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Supergirl, no! That’s no way to leave us at the end of the midseason finale!

We open with Mon-El describing the 31st century, where technology is still mostly used for communication, entertainment, and killing. When the governments became overwhelmed by chaos and violence, he used Kara as an example and organized The Legion to help keep the peace.

His team’s ship got knocked into a wormhole and crashed on Earth 12,000 years ago, so they went into cryosleep until the 31st century. But the torpedo from the series premiere woke him up, and now they need the DEO’s help to get home.

Imra is thrilled to meet Kara after hearing all about her passionate fight for justice, and Kara, because she’s the nicest person in the universe, invites them to her holiday party that night. (Because they are not the cruelest people in the universe, they decline.)

At the party, Kara and Alex agree not to wallow about being alone for the holidays. “Crone buddies!” Alex cheers. Truly, they are #SisterGoals. Elsewhere, M’yrnn marvels over the awesomeness of hot chocolate, J’onn declares that The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time, and Lena and James drink Scotch and make eyes at each other.

Samantha, who woke up in her bed with no memory of her Fortress of Sanctuary shenanigans, arrives with Ruby, who happily sits with Alex to hear stories about Supergirl. (Yeah, I think we all see who’s going to step in with Ruby once her mom’s MIA.)

Meanwhile, Sam and Kara tease Lena about dragging James under the mistletoe, while she denies any bathing suit-area feelings in that direction. Then Kara tells her new besties that she couldn’t have gotten through the year without them.

The party’s interrupted when the DEO is called to investigate a mysterious shape burned into a field on L-Corp land. Kara recognizes it as something she saw once on a field trip to old Kryptonian ruins, so she consults the hologram of her mother.

Holo-mom says it’s a glyph that predates recorded history and is “low speech” from Urrika, the Kryptonian continent where life began. It originated with the Juru, who over time stopped worshipping a pantheon of gods to focus just on Rao, and this heralded the birth of modern Krypton. Unfortunately, the ruling council destroyed records related to the old “superstitions,” so holo-mom, containing all knowledge from the 28 known galaxies, can’t translate it.

By now, the symbol’s appearing all over the city, so even though it’s Christmas Eve, James scrambles to get his reporters to cover it while he mulls over how to “frame the story” so nobody panics. Um, nope. Good editors do not openly speculate about framing a story. Good editors report the best possible version of the truth using the best possible sources available and let the public decide. I mean, what if they genuinely do have reason to panic?

Anyway, given the symbol on her property, Lena immediately assumes it’s Morgan Edge, so she and James visit his office. He smarmily denies involvement and offers them a corporate Christmas gift for their troubles. (They decline, which is a shame. Edge is vile, but that looked like a nice mug. Also, never turn down free chocolate.)

Kara and James are apparently spending their Christmas Eve at the alien bar, but when they arrive, they find Mon-El and Imra there, having devoured plates of ribs. Kara has to watch as Mon-El tenderly wipes BBQ sauce off his wife’s face. Um, how dare they. RIBS IS A KARA/MON-EL THING. This awkward tableau is interrupted by a call summoning Kara to meet with Thomas Coville, the jailed prophet from “The Faithful.”

When she arrives, he eagerly explains that she’s facing the end of days. He spent two years in a global pilgrimage leaning about Rao, and thanks to a disgraced Kryptonian priestess at Fort Rozz, he discovered a prophecy predating the Book of Rao that tells of a dark god, a devil, a “Lilith made of darkness and teeth.” (P.S. Stealing that title for my new business cards!)

Coville says her coming is foretold in three stages. First is the mark of the beast, which they’re now seeing. Second is the work of the beast, which involves many deaths. Finally comes the reign of the beast, when Worldkiller arrives to bring about the end of times. He tells Kara that it’s her mission to smite this evil, but she blows off his words as an attempt to feel relevant.

Back at the DEO, Imra offers to put her skills as a 31st century cop to work, and then, with her stupid fancy accent and her stupid husky voice, asks Kara if they can talk alone. She tells Kara that at first, all Mon-El talked about was finding his way back to her, and he didn’t look at another woman until years later when he realized he’d never be able to return. Kara, naturally, wants no part of this conversation.

Also having an awkward conversation are Sam and Ruby. Sam says she’ll need to work through Christmas Eve, and when Ruby gets upset, Sam pulls her daughter into her lap and tells her a story about their best Christmas together. Then she gives Ruby her gift: a necklace with a Supergirl pendant. Samantha says she loves her and promises that they’re always stronger together. (Next page: Kara’s having a really bad Christmas) 

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