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The Super-team gets proactive in the final episode before its second hiatus, leaving us with a plethora of cliffhangers to ponder in the upcoming weeks.

When Supergirl and the DEO literally kick open the door to bring the newest Worldkiller in for questioning, they find the very human Julia Freeman jamming out to Lisa Loeb. (I feel you, girl; “Stay” is my karaoke jam, too.) Julia’s startled to find Supergirl in her living room, and Supergirl’s equally startled that Julia has no idea why the team is there. She begs Supergirl not to let the armed agents hurt her, and it’s awfully hard not to see shades of racially motivated police brutality in this scenario.

Of course, in this case, Julia possesses extraordinary abilities, and when Alex gets jumpy with her gun despite Supergirl’s stand-down order, Julia’s eyes turn ice blue, and she sonic-blasts everyone in the room. Kara quickly creates a protective ice wall that J’onn phases through to apprehend Purity.

Everybody at the DEO celebrates their victory while Winn runs an analysis on the Kryptonian cache crystal they found in Purity’s home, which could pinpoint the Worldkillers’ headquarters. But Kara’s troubled by the fear she saw in Purity’s eyes before she blasted everybody, and she wants to try drawing Julia out. Alex predicts this approach will fail, but she agrees to let Kara try.

Alex is correct. Supergirl stands in front of Purity’s cell, calling her “Julia” like she’s a hostage negotiator on her first day. Purity’s unimpressed. “I am the scalding light. I am the flood that sweeps away sins. I am the word and cry of justice,” she proclaims, and my word, do I love the operatic grandiosity of these Worldkillers.

Alex then takes the bad cop approach, promising that after months in DEO lockup, “You’re gonna feel like I peeled your skin off and saw everything underneath.”

Bless her heart, Kara keeps trying, reviewing Julia’s biography: adoptive parents, degree in music, milk allergies. “She was very fun to play,” Purity agrees. But it’s only an adopted mask that she and her “sistren” (A+ usage of that word) adopted while they waited for the cosmic alignment of forces that would signal their awakening.

Kara then mentions Julia’s longtime BFF Vinita Ripson, whom she saved from the runaway car two episodes ago. Kara suggests that Vinita’s worried about Julia, and Purity looks like she’s about to crack before pulling it together and asking, “Will you care when I tear out your bones and rip out your soft parts?” You know, not to participate in a system that pits women against one another in a series of un-winnable competitions, but in the threat department, I’ve got to give it to Purity over Reign.

But when Alex threatens Purity with government dissection, spitting, “You’re not a god. You’re just meat and bones,” Kara asks her to step outside. Alex argues that Kara’s impractical feelings are costing them time, while Kara wants to know when Alex became so hard and cynical. Honestly, they’re both acting like such extreme versions of themselves that they’re never going to make any progress.

But Purity’s not done with Alex yet, and when the women return, she announces that she can see inside of people and says Alex is miserable because she threw away her only shot at happiness. And that’s when Kara starts to see things Alex’s way.

Then Purity’s crystal activates, and she and Supergirl threaten one another in their mother tongue. Purity then reveals herself to be the Kryptonian version of the Black Canary and sonic-screams her way out of her cell, scattering DEO agents and flying off with her crystal.

All of this activity is a beacon for Reign, which is unfortunate because at Lena’s orders, Sam and Ruby are playing hooky at an ice skating rink. When Purity makes her escape, Sam’s eyes flash red, and she hightails it to her Fortress of Sanctuary, where her dark guide instructs her to locate her fragile, newly awakened sistren.

Poor abandoned Ruby calls Lena to come pick her up, and Lena — in an amaaaaazing faux (I hope) fur coat that harkens her return to her Luthor roots — listens as Ruby talks about all of the times her mother has blacked out. Lena promises to find the answer.

Okay, who’s ready for some drama with a capital D? Mon-El asks J’onn for help fixing the Legion ship (the Moran battery died, and he needs to borrow one to regenerate the cells for blah blah antigravity science reasons) and when Imra checks on his (lack of) progress, it’s clear they’ve been fighting.

Sensing troubled marital waters, J’onn embraces his role as everybody’s favorite alien dad and offers Mon-El a bottle of Martian moonshine, which is popular at the alien bars. It’s kind of spicy with a consciousness-enhancing quality, and I’ve never wanted to drink anything more.

J’onn says it may have been a couple of centuries, but he was married for 77 years and might have advice. At first, Mon-El declines to elaborate, but eventually he spills some surprising news: He and Imra were friends and colleagues who got married not for love, but to unite the allies of her planet, Titan, and his adopted planet, Earth.

He was still mourning Kara, and marrying someone he respected so they could help so many people seemed logical. And then their pretend marriage become real, and he grew to love her. “I was content,” he says, damning their entire union with extremely faint praise. Ladies, getcha a man who’ll say something much more than “content” when he describes your union.

Then he compares this to what he had with Kara, the Kryptonian elitist who fell in love with the self-absorbed misogynist — although he’s not that anymore, he says…which is likely as close as this show will ever come to shouting, “Smell you later, Kriesberg!” Anyway, being back on Earth has stirred up old feelings, which he’s trying to hide from Imra.

J’onn, whose Martian marriage included a sharing of thoughts and feelings every night, tells Mon-El to be honest with the wife he loves and honors. Then J’onn’s phone vibrates with the news about Purity’s escape, and the counseling session comes to an end. (Next page: Julia makes a sacrifice)

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