The DEO captures Reign, Mon-El stays on Earth, and Lena is O-V-E-R Supergirl

By Sara Netzley
May 14, 2018 at 11:44 PM EDT
Shelter From the Storm
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S3 E18

For maximum recap enjoyment this week, I recommend sipping a mocha while you read.

James and Lena’s lovey dovey wakeup routine is interrupted when Reign crashes through Lena’s penthouse window in the search for Reign. James busts out his Guardian shield, but Lena saves the day with what seems to be an aerosol can of Kryptonite.

At the same time, J’onn tries to interest his father in a mocha, but Myr’nn calls him by the wrong name and angrily declines both the delicious caffeine drink and J’onn’s offer to help him with the Ta’ar Kar’riq. Instead, he requests the vinyl discs, and J’onn looks on sadly as the jazz music soothes him.

The family drama keeps him away from the Legion farewell tour. Their companions weren’t removed from stasis because they’d contracted the Blight. (Hello, writer’s room, I see you directly responding to viewer complaints about the missing Legionnaires!) But their vitals are back to normal, which means they kept the Blight from happening in the future. The mission over, it’s time to return to the 31st century. Also, Imra needs to get back to keep the Titan Alliance going and prevent intergalactic war.

As a goodbye gift, Brainy tells Winn that he’s not a level 1 intellect, as Brainy first thought, but is in fact a level 1.42. Then he gives him a jar of 31st century Earth dirt, which delights Winn. (Hey, better than Mets cards, amirite?) Brainy then turns off his human glamour machine, and they awkwardly hug.

Elsewhere, Kara thanks Imra for her part in turning Mon-El into the man he is today, and Imra slides away to let her husband have a private goodbye with his ex. Kara tells Mon-El that she struggled at first, but now she’s genuinely happy that they got this time together, and she’ll miss his friendship.

He says being back with her — and, uh, everyone else — means the world to him. Then news about the Lena attack interrupts whatever Mon-El was about to say. He’s conflicted, that one.

Lena’s chilly with Supergirl, but when they realize that Reign will be targeting Sam’s mother Patricia next, Lena says electricity was useful during the Sam experiments. She also reluctantly tells Alex that Ruby’s stashed in Lex’s camouflaged mansion.

When Supergirl and J’onn arrive at Patricia’s, she already knows her daughter is Reign because her sigil matched the sketches that Sam doodled as a kid. Geez, lady, if you see something, say something!

Supergirl assures her that Reign has nothing to do with Sam’s upbringing, and Patricia says that having kicked Sam out once, she wants to be there for her now. Then plants start to wilt, both heralding Reign’s arrival and informing the DEO that she absorbed her sisters’ powers.

Reign enters the house and modulates her voice to sound like Sam, calling for her daughter. Instead, she finds Supergirl waiting with an electric harness, which she easily breaks. Reign uses laser eyes and the Purity sonic scream to create all kinds of havoc until Patricia approaches to plead with her for Ruby’s sake, saying, “You are kind and good. You are everything that I wasn’t.”

Reign hisses, “What did you do for your daughter?” and stabs Patricia. She gasps out her forgiveness before Supergirl blasts Reign through the house and retreats.

You know, my memory is that Patricia was beyond horrible to Sam in her first appearance, so this feels like a bit of a 180 for this character. But in the DEO sick bay, Patricia’s dying wish is for Supergirl to tell Sam and Ruby that she loves them.

Moving on. That tricksy Brainy planted a listening device in Winn’s dirt. (“And he thinks he’s a 1.42 level intellect,” our blue friend scoffs). While he’s certain that Reign doesn’t become the Blight, now that she’s got the power of three, he calculates the DEO’s odds of defeating her at 51 percent. But, he tells Mon-El, had just one Legionnaire stayed behind, the odds would increase to 88.8 percent. I think we all see where this is headed. (Okay, we saw where this was headed like eight episodes ago.)

The two agree that they trust Kara to handle it, but in the end, Imra asks Mon-El to stay in this time. Not only does Kara need help, but she also doesn’t want a husband who’s only hanging around out of duty. She assures him he did nothing wrong and always behaved honorably, but she wants him to have a choice: Stay with Kara, or return to the 31st century with a heart ready to love her fully.

Wow, this is all…convenient. Not only does Mon-El have a world-saving reason to stay behind, but his wife releases him freely and fully to pursue his destiny, whatever that may be. I expected a bit more friction here, to be honest. (Next: Did you catch that sweet Superman homage?)

Meanwhile, J’onn and Kara decide to ask Myr’nn how he reasoned with the White Martians, who share Reign’s notable lack of humanity. When they pay him a visit, Myr’nn is confused but refuses to let J’onn help him access the memories he’s been moving around during the Ta’ar Ka’riq, so his son morphs into a White Martian and tries the tough love approach to trigger a memory of his past.

