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November 01, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

Sam calls Dean, who updates Dirk on the reality of the supernatural: “Unless it’s Godzilla, it’s real,” he tells him as he orders him to stay inside the salt line that he makes around Stewart’s bed. And despite the fact that he’s seen a million horror movies, Dirk still makes mistake number one: He doesn’t listen to the hero. Instead, he runs out of that salt line and straight into Hatchet Man/Jordan the moment he gets scared.

I will say I love what they did here — how what was going on in the show mirrored the All Saint’s Day movie that the hospital security guards were watching. Well played, writers.

While Sam creates a bomb — in a Scooby-Doo lunch box! — out of cleaning supplies, which is something he learned during his “messed up childhood,” Dean goes toe-to-toe with Hatchet Man in the hospital’s morgue. And just as he’s about to lose the fight, the Sams shows up and figure out that Jordan’s spirit must be tied to the Batman keychain with the store keys on it. Sam burns up the keychain, and just like that, Hatchet Man is back to being a life-size figurine that some poor, unknowing security guard is going to find at the end of the day.

Back in the Impala, Dean thanks his brother for getting him out of his funk and for getting him a win. Sam lets Dean know that when they get home, he can’t keep hiding out in his room. Nobody blames Dean for what Michael did while in his body, and he has to stop blaming himself. Dean claims he’ll never get over it, but he understands that he’s not doing anybody any good by staying in his room. So whatever “chief” needs, Dean is there.

But first, Dean has a question: Why does Sam hate Halloween so much? It turns out, in sixth grade, Sam had a crush on a girl named Andrea. She invited him to her Halloween party, and when it was Sam’s turn to bob for apples, his nervous stomach got the best of him, and he vomited all over Andrea. So Sam ended up hiding out in the woods until Dean came and found him.

Dean tells his brother that it’s about time to let that go, so next year, they’re going to do Halloween right, matching outfits and everything. Dean already had a few ideas …

Batman and Robin
Bert and Ernie … nope, that’s weird.
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Shaggy and Scooby, naturally.
Turner and Hooch
Ren and Stimpy
And of course, Thelma and Louise. After all, if anyone puts it in drive and goes, it’s the Winchesters.

I really enjoyed this episode, from the amazing outfits to the callbacks to the good ole horror movie fun. This is what I want out of a Halloween episode of Supernatural.

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