Kara, Lena, and Alex carry all of their baggage to an alt-dimension

By Sara Netzley
May 07, 2018 at 11:22 PM EDT
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S3 E17

Does the newly formed Worldkiller trio remind anybody of a 21st century interstellar remake of The Craft? Because things get downright witchy tonight when the three women join hands to form a ring of electricity as the Dark Kryptonian spirit guide orders them to give up the last shreds of their humanity so they can usher in a new realm.

Pestilence’s human side gives up without a fight, but Sam and Julia find themselves in the alternate dimension being tormented by the spirits of the people they killed.

Sam urges Julia to hang on to her human memories: her parents, her past as a musician, her favorite song. Then Sam starts to forget Ruby’s name, and she and Julia desperately scratch their remaining memories into the cave wall with a rock.

At the DEO, Lena remains steely and unapologetic under questioning, pointing out that she was under no obligation to report her “Sam is Reign” discovery since she was using her personal resources to help a friend. She also admits to keeping Sam contained with Lex’s leftover Kryptonite, although she assures a shaken Supergirl that it’s all used up now.

During a break, Lena calls James and apologizes for the ghosting and the secret-keeping. She worries about gambling everything — their relationship, Supergirl’s trust, her reputation — on fixing Sam. Although he’s not thrilled about the Kryptonite thing, they end the call in a decent place.

Supergirl’s struggling, though; the Worldkillers’ dark magic has created an impending eclipse that causes her to momentarily black out and travel to the cave with Sam. When she comes to, she says it matches the dream she’s been having for the past year about the Kryptonian valley Juru, then mentions a Book of Rao parable about witches joining hands to create a “blessed darkness.” Yep, that tracks.

Lena explains the alternate dimension she and Sam discovered, and J’onn compares it to the people of Mars sharing memories and emotions, even accidentally when someone has a strong mind. (This, presumably, refers to the Myr’nn episode a few weeks ago.)

Supergirl suggests they fight fantasy with sci-fi, and with less than two hours before the eclipse strips away Supergirl’s powers, Brainy agrees to alter the tech that allowed him to enter her consciousness during her coma to send her back to Juru.

Then Lena requests to go along since she’s been working with Sam for weeks, and Alex insists on going to provide cover for them both. So an already weakened Supergirl will be carrying two human minds with her into the alt-dimension. In private, Kara makes Mon-El swear that if she’s too weak to serve as an interdimensional portal for three people, he’ll pull out the two humans but leave her in. The Three Tense Musketeers, ahoy!

Before the trip, Supergirl flies to CatCo to ask James to don the Guardian suit and confirm that Lena actually did use up her existing supply of Kryptonite. James points out that Kara made him see that Lena isn’t Lex, but he nevertheless agrees to dig up proof that someone they both care about is, in fact, trustworthy.

With his terrible bedside manner, Brainy tells them the procedure will probably hurt and asks if they’d like him to count to three. “Will it help?” Lena asks. He replies, “No, not at all,” and it’s just not fair that we haven’t had more of his weirdly charming awkwardness this season.

When the women wake up in Juru, they find Grace’s body, and Alex grabs sharp sticks for protection. (Lena questions their utility in this alt-dimension, so Alex jabs her with one. Ha!) Unfortunately, they can also draw Supergirl’s blood, which means they need to stay ahead of the eclipse. Also, it seems like an open wound in this foreign swamp place is exposing Kara to all kinds of nasty mystery germs and oh my God, I just became my mother.

On the ship, Mon-El and J’onn both hover worriedly over the women’s restlessly dozing bodies. “I can’t help her, I can’t hold her,” Mon-El frets, then adds, “I can’t hurt my wife.” Everybody’s favorite Martian surrogate dad offers him a hug, and in the end, Mon-El refuses to let Brainy pull Kara out when her body starts to struggle under the strain of the eclipse.

Winn, meanwhile, provides Guardian support as he infiltrates Lena’s lab to check out her Kryptonite supply, which is kept in a lock-less, keypad-less vault. Winn built him a fancy bomb to access it, but James lies and says he set it off and found nothing when in fact, he’s standing in front of the unopened door. (Next: Julia reclaims her time)

In Juru, Supergirl struggles with the loss of her powers and the weight of the two minds. “Is this what it’s like when humans exercise?” she complains. “This is terrible. Why would you ever exercise?” I HAVE NEVER FELT SO SEEN, KARA ZOR-EL.

