters weren’t the only dynamic duo having relationship troubles in this week’s episode of Supernatural. The other pair of embattled buddies? None other than the Ghostfacers, who made their reappearance this week after a five-season (!) absence.

As you might be able to guess, it wasn’t exactly a happy reunion between the brothers and “supernaturalists”/official pains in the rump Harry (Travis Wester) and Ed (A.J. Buckley). In fact, Ed and Harry were probably the last people Sam and Dean expected to encounter while investigating the case of a girl who died after capturing the image of a mysterious being in a selfie. But it turned out Ed and Harry had picked up the case while tracking a mysterious being known as ThinMan. And while it wasn’t idea to be working with the Ghostfacers around, Sam and Dean had no choice but to find a way to co-investigating without being tempted to off the mouthy duo. (Actually, it was mostly Dean who had to restrain himself.)

For a good portion of the episode, I thought we were possibly dealing with a case similar to that of season 1’s “Hell House,” in which a made-up supernatural being became a real threat after the internet willed the spirit into existence. (This was another Ghostfacers episode.) And while that ended up not being the exact situatio, there was one similarity — the legend of ThinMan was 100 percent bogus. Except this time, Ed was the one behind the fake legend, and Harry was completely in the dark.

Ed explained to Sam and Dean that he’d made up the legend in order to keep Harry on the road with him. But when this fake being became an issue of life and death — and less to do with mounting internet fame — Ed had to confess to Sam and Dean, who, naturally, made Ed tell Harry the truth. Harry was rightfully peeved by the reveal that ThinMan was a lie, especially because he’d left behind a chance at real happiness to hit the road with Ed in search of more ThinMan action. (As a result, Harry was now on bad terms with the girl he had been set to spend his life with. The ultimate blow? She changed her Facebook status to “It’s complicated.”) It’s not uncommon for Supernatural to use the B-plots as a means by which to reflect Sam and Dean’s story, but in this case, the situation with Ed and Harry was pretty much an exact clone. Lies. Broken trust. Accusations of selfishness. I had mixed feelings about the sameness of the two situations, but appreciated the emotion that Wester and Buckley put into the storyline.

Speaking of emotion, little changed between Sam and Dean during the course of the episode but there was one particularly warm-hearted scene that, just for a moment, brought down their wall of resentment. In the moment, Dean recalled a time that 5-year-old Sam dressed up as Batman and jumped off their shed, breaking his arm. Through a smile, Sam shot back that he’d only jumped because 9-year-old Dean “jumped first.” But Dean defended, “I was dressed up like Superman. Everybody knows that Batman can’t fly.” The lightheartedness of the moment faded as quickly as it came, but it definitely made me miss these moments between them. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?! The answer, of course, is no. Because that’s boring. But still, it’s time for Sam and Dean to realize that their spat is nothing more than that and move on. If they were really on such bad terms, Sam wouldn’t have seemed in such turmoil later on when Dean almost had his throat slit by one of the crazy men who were behind the ThinMan killing.

Yes, that’s right, despite all this drama, the guys did get to the bottom of the case at hand and discover that it was actually two people behind the killings — not a ghost or ThinMan. It was just a weirdo who was dressing up as ThinMan and his chubby buddy. This was a twist I actually loved because I appreciate the reminder that while Sam and Dean live in a world of abundant supernatural threats, they also live in the real world, where scary humans lurk about. (P.S – My favorite Humans Are Twisted episode of Supernatural remains “The Benders.”)

In the end, Ed and Harry parted ways, with Harry telling his buddy that some things can’t be forgiven. Let’s hope he’s not right.

Beard Watch:

“Dude, jelly.”


Dean: “Am I supposed to be impressed by that treasure trail? Or that lady gun you have hidden in your pants there?”

Harry: “Both?”

“I will shoot you, bitches.” — Dean

“50 shades of way too much protein.” — Harry

“No one cares what they think; they don’t even have a Twitter.” — Harry

“The bedroom of a teenage girl is meant for two things — giggles and joy. Until one night, ThinMan turned the giggles into blood.” — Ed

“You crashed the Jenga tower of our lives.” — Harry

“So you’re ThinMan? That would make sense if it didn’t look like you just ate a fat camp.” — Dean

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