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June 18, 2018 at 11:19 PM EDT

At the DEO, Kara tells Mon-El that living as a Kryptonian on Argo isn’t who she is anymore; she’s at home on Earth, balancing humanity and heroics as she protects her planet. Mon-El, meanwhile, tells Kara that the future needs him to fight with the Legion, and he can’t abandon them. As he leaves, he tosses her his flight ring, “In case you ever need me.”

This scene is a lovely bookend to the rushed, agonizing goodbyes the pair made at the end of last season. This time, they have choices, and with Mon-El’s marriage over and a possible future spread out before them, they made the selfless choice to protect the people who need them most. They’ve both walked a path of growth this season, and it yielded a satisfying payoff.

Speaking of growth, Winn answers the call to save the future, and James decides he’s done waiting for the world to change, confirming his identity as Guardian for CatCo to report to the world.

Alex is also ready to grab her future with both hands, telling J’onn she wants to resign from the DEO so she can stop risking her life every day and pursue motherhood. But J’onn offers another solution: Alex will become director of the DEO so she can chase the personal and the professional without daily threats on her life. (Let’s all just politely ignore the many times J’onn has gone into the field himself, hmm?)

As for J’onn, his father reminded him that the Martian way is to live among the people, rather than hide behind walls, so he steps down, dons the world’s jauntiest hat, and joins the throngs of humanity on the street.

Alura prepares to return the witches to Argo to face trial, but before she leaves, she tells Kara how proud she is of her. Then Lena hands over a case of her (wo)man-made Harun-El, along with the recipe to make more to keep Argo alive, and Alura says she’s relieved that none of this dangerous, unknown material will be left on Earth. If Lena had a thought bubble above her head at that moment, it would clearly say, “Ummm….”

Winn and Alex share an emotional hug before Kara says goodbye to the first person she trusted with her Supergirl identity. On the Legion ship, Mon-El helps Winn get used to the Brainy chair, while Brainy finds a sketch that Winn left for him at his new DEO workstation of Winn’s universe-changing tech. Excellent passing of the torch!

The Danvers sisters end the day at Kara’s, digesting all the big choices their loved ones just made. Alex applauds Kara’s courage in choosing to stay on Earth, and Kara assures her, “This is my home. With you. On this couch.” SHOUT IT TO THE HEAVENS, SISTER! Then Alex asks, “Are we gonna be okay?” and Kara assures her they are.

So everything is hunky dory… except for two things. One is Lena calling Ms. Techsmacher to instruct her to begin the second phase of their Harun-El trials. And the other is a flashback to 48 hours earlier, just as Kara was traveling to the Dark Valley thanks to the Harun-El. At that moment, a Kara double appeared on the Siberian border, wrapped in a blanket, and oh my Rao, are we getting Red Son next season? Time travel has consequences, people!

Snaps of the cape

  • There’s no pizza on Argo. Kara clearly made the correct choice.
  • Shall we go ahead and assume that Clark’s been chilling in Madagascar all season long, conveniently on hand to save that portion of the Earth? Also, what became of Thomas Coville? Did he live to proselytize another day?
  • For those keeping score, Mon-El’s time on the show is done, Winn will recur next season (all the better for him to make new outfits for the Legion), and Brainy will be a regular (all the better for Kara to rectify this egregious oversight: “We never showed you Star Wars? Not a single Star War?”). And with James’ identity no longer a secret, Lena edging toward darkness, Alex as the new HBIC, J’onn wandering the Earth like something out of Kung Fu, and another Kara out there, season 4 could look verrry different.
  • Well, Super-friends, season 3 had its highs and its lows, but in the end, I’m glad to have spent 23 episodes with the CW’s sunniest, most optimistic superhero. Here’s hoping Kara and company enjoy a Worldkiller-less summer and fly back to our airwaves in the fall ready for more thrilling heroics. See you then!
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