Then she compares the discomfort to light Kryptonite poisoning, and Lena calls out her not-so-passive aggression. Supergirl criticizes her for keeping secrets, and Lena shoots back, “What’s your real name?” Points to the Luthor!

Their argument ends when a Kryptonian demon shows up, allowing Supergirl to lead them into the cavern where they discover a catatonic Julia and a whimpering Sam.

Sam at first thinks she’s killed the three of them, but Supergirl assures her she’s not a murderer and urges her back into her body so she can contact the DEO. The trio remind Sam that she’s good, she’s a friend, a fighter, a mother, a trusted confidant, and they plead with her to remember Ruby.

It works. Sam-in-Reign breaks free from the Worldkiller circle to send her location via crystal. Alas, that means Reign-in-Sam goes red-eyed and grabs Lena by the neck, hissing at Supergirl that only someone of equal strength can defeat her.

With the Worldkillers located, Brainy pulls the women out of Juru, and they all prepare to storm the Fortress of Sanctuary. Before they go, Winn pulls Alex aside and tells her how mortal and fragile she is compared to her teammates. It would be insulting if he hadn’t built her fab new super-suit. “What if I told you the future is magnets?”

In the Fortress, Pestilence slugs Sam and calls her human, which restores Reign just in time for the DEO invasion. Purity sonics screams at the Legion ship, giving Lena the chance to assume control of it while Brainy makes repairs. Lena Luthor: the badass boss you wish you were.

In the fortress, the Legionnaires take on Pestilence, J’onn fights Purity, Supergirl battles Reign, and Alex tries out her cool new weapon that shoots what appear to be fire bullets. It also flies back into her hand after she drops it thanks to, yes, magnets.

Alex urges Julia to rise up and help them, but Purity’s too strong. Then the eclipse reaches its peak, and Supergirl’s powers drain away. Reign gives and animalistic growl, and both Danvers now plead, “Julia, rise up!” And it works!

Julia stands and declares that only someone of equal strength can beat a Worldkiller, and that would be her. She knocks down Reign, but Pestilence stabs her stomach and neck. As they struggle, Julia screams a sonic blast to Pestilence’s face, and they both collapse to the ground, dead. Their Worldkiller powers swirl out of their bodies and coalesce into Reign, and everybody flees the fortress as it collapses.

The mission complete, Imra finds Mon-El fondling (I’m sorry, it’s the only word!) his necklace from Kara. They embrace in celebration of beating Pestilence and stopping the Blight, which means they can go home now — assuming Brainy can figure out how. But in truth, only one of them is truly pleased about this development, and it ain’t Imra.

Winn tells Kara that James found Lena’s vault empty, so she approaches Lena to offer her a clean slate. She also says they saved Julia, but, uh…Julia appears to be super dead. So yes, they saved her from fully becoming Purity, but I’m not sure I’d chalk that one up as a total win. RIP, Julia. You did the hard, important thing when it mattered the most.

That night, James and Lena meet up. He praises her for earning his trust and for helping a friend carry a burden, no matter how it would look to other people. Then he shares his secret: He’s Guardian, and he broke into her lab at Supergirl’s request, although he didn’t invade her vault. (Phrasing!) They embrace, and Lena keeps the confessional mood going by telling him that it wasn’t actually Lex’s stash; she figured out how to manufacture Kryptonite. Ruh roh!

Finally, the Dark Kryptonian orders Reign to kill the human part of her by killing Ruby. In Juru, Sam screams in agony.

Snaps of the cape

  • Is it possible that Reign absorbed Pestilence’s powers and will be the one who becomes the Blight? I want to believe that the Legion’s mission was successful and they were able to save millions, including Imra’s sister, but Reign definitely sucked up that power like a sponge in a kitchen sink.
  • What a shame that we missed the DEO briefing where everyone in the know about secret identities was reminded not to let the K-word slip while Lena was in the building.
  • Anybody else wondering if Juru is actually the Phantom Zone? The two locations are connected in the comics, and, well, it does seem sufficiently nightmarish.
  • Supergirl certainly struck gold with both the character of Sam, the tormented Worldkiller, and with Odette Annable, who plays her so beautifully. Long may she Rreign. And speaking of that, Alex asking Lena about Ruby’s safety definitely points toward a future adoptive mom storyline, no?
  • So Brainy’s Legion Flight Ring costs more than the ship? For some reason, it amuses me to think of someone just buying something that lets you fly. Does the Flight Ring store take American Express?

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