Kara learns that her mother is alive, while Alex gets an emotional boost from Papa J'onn

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May 29, 2018 at 09:39 AM EDT
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S3 E20
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In space, no one can hear you drop your secret identities. And wow, does Kara Danvers, aka Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, love it.

First, though, someone has the audacity to take a shot at Alex while she and Ruby are getting ice cream at the park. Sure, sure, Alex can take care of herself, but that is NOT COOL.

The pair heads straight for the DEO, where Alex, Winn, and J’onn go through the lengthy list of possible enemies who’d want her dead.

Alex realizes that Ron Collins, the murderous sheriff from Midvale, recently made parole and moved six blocks away from her, which is a fun little callback to earlier this season. She tells Winn that Collins was her first collar. “That would’ve made you 17 when you arrested him,” Winn says, then realizes. “Yeah. Yeah, that tracks.”

When Alex confronts a much more grizzled Collins in a bar, he tells her that he regrets Kenny’s death every day, and he’s not after Alex. She believes him, particularly when her rigged motorcycle explodes mere moments after she vacates it outside the bar. Alex being Alex, she insists on setting a trap for the wannabe killer.

This leaves Ruby in the care of Winn, who’s…well, he’s kind of terrible at first. He’s stressed out while waiting for Kara and Mon-El to return with the Black Rock of Yuda Kal, and he lashes out at Ruby.

The Rubester lashes back that she’s not sleeping, either, because it’s her mom who’s become a monster. This gets through to Winn, who explains that they both survived parental murder attempts, and yet again, Supergirl cleverly weaves its various storylines together.

Okay, now to Kara and Mon-El, who are shocked to track the rock’s radiation signal to a domed city. And not just any city, but Argo City, Kara’s hometown. They “borrow” cloaks from an open-air market to blend in — and such magnificent cloaks these are! But Kara isn’t thrilled that she has to be in disguise even here. Mon-El says that he can just be himself in the future, although as a Legionnaire, it’s still exhausting.

Then Kara’s overwhelmed to encounter a familiar face: her mother Alura. Alura’s equally gobsmacked that her daughter’s still alive, and she immediately recognizes Mon-El as the prince of Daxam, which would’ve saved Kara so much angst last season if they’d been able to have a traditional meet-the-parents dinner. (He’s quick to point out that he’s just Mr. Mon-El now.)

Alura explains that they sent away Kara and Kal-El before they knew that the dome would save the city from Krypton’s destruction, and since then, Harun-El, the black rock they seek, has made the newly inhospitable atmosphere livable for the Kryptonians in Argo City. As such, giving Kara even the small piece she needs to stop Reign would shorten the moments of breathable air for the people of Argo City. As such, giving Kara what she seeks will require the High Council’s permission.

While they wait for the Council to assemble, the two women spend time getting to know one another and apologizing for assuming the other hadn’t survived. Kara is thrilled to see a Dar-Essa flower, which used to be in her room as a child. She fills Alura in on her adoptive family, the crash of Fort Rozz, and the eventual fate of Astra and Non. (“We gave her Kryptonian burial rites,” Kara assures her mother.) Alura identifies Fort Rozz as one of her many mistakes

Then they’re called before the High Council of Argo City, which counts in its membership the Dark Kryptonian we’ve been seeing in Reign’s visions! Dun! (Next: Kara gets her rock)

The woman’s name is Serena, and she and the rest of the Council listen skeptically as Alura and Kara explain that Kara’s adopted planet has a Worldkiller infestation, and Kara needs a small bit of Harun-El to stop her. They accuse Kara of becoming too human, but Kara argues that Krypton’s legacy, both good and bad, lives on. In fact, many good humans on Earth risk their lives to stop the prisoners of Fort Rozz.

As she speaks, we watch Alex and J’onn spring their trap for the would-be assassin. When the shooter takes aim at Alex, she takes off after him without waiting for backup, leaping from building to building and almost falling to her death to apprehend…yep, an alien affiliated with Fort Rozz.

While Alex dangles above the city, Kara argues passionately that these people took in an alien immigrant whose origin threatened their safety and way of life, and now it’s her turn to keep them safe from a Kryptonian threat. As Alura argues, what’s the point of Argo City’s survival if it has no soul to save?

The Council is deeply divided on whether to sacrifice any bit of the material that keeps their air breathable, but in the end, Selena casts the deciding yes vote, offering their stolen time to right the sins of the past.

As Kara and Mon-El take their leave, Mon-El tells Alura that he’s fond of her daughter—as is most of the planet, he adds—and Kara leaves knowing she’ll see her mother again.n“Earth is waiting for its hero,” her mother says in farewell.

Oooh, but we should’ve known we couldn’t trust Selena, who dons a cloak—so many cloaks this week!—to call upon the Worldkiller on Earth.

Said Worldkiller’s been harassing Lena from her cell, taunting Lena that she doesn’t have the stomach to kill Sam, then completely reversing her position to gloat, “You are so much darker than you realize.” Stay on message, lady!

Lena seeks out James to say that if Supergirl doesn’t get back in time, the only option left is to flood Reign with Kryptonite and kill her along with Sam. James asks what Sam would want her to do given the situation right now, and Lena acknowledges that Sam would want Ruby to be safe. So Lena heads to her lab and reluctantly pumps the kill Kryptonite kill switch.

Then Supergirl and Mon-El crash into the lab with the rock. “Just in time,” Reign smirks, breaking free of her cell and moving to punch Supergirl. Aaaand credits!

Snaps of the cape

  • I will never get tired of watching Papa J’onn in action. This week he counsels Alex as she grapples with her calling, which sends her leaping off of roofs to chase the bad guy, and her desire to be a mother, which led her to breakup with Maggie. Knowing that Ruby will be adrift if something happens to her, she asks, “Can those two people coexist?” J’onn assures her that she’s an incredible agent and will be an incredible mother, and she’ll make the right choice when the time comes.
  • The Mon-El redemption tour continues! He diagnoses an Argo City child with Thalonite lung and offers him a portable vaccinator (Brainy’s design, natch) that the kiddo can wear for a week and then pass on to the next person who needs the antibodies. So that’s nifty.
  • Any guesses about what’s in the box that Alura gave Kara? I’m going with a Dar-Essa flower. Also, can Kara take a few of those Argo City drones back to Earth? The DEO could use a few of them whizzing around, don’t you think?

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