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Castiel learned a lot about what it means to be human on tonight’s Supernatural. He got annoyed with having to constantly pee, he had to learn how to ration his food, he started noticing boobs, he had sex, he died. You know, normal stuff. But the hardest human lesson of all probably came at the end of the episode, when he learned what it’s like to have your friends turn their backs on you.

But why’d the Winchesters give Cas the heave-ho? I’ll explain, but first, let’s go back.

Early in the episode, we caught up with Castiel, who was living at a homeless shelter and regaling his fellow tenants with tales of his newfound humanhood. (This trail of perplexed homeless men would eventually be the breadcrumbs by which the Winchesters tracked down Cas, who was calling himself Clarence.) All seemed well until Cas was tracked down by a member of the angel army and had to abandon his post at the shelter.

Speaking of the army, we learned a lot this week about a new big bad named Bartholomew, the up-and-comer who is leading the angel army. This dude seems like bad news in every way, right down to the fact that he’s completely unfazed when humans blow up in front of him because they don’t have the ability to contain angel grace in their vessel. Anyone who doesn’t bat an eye at an exploding person has issues. So, Bart — I’m going to call you Bart — we’ve got our eye on you.

After leaving the shelter Cas found himself on the doorstep of a sympathetic woman who gave him a sandwich, a roof for the night, and an invitation into her bed. (Note, ladies: It is not safe to pick up men who perch themselves on the stoop of your back alley. Even if they look like Cas.) Yes, Castiel wasted no time learning of that particular human joy. (Dean Jr.?)

Also this week, Dean learned a little bit more about what it’s like to deal with Sazekiel (Sam + Ezekiel…this term work for everyone?). Specifically, Dean learned that he can’t talk to Zeke about something and then talk to Sam about the exact same thing — because Sam doesn’t know what Zeke knows. Also, he learned that Zeke is kind of a jerk when he wants to be. A useful jerk. But a jerk nonetheless.

You see, after Cas was killed, brought back to life by Zeke (see: useful), and brought back to the bunker, Zeke told Dean that Cas couldn’t stay. According to Zeke, Cas was an angel beacon, despite having got a tattoo to ward off detection. (Yes, Cas got a tat. No wonder EP Jeremy Carver dodged the question when I posed it last week!) So if Cas stuck around, Zeke worried about being detected. ” If he stays, I’m afraid I will have no choice but to leave,” he told Dean.

But that wasn’t an option, as you know. If Zeke left Sam, Sam would die as he is not yet fully healed. So Dean did what he had to do and told Cas that he couldn’t stay. The look on Castiel’s face CRUSHED me.

Now, I should backtrack a little — I think Zeke did what he had to do to protect himself. Do I like what he did? No. Do I understand why he did it? Yes. That doesn’t make it any less sucky.

A few burning questions: Do you think Dean taught Cas how to properly brush his teeth before sending him on his way? How long before this secret blows up in Dean’s face? What’s your take on Bart? What did you think of Zeke’s ultimatum? And, lastly, how freaking good is Jared Padalecki doing with the challenging Sazekiel material? I mean, let’s just take two seconds to acknowledge this.


“What sheep?” — Cas

Girl: One name?

Cas: Like God.

Girl: Or Cher.

Sam [reading ingredients label of the pie]: Look at these chemicals. Do you even read the label?

Dean: No, I read “pie.” The rest is blah, blah, blah.

“I’m not asking you to walk the red carpet, Zeke.” — Dean

“Never do that again.” — Dean to Cas after Cas died

Cas: You lied.

Dean: I did. I do that.

“There really is a lot to being human.” — Cas

Dean: So did you have protection?

Cas: I had my angel blade.

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