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S3 E5
November 06, 2017 at 11:56 PM EST

Before this week’s episode, we all knew that Morgan Edge wasn’t a good dude. But dang, Mo, poisoning kids to get back at a business rival? That’s lower than low.

Kids all over National City have fallen ill with lead poisoning, and Edge wastes no time in appearing live on television to blame Lena Luthor and the anti-Daxamite lead bomb she created.

In private, Edge accuses Lena of wanting to be a hero so badly that she didn’t care who she hurt. Lena immediately makes plans to step down from CatCo and L-Corp to avoid the appearance of bias, cover-up, or financial gain. Kara thinks this makes Lena look guilty, but James agrees that it’s the right call.

This sentiment is reinforced when a distraught father storms the newsroom, making me wonder what kind of shoddy security CatCo has. I mean, the eight-person newsroom I worked in several years ago had systems in place to keep randos from wandering in, and it was a tiny paper with only one computer that connected to the internet. (Did I mention it was several years ago?) Anyway, if that security outflanks CatCo’s, that’s a problem.

At James’ suggestion, Lena holds a press conference to get in front of the story. While she’s speaking, Kara hears the sound of a gun cocking, but she isn’t able to locate the shooter until it’s too late. A woman with a sick child open fires on the platform, and James takes a bullet in the shoulder while pushing Lena out of the way.

To see if the bomb really could be the culprit, Winn recreates a test that previously showed that 99.96 percent of the lead molecules from the bomb bonded to Daxamite genes, leaving only .04 percent as the margin of error. But when he and Kara redo the test, only 89.79 percent bonded, creating a 10 percent chance that the bomb is the cause.

Meanwhile, Samantha invites Lena to stay with her, despite Lena’s concern that she’s endangering her and Ruby. When Kara swings by later to report the test results, Lena is drunk and full of self-loathing. She says she’s been a pariah all her life because of her wealth and her brother, when all she ever wanted was to be good. The lead bomb was the one good thing she accomplished, and now she’s the monster who poisons children.

When Kara tries to argue that there’s still a chance it wasn’t her fault, Lena says she loves Kara’s propensity for finding the good in people, but “stop believing me, okay? I am not worth it.” Oh, Lena. (She also tells Kara that she’s terrible at hiding things from her, which is incredibly funny.)

Once Lena passes out, Kara and Samantha continue their research while getting to know each other. For example, they’re both adopted, and they’re both plagued with bad dreams. What a wild coincidence, and not at all something that will have major implications in the future!

As they search for commonalities among the victims, Samantha somehow accesses the families’ bank records. (Which, what? How? That sure isn’t legal.) They discover that several of the families were at the same Oktoberfest, and when they arrive at the venue, the public pool becomes a likely culprit.

Kara collects a water sample that she sends to Winn for analysis, and he declares it a synthetic compound that, when combined with water, acts like lead, poisonings and all. The supply closet’s full of buckets and buckets of the stuff, all courtesy of Acre Lee Chemical. When Kara calls Lena with the good news that it was the pool and not the bomb, Lena claims never to have heard of that particular company.

It’s a lie, of course, and Lena confronts Edge in his office about his ownership of Acre Lee, which did the actual poisoning. Edge mocks her idea of a “he said, she said” fight in the media, but that’s not what Lena has in mind. She pulls a gun and says she agrees with the woman who shot at her that morning: The person who made those children sick deserves to die, without the benefit of a trial or jury. Edge tells her she isn’t thinking clearly, but she corrects him: She’s thinking like a Luthor.

Then one of Edge’s henchmen conks her the head, and she comes to in the back of a pilot-less cargo plane full of Acre Lee chemical barrels. Edge and one of his henchman are controlling the plane from the ground, directing it to a reservoir to contaminate all the water. They jam Lena’s attempted distress signal, but the DEO intercepts enough for Supergirl to zoom to the rescue.

When the plane’s cargo doors open to dump its payload, Lena is able to keep the barrels from tumbling out, but she won’t be able to fight gravity for long. Thankfully, Supergirl arrives in the nick of time to close the hatch. (Next page: Sanvers breaks our hearts)

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