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Well, I didn’t see that ending coming. But I like it. I really do.

This makes no sense if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Supernatural. So in case you haven’t (or if you dig reading about things you just watched — yay!) let’s break it down:

This week’s episode was about a couple of unexpected visitors from the Land of Oz — Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. These weren’t the movie or fairy tale versions, though. They came with their own Supernatural twist. Dorothy arrived sans dog and packing a badass ‘tude (and pants!), while the Wicked Witch debuted looking less green than you probably remember and a little more like a PG-13 version of the thing from Darkness Falls.

They arrived after Dean accidentally knocked over a bottle containing magic portal-opening blue goo, unleashing the duo from a binding spell that Dorothy had done 75 years ago to trap the witch. (The side effect was that it also trapped her.) I’d honestly be afraid to touch anything in the Men of Letters bunker for fear that I’d spill some milk and start some sort of war or (another) apocalypse. I wouldn’t be able to live with the fear! Sam, we learned, had his own reasons not making himself at home at MOL HQ — but they were unrelated to clumsiness. His actual reasons for his reluctance went far deeper.

After Dean confronted him about his lack of nesting, Sam confessed that he’s always had trouble with the concept of a home because he never had one like Dean once did. Even though Dean was 4 years old when their mother died and their lives changed forever, he still had more memories than Sam did of normal life, Sam explained. And, Sam added, every time he had tried to make a home for himself, the effort had blown up in his face.

Sam had a point — or a million of them. But that’s no reason not to try, Sammy. That’s sort of what Dean told Sam, but they didn’t make progress on the issue beyond that. As usual, there’s no right answer here, but I hope Sam starts to feel at home a little bit. For his sake.

Getting back to the hunt for the witch, who was loose in the bunker and trying to find a key that would turn any door into a portal to Oz, a moment of note took place while the quartet was split up into two teams — Sam and Dorothy and Dean and Charlie. At one point, the witch got the drop on Dean and sent him flying into a nightstand. While he was down, she took aim, ready to zap him to death but Charlie did a Bodyguard-style leap and took the hit for him. I hadn’t realized until Charlie’s lifeless body was on the ground that the witch was so powerful. She killed her with ONE zap!

Luckily, Dean has an angel in his back pocket — or, in his brother, rather — and Zeke brought Charlie back to life. He made it clear, however, that he was running low on battery, and since there’s no such thing as an Angel Mophie, he could no longer do any “Give a Life” favors for Dean. Meaning, no more dying, Supernatural characters. For a while, anyway.

The downside of saving Charlie was that Zeke’s mojo was so low that he couldn’t work his angel magic and send the witch away in a blast of light. So they had to battle the witch the old fashioned way: With cleverness, gnarly skill, and a little Can Do attitude. Oh, and red slippers! (Well, they looked more like red Payless heels. But whatever.)

The shoes were how Charlie saved the day. I’m sure the boys would have helped, but they were briefly turned into what I’ll call Oz Zombies. Charlie and Dorothy first had to fight the Zombie Bros and THEN kill the witch. As you can see, Charlie and Dorothy were a pretty great team. So good, in fact, that the episode ended with Dorothy taking Charlie to Oz! There, claimed Charlie, she would find the adventure she desperately wanted.

Considering what we know about Charlie and what she’s been through in her life, I’m charmed by the idea that she will (hopefully) find some happiness in the kind of place she read about in the storybooks that have for so long been her retreat.

A few burning questions: How cute was Sam’s expression when he saw Oz at the end? Who else is DYING to see Dean ride the motorcycle? Who else feels really bad for poor Kevin and his broken melon? How many more episode until Sam figures out what’s going on? Dean can’t keep making up excuses for calling Sam “Zeke.” (I can see it now, five episodes from now, “Zeke? I didn’t say Zeke! I said…Zoink?”) Is anyone else fascinated by how Dorothy’s eyeshadow lasted 75 years?

Best Quotes:

“I took down a teenage vampire and a ghost, which sounds like a YA novel if you say it out loud.” — Charlie

Sam: Who uploaded them?

Charlie: I don’t know. Their screenname was BeckyWinchester176. Ring a bell?

Sam: None. Nobody’s. There are no bells, no.

Dean: Wow, that Joffrey’s a dick.

Charlie: Oh, you have no idea. Just wait until he…

Sam: Woah, woah, woah. Spoilers. I haven’t read all the books yet.

Dean: You’re going to read the books?

Sam: Yes, Dean. I like to read books; you know, the ones without pictures.

Charlie: So, big fan. Oz…

Dorothy: …he’s a total ass.

[Dorothy holds up Tin Man’s head]

Charlie: Is that…?

Dorothy: Yeah. He didn’t make it.

Charlie: [disturbed] Oh.

Charlie: Did you actually walk down a yellow brick road in these?

Dorothy: No. Seemed kinda tacky to wear a dead woman’s shoes, you know? Plus, I’m no good in heels.

“Ding-dong, bitches.” — Charlie

“Don’t B.S a B.S-er.” — Charlie to Dean

“Come help me find my damn dog.” — Dorothy to Charlie

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