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Although Festivus isn’t for another month, everybody got their bad feelings off their chests on Supergirl this week. And how did it go? Let’s just say two out of three ain’t bad.

The action gets underway when Lena refuses to hand the medallion over to the white-haired Leviathan woman and blows off Hope-Eve’s warnings that Leviathan will keep coming for her.

The woman then returns to Leviathan’s secret lair to confess her failure to new baddie Rama Khan (Mitch Pileggi, an always-welcome guest star), who info-dumps the backstory on Leviathan: Their enormous ship crashed into Earth and killed the dinosaurs, and since then, he’s been tasked with keeping the scourge of humanity from destroying the planet.

But Gememnae (Cara Buono, also a delight) chides him that his time is over, and the world has evolved to respond only to the technology that she can provide. Nevertheless, Rama Khan ignores her and shows up at an L-Corp event to demand that Lena hand over the medallion.

Lena being Lena planned on this very thing, however. See, she wants Kara to take her to the secret location of all of Lex’s confiscated toys, so she needs to escalate the Leviathan conflict. And mission accomplished. Rama Khan starts flinging around gouts of earth and rock, so Lena activates her Supergirl watch and flings herself off a cliff. Supergirl arrives just in time to catch Lena midair, and Rama Khan escapes.

The good news is that everyone in attendance had their phones out during the event, so Brainy’s able to pick through the footage and get a good look at the attacker. He discovers that this earth bender was on the scene during natural disasters such as Pompeii, the great Antioch earthquake of 526 AD, and maybe even Noah’s flood. To Lena’s secret delight, Kara suggests that Superman’s cache of confiscated Lex weapons might be the answer, so the women suit up for a chilly trip to the Fortress of Solitude.

After a tense moment when Kara has to scramble to deactivate the Fortress’s extreme anti-Luthor measures, the women proceed inside. Lena jokingly-but-not-really talks about all those times she tried to save her fragile human friend Kara, including when she risked her own safety on the flight to Kaznia for Kara’s sake. Kara uncomfortably says she’s glad that’s all behind them. *awkward laugh*

Thankfully, the Fortress offers up information about Rana Khan: He’s one of five leaders from Krypton’s sister planet Jarhanpur, which was destroyed after years of civil war, and sure enough, there’s a weapon in the armory that could hurt him. Lena asks if she can send a warning to Brainy, although she actually gets up to some shenanigans with the Fortress computer, and then they proceed to go shopping at the Fortress weapons store. One of those weapons is Myriad, the device from season 1 that let Astra and Non zombify all humans. But Lena ultimately settles on a sonic cannon for Jarhanpur-fighting.

Outside of the Fortress, Brainy and Alex catch a trace of Rip Roar, but it turns out to be his body, rigged to explode in a Leviathan trap. It leaves Alex with a mild concussion and damages one of Brainy’s forehead discs. But his disc damages turns into an asset when he starts putting clues together at lightning speed. He matched a symbol on Rip Roar’s body with the same iconography that appeared throughout history at a variety of disasters and mass casualties— and at a National City pastry shop.

Soon enough, he leads Alex to an old stone building with the symbol on the cornerstone, but when they enter and take the elevator down, they only find an abandoned cave. Gamemnae’s actually there cloaking Leviathan’s cozy hideout while Rama Khan stalks Supergirl and Lena in the Fortress.

At first Rama Khan gives Supergirl a bit of a fight, intoning, “I am ancient, I am the earth.” Ah, but the Fortress is Kryptonian, and Kara’s super-breath and Lena’s sonic cannon send him running.

BUT THEN. Kara turns to find Lena holding Myriad, and Lena. Luthor. unloads. She coldly tells Kara that the day she forced herself to pull the trigger and kill her brother to protect her friends was the day that she learned that all of her friends had been lying to her. And ever since then, she’s been using Kara the way Kara used her. Kara’s stunned and horrified in the face of Lena’s raw fury. Lena, who promised herself that she’d never trust anyone again. Lena, who softened to Kara’s warmth and earnestness. Lena, who confided in her new best friend that the worst injury she could suffer would be betrayal.

What defense can Kara raise in the face of all of that? She apologizes and weakly tries to explain and then begs her friend to be the good person Kara knows her to be and leave Myriad in the Fortress. But just then, Lena’s counterprogramming kicks in and the Fortress imprisons Supergirl. Lena assures Kara that she’s not going to kill her. “I’m not a villain. You shouldn’t have treated me like one.” With that killer last line, Lena turns and leaves Kara trapped in a cell.

You know what? I’m glad Lena got to have her say. Her points were all extremely valid, even if her actions this season haven’t been easy to watch, and Katie McGrath and Melissa Benoist knocked this confrontation out of the park, like usual.

Now, to the two other “let the bad feelings out” storylines this week.

First, Alex and Kelly finally have an honest discussion about Kelly’s lingering trauma about losing the people she loves. Alex is glad to have Kelly by her side while she recuperates, telling Kelly that she feels like home, Kelly’s not sure she can do this again: the fear and uncertainty of loving someone with a dangerous, the constant potential for pain and grief. But even though she looks ready to launch into a breakup speech, Alex asks for the chance to work through her anxiety together. After all, being with Kelly healed her own wounds, so she’d like the chance to do the same for Kelly. In the end, Kelly agrees because “you feel like home too.”

And finally, J’onn faces off with Malefic after he summons his father in a Martian vision and Myr’nn tells him that Malefic is imprisoned across town. He presents J’onn with two options: use the Phantom Zone generator to zap Malefic back there or let down his psychic shields so they can bond completely, even though it gives Malefic the perfect opportunity to kill J’onn and everyone he loves. Myr’nn, ever the kind father even in vision form, tells J’onn that there’s no right or wrong, just what brings peace to his heart, and he’ll love his son no matter what. Then he disappears.

When J’onn appears in Malefic’s cell holding the projector, he immediately sets it aside and kneels in supplication, asking for forgiveness and offering his brother the mental bond. Malefic threatens him with death but agrees to the psychic connection. He’s moved by what he sees in J’onn’s memories, and the two brothers embrace.

Just spitballing here, but it looks like Malefic may have joined the good guys in time to help stop Lena now that she has a powerful weapon to use for Project Non Nocere.

Snaps of the cape

  • No air, no time, no sight, no smell. Only his heart suspended mid-beat. Malefic paints an extremely bleak picture of his time in the Phantom Zone, no?
  • We finally learned Leviathan lady’s name! It’s Margot, which I’m choosing to take as a shoutout to the incomparable Ms. Kidder.
  • Soooo is Brainy’s damage permanent, and are we going to get an even more manic Coluan than usual?
  • One more episode until the Crisis crossover. Get hyped, people!

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