Devil's Bargain

As if Sam and Dean haven’t said farewell to enough of their loved ones, the Winchester duo now have another reason to say ”Gee, our lives suck.”

(First, stop reading here if you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Supernatural. Second, WHY haven’t you seen last night’s episode of Supernatural?!?)

Last week, we learned via annoying superfan Becky that Bella (circa season 3) didn’t really give The Colt back to super-demon Lilith. Instead, she handed it over to another demon, Crowley. The path was wide open for the boys to get the only gun that could possibly kill Lucifer ( they thought).

Oddly enough, the impending battle for The Colt was a big overture for a little show. In the first 10 minutes of the show, Castiel tracks down Crowley, the boys storm his mansion (P.S. – I gotta get into the demon business) with help from old pal Jo, obtain the gun with Crowley’s blessing, and are even gifted with extra ammo. I expected a little more fight (especially since that gun was big potatoes for a long time), but as Crowley reveals, he wants Lucifer to be killed because his success in taking over the world results in his death – and the death of other demon peons. He tells the boys that Lucifer’s set up in Carthage, Missouri, and gives Dean one more piece of advice: ”Don’t miss.”

We cut to Bobby’s house, where the team (brothers Winchester, Bobby, Castiel and mother-daughter hunter duo Ellen and Jo) are assembling to ring in their last day on Earth with a little cantina music and booze. There, Sam and Dean have some brother time where they chat about (surprise) Dean not wanting Sam to come to the big fight, for fear that Lucifer might get Sam to say yes to being his vessel. Sam rebuffs, ”If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it together.” You tell him, Sammy.

In the kitchen, Dean puts the moves on Jo (I’m guessing the little sister-big brother vibe I picked up from these two in season 2 was wrong). Jo rejects his advances (stupid girl!), claiming she wants to go out of this world ”with a little thing I called self-respect.” Before the evening comes to a close, Bobby insists on taking a family portrait, claiming it’s tradition before a big hunt.

As they arrive in the town, where apparently no major cell phone carriers survive the devil’s coming, Castiel spots reapers – a lot of them. History tells me that a large group of men in suits waiting for your arrival is never a good thing. But brave Cas sets off on a solo search for Lucifer and finds him. The Castiel-meets-Lucifer scene that the show has been building to all season plays out in a brilliant exchange. Lucifer attempts to turn the tables, telling the angel (who is trapped in a ring of holy oil fire) that if he dies, Castiel will become heaven’s ”new public enemy No. 1.” Cas holds his ground, saying he will protect Sam to the death. Lucifer’s ability to negotiate and gain sympathy has easily been one of the strongest points of this season so far.

Back on the streets, demon Meg (portrayed poorly by Rachel Miner) and her band of hellhounds meet up with the rest of the gang (sans Bobby). The gang wages an attack, but ends up fleeing to a hardware store when it’s clear they’re overpowered. In the midst of fleeing, Dean gets tackled by a hound, but Jo goes back to help him. Her good deed ends up getting her clawed. By the time they make it to safety, it’s clear she won’t make it to the end of the episode.

Dean radios Bobby, who’s waiting with words of encouragement. Their conversation pulls at the heartstrings as Bobby once again plays pseudo-dad, telling Dean that he has to think straight even as his friend lies dying. But Bobby, ever the fountain of information, tells Dean that Lucifer is likely in town for a big ritual that will raise Death. Yes, that’s Death with a capital ‘D.’ THE Death.

The gangs agree they must stop it, but with Jo as dead weight, they know they can’t go on together. Jo volunteers to stay back, lure the hounds into the store and blow them up while the rest get away. ”It’s probably the last chance you’ll get to treat me like an adult,” she tells her mom. ”You might wanna take it.” The boys get to making the bomb and exchange tearful farewells with Jo, but not before Ellen announces she’s staying back too.

It was difficult to see the two remaining non-evil women on Supernatural go out, but at least they went out with a (literal) bang. The awesomely directed and acted scene was the highlight of the season so far.

At the ritual site, Lucifer and his band of townie demons are hard at work raising Death. Sam and Dean charge in, The Colt in hand. Sam acts as the distraction while Dean sneaks up behind. He doesn’t miss his shot, but not that it matters. The bullet merely knocks out Lucifer, he rises and pulls a Wolverine, healing the wound instantly. Turns out the Devil is one of the five things in existence that The Colt can’t kill, which begs the question: What are the other four?

He throws Dean against a tree, knocking him unconscious. During his alone time with Sam, he reiterates their deeper connections. ”He (Lucifer’s brother Michael) beat me down all because I was different, had a mind of my own,” his evilness says.

Back in the oily ring of fire, Castiel escapes his angel prison by using Meg as a bridge. Awesome. After escaping, he meets up with Sam and Dean. He gets there just in time to see the ritual complete. Death has arrived.

The fall finale ends back at Bobby’s house, where he and the brothers gather to throw the ‘family photo’ in the fire, bringing the episode to a symbolic – albeit abrupt – end.

Supernatural returns January 21 with new episodes.

So, there you have it. Now you go, what did YOU think of Supernatural‘s fall finale?

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