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Kara's grief over Mon-El causes her to ignore her humanity, while Alex struggles with wedding plans


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October 09, 2017 at 09:03 PM EDT

Think back to your last breakup and how you got through it. Did you self-medicate with booze? Ice cream? Large-scale city repair and high-speed bullets to the chest?

If you chose the last option, then congrats, you’re grieving the Supergirl way.

As season 3 opens, Kara Danvers is plagued by gauzy dreams of walking through an alien landscape with Mon-El, whom she sacrificed in the season 2 finale, and her mother. But it’s just a beautiful fantasy; her joyless reality is keeping National City safe.

Tonight, she does this by shielding Alex and Maggie from gunfire as they pursue a thief, who escapes as Supergirl stops a semi from barreling into a family car. But she doesn’t stick around to acknowledge the thanks of the grateful kid in the backseat, and she’s equally all-business at the DEO, ordering Winn to test the blood on her hand so they can ID the thief. (Yuck.) Then, when Alex invites her to the tasting for the wedding reception, Kara blows it off.

Let me repeat: Kara. Blows off. Potstickers.

The rest of her team is as concerned as I am, and J’onn and Winn agree that Kara’s acting more like Alex than herself. When Alex objects, J’onn assures her that her unrelenting seriousness is one of her best qualities.

Now let’s meet new baddie Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar), a real estate developer who’s convened the city’s leaders to crow about how good business has been thanks to all the post-Daxamite reconstruction. When he overlooks a major player who did all of the (literal) heavy lifting, James and Lena say in unison, “Let’s not forget Supergirl.” Bless! The city hasn’t forgotten her, either, and will unveil a statue in her honor on the waterfront that weekend. (Um, I can’t be the only one who remembers how well that went with Laurel Lance, right?)

Morgan’s next scheme involves that very real estate: He wants to move low-income residents out of the waterfront area so he can build pricey high rises. Lena challenges him, and he accuses her of making decisions based on guilt over all the Luthor misdeeds and gloats that he has the power to summon all the power players in the city to his office. OMG, he’s awful. CRRRUUUUUSH HIM, LENA.

At CatCo, we learn that Cat Grant has a new job: White House press secretary! She’s on TV telling the press corps that of course the president believes in global warning, as the president is not a moron. Excellent timing, Supergirl!

This means James is still in charge at CatCo, and he, too, is concerned that Kara’s been so busy keeping crime at an all-time low that she hasn’t had time for her “exclusive interview” with Supergirl. As Kara’s promising that she’ll get it done in time for the statue unveiling, they’re interrupted by Morgan’s televised announcement that he’s going to buy CatCo. I…don’t think that’s how major corporate acquisitions work?

Naturally, this sends Kara to Lena’s office, where Lena amusingly refers to Morgan as a sentient bottle of cheap cologne and promises to try to talk Morgan out of buying CatCo. She also says that she misses Kara, who’s been blowing her off, and promises she’s there for her grieving friend. But they’re interrupted by the TV (again!) with news about a burglary in progress.

This puts the nail in the coffin of Kara making it to the wedding tasting, which bums out the assembled Super-family. Alex, in particular, misses her sister and is unenthused about the wedding in general, although she’s not sure why. The cost, maybe? I bet National City’s expensive.

At least they’ve identified the thief, Robert DuBois, codename Bloodsport. He’s a mercenary who bombed city hall a few years ago and used to work security at Fort Harrison, 20 minutes outside of the city.

When Kara zooms in to see why the base’s systems are offline, she finds all the military personnel down and is knocked flat by a blast that comes from, well, nowhere, when she enters a nearby building. A shot of heat vision later, she reveals Bloodsport sprinting away from a previously invisible Daxamite ship.

When James’ emergency beeper goes off, she leaves the scene and zooms to CatCo, where she’s furious to learn he summoned her because she missed her Supergirl profile deadline. James reminds her that she has a life, a job, and a whole existence outside of Supergirl, just like he does with Guardian. (So does this mean more Guardian in season 3? How excitizzzzzzzz.) Anyway, Kara says Supergirl is the core of her, and Kara is a distance second. With this in mind, she quits CatCo.

As Kara’s blowing up her life, the DEO has learned that Bloodsport stole the necessary equipment, some of it Daxamite, to cloak a regular aircraft so it can nuke a city with absolutely no warning.

And who is Bloodsport working with? Yep, the bottle of cologne himself. We learn this shortly after Lena fails to convince him not to buy CatCo, which he plans to use to tear down his enemies. (Lena also gets the best line of the night: “Morgan, you have all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the ’90s.” Amazing burn, lady! Highest of fives.)

Also having no luck is Alex, who shows up at Kara’s apartment to yell at her for quitting the job she worked toward all those years. She’s done with the coddling and tells Kara that it’s time to ditch the pity party. “Who are you right now? Kara Danvers doesn’t quit!”

But Kara doesn’t want to be the sad girl who lost her boyfriend, and she refuses to grieve the way Alex would if she lost Maggie — that is, the human way.

“I am not a human. I tried to be, but I’m not. Kara Danvers was a mistake,” she says, crushing Alex (and the audience). So Alex gives an update on Bloodsport and turns to leave. Before she does, she reminds her sister that Kara Danvers is her favorite person. “She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could. So just think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.” Yessss, sister tough love! (Next page: Kara wakes up)

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