Myr’nn says he didn’t persuade the White Martians; they kept him alive because they didn’t want to lose the knowledge of the sacred scrolls that resided in his memory. J’onn realizes his father abandoned his own beliefs and appealed to the White Martians’ code, and Myr’nn gives the sweetest smile at learning that he may have just saved the day.

James also tries to enlist an additional source of help: Lena’s homegrown Kryptonite. She’s reluctant, predicting that Supergirl will react badly to the suggestion, but James promises that if Lena approaches her to stop a mutual enemy, Supergirl will be grateful.

So Lena “the boss” Luthor strolls into the DEO to offer the Kryptonite to Supergirl, who has an even worse response than Lena predicted and starts barking orders about Lena turning it over and never manufacturing it again. Lena points out that thousands of things can kill humans, but they don’t ban bonfires or cars. So why is Supergirl’s one thing different?

Supergirl describes the intense pain of Kryptonite poisoning, which Lena argues makes it the best weapon against Reign. In the end, they form an uneasy alliance to stop their common enemy.

And they strike it just in time, too. At Lex’s mansion, Ruby suspects that “Aunt Alex” isn’t being truthful about her mom’s health and whereabouts, and she sneaks out with Alex’s phone to leave her mother a voicemail.

Alas, Reign’s been hovering above the city, listening, and at the sound of Ruby’s voice, she dives toward Earth. Alex quickly realizes what happened and sounds the alarm back at the DEO, where Mon-El strolls in to announce that he stayed behind to help them fight Reign.

But Reign makes it to the mansion first, and what follows is a fantastic, spot-on homage to the booby traps outside of Lex’s abandoned subway lair in the 1978 Richard Donner Superman film. Reign twirls through the floor, and Alex and Ruby barely make it into the safe room before the machine guns, gouts of fire, and cascades of ice kick in. It’s an absolute delight, even if it does lack the “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the tunnel” Lex quips.

Alex stands her ground when Reign kicks down the door, with an assist from a ceiling-mounted chain gun. Reign quickly gets the upper hand until Supergirl arrives (accompanied by her theme music, which gives me a thrill every time). She and Mon-El use their cape-fu to slow Reign down, and Alex grabs her gun and fires an electric net bullet (??) that knocks off Reign’s mask.

Ruby grabs the fallen chain gun and prepares to fire until she sees Reign’s face and realizes it’s her mother. Supergirl then reminds Reign that her code is to pursue justice and make the world better. But since Ruby hasn’t sinned, “You can’t kill her. You won’t.”

It slows Reign down enough for Mon-El to fire the Kryptonite from the chain gun, which finally overpowers Reign. They transport her to L-Corp, where Supergirl apologizes to Lena and affirms that she does trust her, to which Lena responds, “Good.”

When Kara and Mon-El alone, he tells her about Winn’s dirt nanny cam and Brainy’s math, then compliments her on using Reign’s ethical code against her. Kara gives him a “hey buddy” pat on the shoulder and declines his offer of a training session so she can deliver Patricia’s message to Ruby, who’s with Alex and trying to wrap her brain around Reign’s identity.

At J’onn’s, Myr’nn sounds livelier than he has in ages as he describes what happened when he mixed coffee and cocoa beans: “It makes the flavor sensors of my mouth smile.” SAME, MARTIAN DAD. SAME.

J’onn tells him he helped them catch Reign, but Myr’nn has no memory of any of this. He then smiles and tells J’onn about the amazing flavor that comes from combining coffee and cocoa beans and oh, man, will this storyline ever stop breaking my heart?

Now brace yourself for some awkwaaaaard. Lena and Kara bump into each other in an elevator while visiting Ruby. They make the requisite “I haven’t seen you in ages!” noises, and then Lena confides that she’s only working with that hypocrite Supergirl to save Sam.

Supergirl used her personal relationships against her, like her mother would do — although James didn’t actually search her private vault, like Supergirl requested. “I can never trust her again,” Lena concludes.

Finally, we close this week on a young woman named Tanya swiping what seems to be one of Thomas Coville’s journals while members of his cult pursue her. Hmm, the next episode’s named “The Fanatical.” Any guesses how those two things might be related?

Snaps of the cape

  • Woof, that Kara/Lena confrontation was rough. But…is Lena wrong here? Maybe I just don’t understand the pain of Kryptonite poisoning, but a big part of me sides with the woman who has such strong rejection issues that she’s lived in a hotel for two years so she could skip town if the city — or Supergirl — ever turned against her.
  • Nothing in any century is or ever will be more awkward than the Brainy/Winn hug.
  • Does it feel like the show might be headed toward an “I stayed in the past for you” Mon-el/“we’re just pals” Kara situation? Because right now, their interactions seem to be pointing in that direction.
  • I would looooove to know the value of the antiques destroyed in Lex’s vault during the Reign fight. He’s gonna be SO MAD when he finds out. Also, what happened to Lex’s chatty housekeeper? Do…do I want to know if she made it out okay?

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