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S3 E8
November 27, 2017 at 11:52 PM EST

The ceremony gets underway when Kara steps to the front to sing as Iris and Joe come down the aisle. Barry’s eyes shine with tears — and this is before Joe whispers that he wishes Barry’s parents were there. “They are,” Barry replies. Take a second to dab your tears, and as you’re composing yourself, I’ll remind you that Kara sang “Running Home to You,” which was Barry’s song to Iris during the musical crossover. Show continuity, FTW!

The minister steps up to begin the ceremony, but when he reaches the “speak now” portion, he’s swiftly vaporized. So long, William Katt, a.k.a. Ralph Hinkley from The Greatest American Hero. That was a heck of a cameo.

The fatal blast was courtesy of Nazi-girl, who growls, “Peace is overrated.” Yep, the church has been overrun with Nazi troops, who open fire on the crowd.

Barry and Wally speed around to catch bullets, Firestorm appears, Kara whips off her glasses, Cisco encourages Caitlin to channel her frosty roommate, Mick grabs his heat gun, and Sara and Alex both rip slits into their long skirts for maximum freedom of movement. In short, you picked the wrong church, Nazi chumps!

Thankfully, Oliver brought along his wedding bow and is able to deflect a Nazi arrow headed toward Harrison, who’s evacuating the humans. Then he has Cisco breach him up to the balcony to engage the Nazi-archer upstairs.

Nazi-Prometheus arrives on the scene, complete with that ominous cascading theme song that I so loved last season. Sara and Alex team up to take him down, exchanging high fives when they do. Meanwhile, Supergirl’s taken to the sky to fight the masked woman. They’re evenly matched (what a shock!), and Supergirl gets knocked through the exterior of the church to crumple on the floor.

But she’s able to deliver a super clap that stuns Nazi-girl, allowing Kara to punch her in the stomach. Nazi-girl falls, cradling her abdomen, and the Nazi archer immediately leaps over the railing to swoop her up, shouting for his troops to fall back. (Gee, I wonder why Nazi-archer’s so eager to protect Nazi-girl?) “Best wedding ever,” Mick crows.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry promises Iris that he is going to marry her, while around them, Cisco’s down with a concussion, Stein marvels over Caitlin’s frosty dual nature, Sara and Jax march Nazi-Prometheus into a cell, and Mick announces that he successfully memory wiped all the wedding guests, so everybody’s secret identities are safe.

Kara didn’t see any sign of the enemy when she surveilled the city, and they wonder where these particular Nazis came from. (“Apparently they don’t know about the Yalta Conference,” Stein says — although to be fair, neither does Mick.) They worry about the ethnic cleansing, world domination, and “Make America Aryan again” (not that it ever was!) that could follow.

Then our heroes start marveling that the archer matched Oliver shot for shot, and Kara’s opponent was her exact equal. Oh, bless your sweet faces, all of you. Even as an alt-Earth Nazi, can’t they recognize Kara’s fabulous hair from a mile away?

On a rooftop elsewhere in the city, Nazi-archer and Nazi-girl are joined by Nazi-Reverse Flash, who takes off his mask to reveal Harrison Wells (or Eobard Thawne in Harry’s body?). He yells at the duo for attacking before they were ready, but Nazi-archer argues that the wedding was too good to pass up. Then the pair remove their masks to reveal the faces of Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers. Nazi-Kara vows that they’ll have another chance to achieve victory, and when they do, they’ll kill every last one of our heroes.

Snaps of the cape:

  • This first hour was such a blast! The show did an amazing job of blending the story lines and characters from four different shows and letting our favorites interact. And boy howdy, did the names in those opening credits keep going and going and going…
  • Meta moment of the night: Kara KOs a Dominator in the first minutes of the episode and declares, “These guys are so last year.”
  • Gotta admit, evil looks good on Melissa Benoist, although the “SS” hurts to look at. Also, I’m dying to know who’s under the Prometheus mask, as the showrunners have broken my heart by announcing that Josh Segarra isn’t back for the crossover.
  • We all agree that the starry-eyed server pushing the sparkling water and exclaiming about how happy she is to be at this particular wedding is totally Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, yes?
  • I’m on the fence about Alex and Sara hooking up. Alex’s story line as a single woman could be as compelling and sensitively told as her coming out and her first love were, but this felt rushed after the devastation of the Sanvers breakup. Still, who among us hasn’t had, considered, or witnessed a drunken rebound hookup or two?
  • Okay, let’s discuss the Nazis in the room. Sure, it makes for a straightforward “good versus evil” storyline, but in this, the Year of Our Lord 2017, Nazis are a little less…hypothetical than we might like. It takes a bit of the fun escapism out of it for me — but only a bit, honestly, because this episode overall was a gas. What say you, Arrow-verse fans? Are you on board for more episodes of Nazi punching, or would you like to keep the Third Reich out of your superhero escapism?
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