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Image Credit: Michael Courtney/The CWFull disclosure: My brain had a water-caused shortage during the first minutes of this episode of Supernatural. Well, it wasn’t the water so much as it was the rain. Rather, the rain’s effect on our two favorite demon hunters, who trudged out of a storm (all wet and soggy) and into a hotel filled with bickering gods who wanted a piece of them. Hmm… the gods and I appear to have much in common. Sorry, I’ll stop being a total pig for a second so we can talk episode. [From here on out, this is a spoiler zone peeps. Hardhats required.]

Dean and Sam were tricked into checking into Hotel Totally a Trap, but they didn’t know it was a ruse until the hotel guests mysteriously disappeared. I won’t get graphic with the details of where they went; we’ll just say the gods thought they were mmm-mmm good. Speaking of the gods (who included the likes of Ganesh, Odin, Kali, Baron Samedi, and Balder), they captured Dean and Sam and kept them on hand while the group talked shop, a.k.a. the end of the world. But they didn’t get very far because Gabriel, dressed in the Tricker’s meat suit, showed up and crashed the party.

He tried to help Sam and Dean by wooing Kali, whom he had a ”thing” with at one point, but that didn’t work out. Angered by his betrayal, Kali stabbed him with what turned out to be a phony sword. He didn’t die… from that wound, at least. Lucifer showed up — creepy as ever, in case you were wondering — and killed Gabriel in a showdown. But Gabriel left a (pornographic) video message for the brothers that contained a secret about their quest: There’s a way to stop it all. They can trap Lucifer up forever and throw away the key. But it won’t be easy (shocker!). All they had to do was coax Lucifer back into his cage and use the horsemen’s four rings to lock him up. Sounds simple, right? Well, they have three episodes to do it, and two rings to go. It’s safe to say they’ve got some work to do.

So those are the basics. And here is my offering (no, it’s not a person’s head on a platter): My reflections on 10 lines from last night!

“We’re gonna find a way to beat the devil. I can feel it. We’re gonna find Cas; we’re gonna find Adam. But you’re no good to me burnt out.” – Dean to Sam

I was glad to see the brother relationship in the same place we left it last week: on a good note. But it just wasn’t enough to follow up on last week’s epic ending. It’s not too much of a surprise because Supernatural is typically paced that way, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

[Dean looks on as a couple makes out in the hotel hallway]

Sam: What are you, 12?

Dean: I’m young at heart.

…and a little bit of a sex fiend. Not that anyone minds.

Dean: You know what? Bite me, Gabriel

Gabriel: Maybe later, big boy.

I couldn’t just ignore that one.

“Me and Kali, we had a thing. Chick was all hands.” — Gabriel


“Okay, okay. I got wings, like Kotex.” — Gabriel, admitting he’s an angel

Two for Gabe!

“Westerners, I swear, the sheer arrogance. You think you’re the only ones on Earth? You pillage and butcher in your god’s name, but you’re not the only religion, and he’s not the only god.” — Kali

I really liked Kali. And admittedly, I hadn’t thought of the other gods much before this episode (call me an ”arrogant Westerner”). As I saw them die off at Lucifer’s hand, my hopes of their return for the end of the apocalypse were dashed. Luckily, Kali survived, and it’s my speculation (nay, hope) that we see more of her before the end of the season.

Gabriel: I can’t kill my brother.

Dean: Can’t or won’t?

Foreshadowing? I hope not. Please.

“Lucifer, you’re my brother, and I love you. But you are great big bag of dicks.” — Gabriel

The award for most over-used profanity-replacement on Supernatural goes to…

“Don’t forget you learned all your tricks from me, little brother.” — Lucifer

That sent chills up my spine.

“Maybe he’s a fan. It is a good one.” — Dean re: Gabriel’s beyond-the-grave video message, which is delivered in the form of Casa Erotica 13

If this show were on Showtime

So, PopWatchers, what did you think of Supernatural? Did that sneak peek at Pestilence completely gross you out, too? And have you checked out the Ghostfacers webisodes?

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